Using Adobe Connect

Using Adobe Connect
Using Adobe Connect
William De Wysockie
Learning Systems Administrator, SWBTS
How Students Can Prepare for an Adobe Connect Meeting
We recommend that you log into the meeting room early to test your audio setup. The
room will be available before the meeting so that you can do this. The steps below will
walk you through this process.
1 It is strongly advised that you use a headset
Use a headset that includes a microphone (like the one pictured below). An inexpensive
set from any electronics or computer store will work fine. Computer speakers can cause
audio feedback and prevent you from participating in the online session.
2 To join the meeting:
Your instructor will provide a URL (web address) for the meeting. Use that URL to
navigate to the meeting login page.
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On the login page, click the Enter as Guest option.
Enter your full name and click the Enter Room button.
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3 Now you are ready to test your audio setup…
Once you are in the meeting room (it will look something like the room in the image
below), click Meeting in the toolbar at the top of the page. In the drop-down menu,
choose Audio Setup Wizard.
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The Audio Setup Wizard will help you set up your audio and tune it for Adobe Connect.
To get started, click the Next button.
Click the Play Sound button to play a test sound. This will help you adjust your speakers
to an acceptable level. It also tests your speakers to make sure they are turned on and
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When you are finished testing and adjusting your speakers, click the Stop Sound button
(pictured below). Click the Next button to move to the next screen.
Choose your microphone from the drop-down list of recording devices connected to
your system. Click the Next button to continue.
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Now it is time to test your microphone. Click the Record button...
An Adobe Flash Player Settings window may open at this point. Click the Allow button to
permit access to your webcam or camera (if you have one) and your microphone…
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Speak two or three sentences into the microphone. Click the Stop button when you are
finished (pictured below). Click the Play Recording button to hear your recording. This
tests your microphone to make sure it is working. It also tests the volume. If the volume
is too high or too low, you may need to adjust the microphone settings on your
computer. These steps will vary depending on your operating system.
When you are finished, click the Next button to continue.
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This screen pictured below allows you to detect the amount of background noise around
you. You can skip this step if your room is quiet. When you are finished, Click the Next
button to continue.
Congratulations! You have completed the Audio Setup Wizard. Notice that this screen
provides the following information:
1. The type of microphone you are using.
2. A numerical value for the microphone volume.
3. A numerical value for the silence level in your room (this will read “0” if you
skipped this step).
Click the Finish button to close the Audio Setup window.
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