HPE StoreVirtual 3200 Storage: Low-cost, next

HPE StoreVirtual 3200 Storage: Low-cost, next
Data sheet
HPE StoreVirtual 3200 Storage
Low-cost, next-gen storage that scales with you
Affordable shared storage for the entry marketplace,
designed to meet the storage requirements of smallto mid-sized businesses, departmental needs in larger
organizations, and remote/branch office environments.
Product key benefits
HPE StoreVirtual 3200
HPE StoreVirtual 3200 Storage overview
The HPE StoreVirtual 3200 Storage system is
a new dual-controller active/active architecture
designed to provide host connectivity via the
industry’s latest host interconnects: 8/16Gb
Fibre Channel, 10GbE iSCSI, and 1GbE iSCSI.
Coupled with rich data services and a new
Web-based management interface, this new
array is also focused on driving entry storage
to very aggressive entry price points.
Solving key storage challenges
The StoreVirtual 3200 was designed from the
ground up to address challenges commonly
faced by IT administrators in small-to-medium
business (SMB) environments:
•Limited budget—need peak performance and
feature set within a specified budget target
•Time availability—setup and configuration
must be simple and intuitive for rapid
•Investment protection—flexible performance
and storage scalability options to grow as
your needs change
stimated entry street price (USD) for 1.2TB
configuration with hardware and software
Modern, next-gen storage architecture
made simple
A single-pane-of-glass manageability and
intuitive GUI with a look and feel common
to other HPE user experiences make the
StoreVirtual 3200 ideal for IT generalists—
no learning curve or user manual studying
required. New cloud-based remote analytics
integration makes proactive management
possible for one or many arrays.
Affordable scale-up storage option to meet
any budget
HPE StoreVirtual 3200 Storage offers a very
affordable, granular building block approach to
today’s challenging entry storage category. With
unheard-of dual-controller base configuration
price points starting at $6,000 USD,1 the
StoreVirtual 3200 is delivering new levels of
affordability to customers with even the tightest
budget constraints. Combined with flexible scale
capabilities, this storage array offers investment
protection and extends ROI in a world where
throwaway mentality is still common.
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Reduce upfront costs and purchase only what
is needed today, then grow your StoreVirtual
3200 array online as your storage requirements
evolve. A single virtualized, shared storage
pool facilitates simplified management as you
deal with changing workloads and capacity
challenges. The ability to buy storage capacity
only when needed simplifies planning and
relieves upfront budget pressures.
The StoreVirtual 3200 can scale up to three
additional SFF and/or LFF drive enclosures,
adding capacity or performance as needed to
meet changing requirements.
Flexibility, resilience, and investment
protection built into the StoreVirtual
3200’s DNA
With purpose-built hardware and the latest
StoreVirtual operating system, HPE StoreVirtual
3200 Storage platform takes advantage
of HPE’s composable data fabric, which
delivers robust data services and provides
the field-proven nod of confidence from over
200,000 StoreVirtual users. HPE delivers its
composable data fabric across a number of
hardware and compute platforms. StoreVirtual
VSA deployments bring software-defined
composable data fabric services to x86 servers
providing enhanced flexibility and agility to
meet a wide range of unique workloads
and demands. This composable data fabric
technology forms the DNA from which the
StoreVirtual 3200 was born.
StoreVirtual 3200 data services
The StoreVirtual 3200 includes a rich set of data
services built on HPE’s StoreVirtual Operating
System (SVOS). Combined with the new
next-generation hardware architecture, the
latest SVOS delivers on HPE’s composable data
fabric strategy leveraging a consistent and rich
set of resilient shared storage capabilities across
many different platforms.
Robust availability choices
HPE StoreVirtual 3200 Storage allows you to
select and enhance availability at a volume level
to meet application and business requirements.
You have several dimensions of flexibility to
enhance a system’s configuration to meet each
application’s availability objectives.
•Storage RAID—you are allowed to group
storage media into logical capacity pools
and then apply an industry-standard RAID
technology to that pool. Each RAID type
delivers a specific set of parity protection,
availability, and capacity utility characteristics.
Supported storage RAID types are RAID-5,
RAID-6, and RAID-10.
•Facilitating another availability dimension at a
volume level, the StoreVirtual 3200 supports
not only Network RAID 0 but also optionally
Network RAID 10. Network RAID 0 is enabled
by default and maintains data availability
to applications in the event of a drive or
controller failure.
•Network RAID 10 offers an optional
additional layer of data protection by
mirroring the data in the storage pool. You
can manage redundancy on a per-volume
basis to enhance storage utilization and
match the availability requirements to the
application whose data resides on the volume.
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Efficient Thin Provisioning and space
reclamation features
•The HPE StoreVirtual 3200 Storage operating
system manages all physical storage allocation
underneath a given volume. This layer of
abstraction enables Thin Provisioning, a
feature which physically allocates space only
as data is actually written to that volume. Thin
Provisioning allows customers to purchase
physical storage (HDDs and SSDs) when they
are needed. This technology also makes it easy
to add physical storage when needed, raising
the overall utilization and efficiency of the array
and increasing the ROI associated with storage
•Unused virtual disk space can be reclaimed
where files have been deleted from
virtual disks by host operating systems or
hypervisors. Files must be permanently
deleted (on the host) to be considered as
unused space. The unused space is returned
to the storage pool.
•The StoreVirtual 3200 can reclaim space
automatically when the T10 UNMAP feature
is turned on in VMware vSphere® and
Microsoft Windows® environments.
Array management and automation
•The StoreVirtual 3200 utilizes a REST API
and provides a rich standardized interface
for configuring, managing, and maintaining
your array. Using an industry-standard
protocol, you can easily develop scripts or
programs tasks. For the StoreVirtual 3200,
the REST API enables system configuration
and health monitoring, management, and
maintenance abilities across all storage
entities in the array (examples—disks,
enclosures, RAID devices/sets, volumes,
snapshots, clones).
Robust snapshot technologies
•HPE StoreVirtual 3200 Storage supports
over 2000 snapshots and mid-range
snapshot capabilities providing you the
ability to determine the right availability
profile for any application host on the array.
Application-consistent snapshots
•HPE StoreVirtual 3200 Storage allows
for the creation of application-consistent
snapshots of VMware® and Hyper-V VMs
and of Microsoft® VSS-enabled applications.
•Application-consistent snapshots create
instant application-consistent copies of
data on a per-volume basis. Snapshots can
be created in a variety of ways to meet
business or application requirements. You
can create snapshots manually, on a scheduled
or scripted basis, or via the Microsoft VSS
framework. You can then access snapshot
data to recover individual files or folders from
the volume, or roll back an entire volume to
a specific point in time. StoreVirtual 3200
snapshots are always thinly provisioned for
efficiency, only consuming storage space
on the array for the data written to the
snapshot—removing any upfront space
reservation or guesswork that could lead to
snapshot and backup job failures.
•SmartClone technology allows you to
quickly and easily make multiple identical
virtual copies (or clones) of volumes without
requiring additional storage space. The feature
works by taking any volume or snapshot and
making one or many clones in an instant.
The cloning function makes a permanent,
read/write volume on the array, pointing back
to the original volume’s blocks instead of
duplicating the blocks. These space-efficient,
thin-provisioned volume clones can be used
to develop, test, and deploy new operating
system versions and applications, or implement
a virtual desktop infrastructure, and so on.
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Advanced replication capabilities
•Remote Copy2 allows you to replicate
thin-provisioned snapshots between
primary and remote locations. Because
remote copies are thin-provisioned, no
space reservation at the remote location
is required. Remote Copy can be used for
centralized backup and disaster recovery
and can be set up on a per-volume
basis. Remote copies placed on a recurring
schedule allow you to achieve point-in-time
asynchronous replication of the data
between locations, sites, or data centers.
•Integrated into the Remote Copy capability
is intelligent bandwidth management that
facilitates sending data traffic across shared
WAN links without adversely affecting
other network traffic. You simply set the
bandwidth limit for remote copies between
the two sites and the StoreVirtual 3200
software holds that limit.
•Remote Copy leverages application-consistent
snapshots to enable VMware and Hyper-V
VMs as well as Microsoft VSS applications to
be replicated in a quiesced state, providing
faster application recovery.
•The HPE StoreVirtual 3200 Adaptive
Optimization3 (AO) feature is an innovative
technology that greatly increases the
efficient use of faster storage devices (such
as SSDs) by automatically and intelligently
moving data between tiers of storage with
different performance characteristics within
a single storage system.
he Remote Copy feature requires
purchase of the HPE StoreVirtual 3200
Advanced Data Services Suite license
he Adaptive Optimization feature requires
purchase of the HPE StoreVirtual 3200
Advanced Data Services Suite license
•AO reduces planning complexity by utilizing
innovative algorithms to pinpoint hot data
at a highly granular level and moving data
in real time while maintaining a balance
between background I/O operations and
application I/O requirements. The result
is a hands-free sub-LUN tiering solution
that increases application performance
substantially without any administrator
•AO is configurable on a per-volume basis,
and requires no tuning or specialized
configuration to implement.
•Performance benefits are experienced
immediately, as the AO engine constantly
monitors the I/O demands placed on the
StoreVirtual 3200 array and reacts in near-real
time to changes in workloads—very different
than some competitive tiering offerings which
only move data once or twice a day.
Data sheet
Page 5
Technical specifications
HPE StoreVirtual 3200 Storage
Drive description
Up to 100 SFF or 48 LFF drives
Up to three SFF and/or LFF 2U drive enclosures
Drive types*
SFF SSDs: Mixed Use: 400GB, 800GB, 1.6TB, 3.2TB
Mixed Use: 400GB, 800GB
15,000 RPM: 300GB, 600GB
10,000 RPM: 300GB, 600GB, 900GB, 1.2TB, 1.8TB
7,200 RPM SAS-MDL: 2.0TB
7,200 RPM SAS-MDL: 2TB, 4TB, 6TB
* All SSDs and HDDs are 12G SAS
288TB maximum including expansion
Storage expansion options
HPE StoreVirtual 3200 LFF Drive Enclosures (2U)
HPE StoreVirtual 3200 SFF Drive Enclosure (2U)
Up to three drive enclosures supported
Host interfaces
8/16Gb Fibre Channel (Four ports, speed determined by SFP+ module)
1GbE iSCSI (Four or eight ports)
10GbE iSCSI (Four ports)
Compatible operating systems
The HPE StoreVirtual 3200 supports a wide variety of operating systems. For a complete list of supported
operating systems, visit HPE Storage SPOCK at https://h20272.www2.hpe.com/spock/
Form factor
2U base array, 2U LFF, or SFF drive enclosures
Warranty (parts-labor-onsite)
Data sheet
Page 6
HPE Technology Services
Deployment Services
HPE StoreVirtual 3200 Storage Startup
Designed to provide a smooth startup,
HPE StoreVirtual 3200 Storage Installation
and Startup Service provides deployment of
your HPE StoreVirtual 3200 Storage, helping
to facilitate proper installation in your storage
environment as well as helping you increase
the benefit from your storage investment.
The service provides activities required to
help you deploy your HPE StoreVirtual 3200
Storage into operation. When ordered with
hardware upgrade products, the service also
provides deployment of hardware upgrades to
your existing HPE StoreVirtual 3200 Storage.
Service and support
Protect your business beyond warranty with
HPE Support Services. HPE Technology
Services delivers confidence, reduces risk, and
helps you realize agility and stability. Our
integrated portfolio of services for storage help
you reduce costs, enhance data, streamline
storage management, and improve backup
and recovery. HPE Support Services enable
you to choose the right service level, length of
coverage, and response time as you purchase
your new storage solution, giving you full
entitlement for the support you need for your
IT and business.
Enhanced care
HPE Proactive Care Service with six-hour
call-to-repair commitment, three-year
Support Service
HPE Proactive Care Service gives you an
enhanced call experience, helps prevent
problems, and maintains IT stability by
utilizing tailored, proactive reports with
recommendations and advice when your
products are connected to HPE. This service
combines three years of proactive reporting
and advice with our highest level of hardware
support—HPE’s 24x7, six-hour hardware
Standard care
HPE Proactive Care Service with 24x7
coverage, three-year Support Service
HPE Proactive Care Service gives you an
enhanced call experience, helps prevent
problems, and maintains IT stability by
utilizing personalized proactive reports with
recommendations and advice when your
products are connected to HPE. This service
combines three years of proactive reporting and
advice with our 24x7 coverage, and four-hour
hardware response time when there is a
Data sheet
Page 7
Basic care
HPE Foundation Care 24x7, three-year
Support Service
HPE Foundation Care 24x7 gives you access
to HPE 24 hours a day, seven days a week for
assistance on resolving issues. This service
includes need-based hardware onsite response
within four hours. Simplify your support
experience and make HPE your first call to help
resolve hardware or software problems.
Additional service offers
HPE Proactive Care Advanced
HPE Proactive Care Advanced builds on
HPE Proactive Care Service, providing
additional benefits such as the assignment of
a dedicated local account support manager
(ASM) for collaboration and best practices
and critical event management that provides
24x7 fast response and IT service restoration
with incident follow-up to prevent a repeat.
This service is designed to give you an
incredibly personalized, high-touch support
experience that keeps your system fully
available and running at peak performance.
HPE Foundation Care Call-to-Repair Service
HPE Foundation Care Call-to-Repair Service
offers 24x7 service, including on HPE holidays,
with a six-hour call-to-repair time, where
our commitment is to have the hardware
operational within six hours after your call
is opened. Software support is 24x7 with a
two-hour response time.
HPE Proactive Select
HPE Proactive Select addresses ongoing
operational and staffing needs of IT
environments. You can buy HPE Proactive
Select credits upfront, and choose from
around 100 services to consume the required
level of expertise and resources throughout a
year. A vast array of services—health checks,
optimization, performance, and security—
help you address your skills and staffing
requirements with flexibility.
Learn more at
Data sheet
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