UHF Ethernet Crescendo Radio Modem

UHF Ethernet Crescendo Radio Modem
UHF Ethernet - Half Duplex Data Radio Modem
Crescendo is a series of digital data radio modems designed for use in large scale wide area point-topoint and point-to-multipoint industrial systems.
The radio provides a high-speed reliable link over narrow band channels for telemetry and SCADA
radio applications requiring information or control of one or multiple remote stations.
The Ethernet version allows for:
Transparent IP links using TCP/IP Gateway feature
Fast polling facilitating low latency data streams and effective bandwidth utilisation
Modbus over IP support
Frequency Range 380MHz – 520MHz
5 Watt transmit power (software selectable)
19,200 bps (or 9,600 bps) air data rate
Multi-mode LED front panel display for diagnostics, including RSSI meter
Forward Error Correction (FEC) for high link integrity in RF-noisy environments
Windows-based GUI support for configuration and remote diagnostics
Protocol addressing and routing support, DNP-3, Modbus and IEC 870
Store-and-forward repeaters for large-scale networks and coverage expansion
Pseudo full-duplex operation with automatic repeat request (ARQ)
Two RS-232 serial ports (main and auxiliary)
Auto-negotiating 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX Half and Full-duplex Ethernet
Operating voltage 9 to 30 VDC
I/O support (model specific)
The Crescendo series is suited for applications in Utilities, Mining, Agriculture and
Transport industries where reliable long distance data transfer is critical.
The data radio can be used in small or large scale telemetry systems, with almost
any PLC, RTU, HMI or DCS vendor for monitoring and control of critical assets.
Telemetry applications include distribution system monitoring, pump station and
tank control, irrigation, fan and pressure control, and environmental monitoring.
The radios are also used in complex GPS systems for fleet tracking and
management, and high precision correctional systems for machine control and
Switching Bandwidth
The user can select any 6.25kHz raster frequencies with the easy-to use inbuilt menu or
Windows configuration software.
Data Reliability
User selectable Automatic Repeat Request (ARQ) offers a high level of data reliability. The
immediate re-transmission of data ensures that the user will not encounter end to end errors
or data loss even in hostile environments.
Diagnostics at a Glance
The front panel LEDs display diagnostic information indication such as Receive Signal
Strength (RSSI), transmit power, radio temperature and RS232 port status.
Data Mode Options
With data and frame-driven modes available, the Ethernet Crescendo supports point-topoint, point-to-multipoint, Hayes Dial-up and multiple modes of communication.
Easy Network Management
The user is able to view diagnostics and change the settings of other remote radios within a
network from a single point.
Data Integrity
Over the air data is encapsulated with Forward Error Correction, data interleaving and Cyclic
Redundancy Checksums (CRC) for high level data protection. This reduces the number of
errors in each transmission.
Easy Network Configuration
The Cruise Control software allows the user to configure, save and upload radio
configuration settings. This allows for numerous radios to be configured more efficiently
Dimensions: 188mm x 100mm x 42mm
Weight: 800g
Construction: Powder coated aluminium
Serial Data: RS-232 Asynchronous with
Interface Speed: 110bps to 115200bps software
Error Rate:
-108 dBm for less than 1x10-6 BER (9600bps)
-106 dBm for less than 1x10-6 BER (19200bps)
Antenna: BNC Female (50 Ohm), Dual BNC for
Split Tx/Rx port option
Ethernet port: RJ45 (Straight through)
Serial: 2 x DB9 RS-232
Female Power: Phoenix PH1176508 (mating
connector supplied)
Operating Voltage: 9V to 30V DC (negative
Operating Current:
- Transmit @12V 1.7A nominal @ 5W
- Receive @12V 1A nominal
Operating Temp: -10 to +60C
(-20 to +70C version available)
Operating Humidity: Up to 95% non-condensing
relative humidity
Channel Bandwidth: 12.5kHz or 25kHz (model
Compliance: Designed to ACA, ETSI (planned)
Frequency Range: 380 MHz to 520 MHz
Air Data Rate: 19.2 kbps (25 kHz channel), 9.6
kbps (12.5 kHz channel)
Duty Cycle: Up to 100%
RFI-450 HWHE: Ethernet Enabled Crescendo
UHF, Half Duplex, Wide Band, 19200bps
RFI-450 HNME: Ethernet Enabled Crescendo
UHF, Half Duplex, Narrow Band, 9600bps
RFI-450 SWHE: Ethernet Enabled Crescendo
UHF, Split Antenna Port, Half Duplex, Wide Band,
RFI-450 SNME: Ethernet Enabled Crescendo
UHF, Split Antenna Port, Half Duplex, Narrow
Band, 9600bps
RFI-450 HWME: Ethernet Enabled Allegro UHF,
Half Duplex, Wide Band, 9600bps
and FCC
Modulation: Nyquist-shaped 4-level FSK
Tx key up Time: less than 1mS
Data Turn-around Time: <10mS
Transmit Power: 100mW (+20dBm) to 5W
Mode of Operation: Single-port half duplex, Split-
port half duplex
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