WOOFit Headphone
WOOFit Headphone
keep out the noise
and enjoy the music!
Listen to your favorite tunes... Spoil your ears with fantastic sound!
Bluetooth headphones with high quality sound
•Bluetooth v. 4.0. Supports iPad, iPhone, Smartphones, PC, etc.
•Super BASS technology
•Specific audio cavity structure
Active noise cancellation technology
•Achieved through electric circle. The microphone collects noise, and the
integrated IC gives signals to the speaker - this makes the speaker generate
a sound wave to eliminate the background noise
•Easily activated on the earcup
On-headphone controls
•Full control over your music right from the headphones; play/pause,
previous/next track, volume adjustment
•Take phone-calls right from the headphone
Comfortable fit
•Adjustable headband
•Flexible earcups
•Soft ear cushions
Hands-free Calling
•Use WOOFit Headphones to make hands-free calls via your mobile phone
•Built in microphone
Wire Optional
•When battery exhausted, or BT function prohibited, you can use the wire
optional function to make continous enjoyment
•Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with 290mAh (up to 12 hours streaming)
•Bluetooth V. 4.0 (up to 10 m)
•LED indicator
•Micro USB port, 3.5mm jack socket (wire compatible)
•Seamless design. Aluminum and protein leather, 165 x 70 x 185 mm
SACKit // info@sackit.dk // Tel.: 69149300
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