Leica-T camera body flyer
Leica T Camera System
If your hands could cry tears of joy.
Together with our acclaimed partner, AUDI Design, we revisited and reinterpreted the typical design
language of Leica. We subtracted anything superfluous. Minimalism is the leitmotif. This is how a solid block
of aluminum is transformed into the slim body of a Leica T. Clear and distinct lines and minimalist forms.
Silky smooth surfaces and ideal tactile characteristics. The new Leica T – the essence of perfect design.
(SRP for camera body_ silver/ black: HK$15,400)
在研發徠卡 T 時, 我們與合作夥伴 AUDI Design 一起重新審視和詮釋徠卡經典的設計理念,以極簡
約主義為原則,把堅實的鋁金屬塊轉化成徠卡 T 的獨特外型,打造出清晰分明的線條,搭配極簡約
外型和如絲般的光滑表面及完美手持感 。
(機身建議零售價_ 銀色/ 黑色: HK$15,400)
SRP for Visoflex (Typ 020)
電子觀景器建議零售價: HK$4,900
Leica Vario-Elmar-T 18-56/f3.5-5.6 ASPH.
The Leica Vario-Elmar-T is a truly multitalented lens. This compact standard zoom covers the most frequently
used focal lengths with no need to change the lens. From 28 to 85 mm equivalent. For expansive landscapes,
documentary pictures, and portraits. With our fastest and quietest autofocus. Perfect for discreet and
unobtrusive shots.
徠卡 Vario-Elmar-T 變焦鏡是一支多功能鏡頭,35mm 等效焦距為 28 - 85mm,適合拍攝廣闊景緻、紀
(SRP 建議零售價: HK$14,900)
Leica Summicron-T 23/f2 ASPH.
The Leica Summicron-T has a focal length of 23mm (equivalent to 35mm) therefore corresponds to the
renowned focal length traditionally favored for Leica photojournalism. Its maximum aperture of f/2 is another
Leica tradition and is ideal for creating those unmistakable bokeh effects.
徠卡 Summicron-T 大光圈定焦鏡擁有23mm焦距 (35 mm全片幅等效焦距),是徠卡的經典焦距,亦是傳
(SRP 建議零售價: HK$16,400)
M-Adapter T 鏡頭轉接環
The M-Adapter T lets you mount more than 20 different lenses from the legendary Leica M-System. It fully
supports functions including exposure metering, aperture priority AE, and manual settings.
(SRP 建議零售價: HK$2,900)
A preview of two more lenses that are on their way for the Leica T Camera System.
率先一覽兩款快將推出的全新 T 相機系統鏡頭
Here’s a heads-up on two high-performance zoom lenses that will be a perfect addition to the T-Portfolio. A
wide-angle zoom with equivalent focal lengths from 17 to 35mm and a telephoto zoom covering the equivalent
range from 80 to 200 mm. As you might expect, both zoom lenses offer outstanding image performance in
typical Leica quality.
Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
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