BigPond 2-way satellite
98cm Antenna
Telstra BigPond™ Broadband 2-Way Satellite Internet
Installation Procedure for Electromagnetic Energy Safety Compliance
October 2003
EME Safety,
The Telstra BigPond™ Broadband 2-Way Satellite Internet service uses a low powered
radio transmitter connected to a highly directional dish antenna. The dish antenna focuses
the radio signal into a narrow beam aimed at the satellite.
To comply with the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA)
EME safety standard, access is to be restricted to ensure the area between the feed horn
and the reflector is not accessible.
Installation Practice,e,
Identify the launch angle and EME Clearance Zone
Mount the antenna so the EME Clearance Zone is not normally accessible
For roof mounted installations, where access to any EME Clearance Zone detailed
below is possible – ensure that the RF sign is installed to provide safety instructions
for this area
Install the RF sign on back & front of the antenna – ensure that the sign is visible in
any area immediately in front of the antenna.
Ensure antenna cable is connected before switching on the transmitter
Do not stand in front of the antenna without switching off the transmitter
Provide customer with EME Information Flyer
EME Clearance Zone – 35cm from the launcher towards the reflector
98cm antenna Broadband 2-Way satellite Internet - RF safety Installation Procedure (October 2003).doc
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