RadiPower Wireless
adi Power Wireless
Power Meter for Wireless measurements
Fast Synchronous Power Measurements · Robust · Flexible
DARE!! Instruments has extended its range of RadiPower® RF power meters to
comply with the measurement requirements of the ETSI 300 328 and 301 893
standards for wideband data transmission systems, like IEEE 802.11TM,
Bluetooth® and ZigbeeTM. The RPR3006W provides measurements over a
frequency range from 10 MHz up to 6 GHz.
Extremely Fast
In order to achieve this measurement requirements of the standard the sampling
speed of the RadiPower® Pulse power heads has been increased to maximum
5 MS/s. At the same time a hardware trigger input/output has been added to
allow synchronous power measurements of wideband data transmission devices
with multiple inputs/outputs (MIMO).
Next to speed, accuracy is another main requirement when performing RF
power measurements of wireless devices. The RPR3006W allows high
precision RF power measurements with a high dynamic range of over 65 dB.
The power meter provides a basic accuracy of 0,25 dB and is way within the
requirements for measurements in accordance to ETSI standards.
Easy to use
The RadiPower® Wireless is equipped with an USB interface which enables
direct connection of the Power heads to a PC USB port. Together with the
RadiPower® USB power head a RadiMation® FREE freeware package is
delivered to enable direct control of the power meter settings and display the
measurement results on the PC screen. The RadiMation® FREE freeware also
enables synchronous triggering of multiple RadiPower ® Wireless power heads.
‘Burst’ mode
The RadiMation® FREE freeware includes a‘Burst’ mode with user selectable
measurement speed/time to capture the ETSI Burst/Pulse signals and calculate
the measurement parameters, maximum RMS power, duty cycle, medium
utilization and maximum sequence time. This mode is fully compliant with the
measurement methods as defined in the ETSI standards for wideband data
transmission systems EN 300 328 (2,4 GHz) and EN 301 893 (5 GHz).
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The Standard for Consultancy, (Re)design
and Training in RF EMC and Product Safety
In burst mode, the RadiPower® can store the information of 100.000 bursts and
observation time up to 60 seconds. For each burst the average power and timing
data is stored in the buffer. The RadiPower® uses a sample speed of 1 or 5 MSps
in combination with a RMS detector to ensure correct measurements on
wideband modulating transceivers.
For MIMO devices multiple RPR3006W units can be daisy-chained using the
MMCX connectors enabling synchronised triggering of the RadiPower® meters.
RadiMation® FREE freeware captures the samples simultaneously and
calculates the total power according to the EN 300 328 standard.
Software support
The standard RadiMation® FREE freeware supports all RadiPower®
measurement modes. Using the instrument command codes the RadiPower®
Wireless can be used with any other software control package.
Technical Specifications
RadiPower® Head
Detector type
Measurement function
Calibrated frequency range
Power measuring range
RadiPower_Wireless UK – 2013 September- version 1.0 Specifications are subjected to changes without
Maximum SWR
RMS log detector
RMS CW power, peak (max hold) and Burst mode
50 MHz 1 to 6 GHz
-50 dBm to +10 dBm
1,05 @ below 1GHz
1,15 @ 1GHz to 6 GHz
± 0,25 dB
Frequency response accuracy
(at 23°C ± 2°C)
Deviation from CW for wideband
modulated signals with high crest factor
Linearity error
Input damage level
RF input impedance
Measuring speed
Temperature effect
Zero adjustment
0,25 dB
Frequency response correction
Measurement units
0,05 dB + 0,005 dB/dB
> +20 dBm
0,01 dB
50 Ohm
Max. 5 MS/s
0,15 dB over full temperature range
Not required
Stored frequency response data is taken into account by numerical entry of
the measurement frequency
dBm / Watts
Dimensions of measuring device
RF input connector
Data connector (power head side)
Trigger input and output
124 mm (L) * 32 mm (W) * 32 mm (H)
Precision N-type
USB mini type B
MMCX (standard one cable supplied with each RPR3006W)
Temperature range (use)
Temperature range (storage)
Relative humidity (non-condensing)
0˚ C - +40˚ C
-20˚ C - + 85˚ C
10 – 90%
Interfaces and supply
USB Communication
Supply voltage
Current consumption (USB)
USB2, drivers supplied for latest Windows® versions
+ 5 VDC from USB port (4,75 VDC to 5,25 VDC)
Typical 180 mA (maximum 200 mA)
3 years
Usable from 10 MHz
RadiPower® RF Wireless power head, 6 GHz
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Tel: +31(0)348 41 65 92, Fax: +31 (0)348 43 06 45
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