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Pioneer PRO
Audio XPRS15"
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Ny serie med svært gode
aktive høyttalere fra
Pioneer. Innebygget forsterker fra
Powersoft! på 1200W
RMS (2400w Peak).
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The speakers are
enclosed in 15 mm birch
plywood cabinets to
deliver a natural, dynamic
sound. Pioneer’s patented
AFAST technology
drastically reduces
standing waves that can
produce a muffled
response in the low to
mid ranges. An acoustic
tube in the cabinet
absorbs just the standing
waves, increasing the
low frequency response.
The XPRS15 uses
lightweight 15­inch ferrite
LF drivers and 1.75­inch
titanium diaphragm
compression drivers.
Powersoft’s new Class D
amp modules produce
2400 W (peak) or 1200 W
(continuous) output,
similar to that of larger
stand­alone speaker
amplifiers. The amps are
equipped with Power
Factor Correction (PFC)
to reduce power
consumption while
ensuring reliability and a
steady performance in all
The auto­ranging power
supply means you plug in
the XPRS Series
anywhere in the world –
including venues with
generators or temporary
power supplies – and
expect the same high
quality sound.
Advanced protection
features help prolong
your speakers’ life
We’ve packed the
speakers with features to
protect the driver, amp
and power supply –
giving you peace of mind,
consistent high quality
sound, and extending the
life of your sound
NOK 12 279
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Amplifier protection
Thermal limiting: cuts off
to prevent overheating.
Output overcurrent:
reduces the speaker’s
output to safe levels in
the event of output
Speaker protection
DC offset removal: shuts
down to prevent further
damage if the speaker
Stationary High
Frequency Protection:
protects the speaker from
loud bursts such as
Input voltage limiter: Peak
and RMS.
Output voltage limiter:
cuts the LF and
compression drivers
separately when either
reaches their peak.
Power protection
AC mains over­voltage
protection: protects
against power surges.
Plus the status LED on
the front of the cabinet
can has three settings –
power, limiter or off –
giving an optional visual
reference to the status of
the speaker.
Speaker Type 15" 2­way
full range, bass reflex, bi­
amp, active speaker
System characteristic
Frequency Response(–
10 dB) 40 Hz to 20 kHz
Dispersion (H x V) 90° x
60° (rotatable)
Maximum SPL
(peak@1m/1w) 136 dB
Crossover Frequency 2.0
Amplifier Amplifier type
Class D
Power Rating 2400 W
peak / 1200 W cont.
(LF800 W/HF400 W)
Input connectors 2x
(balanced), 2x RCA
Impedance 10 kO
Output connectors 2x
Through output XLR
1x Mixed output XLR
Speaker LF driver 15­inch
ferrite LF cone driver
HF driver 1.75­inch
titanium diaphragm
neodymium compression
Enclosure 15 mm birch
plywood, bass reflex
Finish Impact­resistant,
black semi­matt textured
Handle 2 (on both sides)
Pole socket 35 mm socket
(0°/7° multi­angle)
Rigging point 12x M10
Protection Amplifier
Protection Thermal
limiting, over­temperature
muting, output
Driver Protection DC
offset removal, high
frequency stationary loud
signals, input voltage
limiter (Peak/RMS)
Power unit Protection
Primary AC mains
overvoltage protection,
Primary AC mains
overcurrent protection
Power unit/other
Supported voltages 100
V (50 Hz/60 Hz) / 110 V
to 240 V (50 Hz/60 Hz)
Power consumption 175
Dimensions (W x H x D)
445 x 750 x 416 mm
(17.5 x 29.5 x 16.4 inch)
Weight 28.5 kg (62.8 lbs)
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