Remote Wipe an Android Device Third

Remote Wipe an Android Device Third
Remote Wipe an Android Device
If you have Google Sync configured on an Android device with the Google Apps Device Policy app
installed, you can use the Google Apps control panel to remotely wipe the device.
Use this feature when your device is lost or stolen to erase all data on the device and reset the
device. Your device must already have Google Sync or Device Policy configured. You cannot
install Google Sync or Device Policy and run Remote Wipe retroactively.
Important: A remote wipe removes all device-based data like mail, calendar, and contacts from
the device, but it may not delete data stored on the device's SD card. Your Google Apps data
remains available through a web browser or other authorized mobile devices.
To remote wipe a lost or stolen device:
Sign in to your Google Apps control panel.
Click Settings > Mobile.
In the Devices tab, hover your cursor over the device you’d like to wipe.
Click Remote Wipe in the box that appears.
A second box appears asking you to confirm that you want to remotely wipe the device.
If you are sure you want to wipe the device, click Wipe Device.
Google Apps displays a message that the device has been successfully wiped. On the next
sync, all content will be deleted and the settings reset to the defaults for this device. For more
information about the remote wipe process, see the device's documentation.
About remote wipe on Android: Usually, the device receives the remote wipe command within
a few seconds. However, sometimes the command doesn't reach the device right away, so the
Device Policy app checks the server every three hours for a wipe command. Therefore, the
maximum time before the device is wiped is about 3 hours, or when the device reconnects to
the network.
Third-Party Remote Wipe Applications
In addition to the instructions provided for Android devices above by Google Inc., there are also
a number of third-party remote wipe applications available to Android users. If you’re
comfortable using a third-party application to remotely wipe your device, please feel free to do
so. However, it is highly recommended that you follow the instructions provided by
Google, Inc. in order to remotely wipe your device.
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