Dock into the future with the Audio/USB Hub
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Dock into the future with the
Audio/USB Hub In today’s era of increasing mobility possibilities, we want to be tied down as little as possible, so why bother with a docking solution? Because we also live in an era where the concept of a virtual office has become a household term and where digital formats have become the entertainment norm. Whether for office devices, such as printers, keyboards or scanners, or for personal enjoyment technology, a docking solution provides a convenient, quick and easy way to connect to all next­generation devices whenever the need arises. u The Audio/USB HUB at­a­glance u What devices can I use it with? The Audio/USB Hub is a multimedia, next­generation Not only are there numerous available multimedia docking docking station for notebook and PC computers. A little options for the Audio/USB Hub, but you can also connect larger than a regular port replicator, the docking station to most of these devices simultaneously. The Audio/USB enables you to connect to most next­generation devices Hub has four USB ports enabling you to set up an all­in­ for both personal and business needs. one solution with a host notebook or PC computer, a LAN This all­in­one solution offers more connectivity, communications and entertainment options than ever connection, a printer, a scanner, a mouse, a keyboard and a home cinema system.
before. The following chart gives an overview of the Audio/USB Hub features. Connectivity/ Communications Entertainment
Support for multi­ channel audio and EAX for gaming on host notebook
MP3 applications for ·
4 USB 2.0 ports for printers, scanners, etc.
IR remote control
Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 audio solution
LAN port for broadband connection
External Dolby Digital support
Ethernet hub
Front panel interface for volume control
Headphone output and microphone input
LED activity monitors ·
creation and enhancement on host /notebook
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Benefit Docking Options A home cinema system Printer your video clips with surround sound on your TV. „ Experience the ultimate in digital Enjoy flexibility? — The Audio/USB Hub lets you entertainment change your preferences at whim, and use a mouse and/or „ Print your documents and photos at the click of the button „ Scan your images or documents Scanner Dolby Surround System. As an alternative, you can watch for quick display, storage, communications or for immediate printing a keyboard whenever fancy strikes. Tired of cables? — Simplify cable management with the first docking station for the Qosmio and Satellite series. A family person? — Scan your favorite images and photos and immediately e­mail them to relatives, print them out, or set up a family night with a projector. Keyboard „ Turn your laptop into a desktop computer Work from home? — Set up your home office by connecting your host notebook with a printer, a scanner, a Mouse „ Choose your working keyboard, a mouse, and other business equipment. preferences „ Various other devices can be docking solution using only a remote control.
connected to your notebook Other devices for personal and business use whether for business, such as a business card scanner, or for personal enjoyment, such as a joystick or a projector u Make the most out your Audio/USB Hub Still in doubt whether docking is the solution you have been looking for? Let us consider some scenarios to illustrate how you can use the new Audio/USB Hub to your best advantage. An avid gamer? — The docking solution enables you to connect your host computer to a joystick, a mouse and a keyboard, as well as a speaker system, to allow you to immerse yourself in your favorite games with multi­channel audio and EAX. An ardent movie fan? — You can connect your notebook computer to a home cinema system and experience your video clips and favorite DVD movies in 5.1 Expert “Dock into the future with the Audio USB Hub” Page 2 of 2 EXP­2004­12­EN­Audio­USB­Hub­EN © 2004. Toshiba Europe GmbH. While Toshiba has made every effort at the time of publication to ensure the accuracy of the information provided herein,
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