Eaton 208 - Tufts Technology Services

Eaton 208 - Tufts Technology Services
TTS Instructional Lab at Eaton Hall (208)
Getting Started
Adjusting room lights
Locate the dimmer behind the instructor
station and move the switch up or down to
adjust the light.
Adjusting the Instructor Station
Feel free to move the instructor station to a
comfortable position in the room, but take
care to not go past the length of the cords
in the wall.
Turning on the Projector
1) Locate the white projector keypad on the
wall behind the instructor station.
2) Press the On/Off switch on the keypad.
Adjusting the Volume
Adjust the audio volume with the up and down
arrow keys (volume buttons) on the keypad.
To turn off all sound from the projector, press
the Mute button. Re-select Mute to turn the
sound on again.
Using the Student Station
To use the student station, follow the same
procedure followed for logging into the
instructor station.
Projecting from your Laptop
Connecting your Laptop
1) On the side of the instructor station, locate
the video cable.
2) Plug the cable into your laptop’s external
video port.
3) Locate the audio cable plugged into the
black panel behind the instructor station.
4) Plug the audio cable into your laptop’s
headphone port.
Selecting your Laptop
1) Locate the switch box on the left side of the
instructor station.
2) Turn the knob on the switch box to Laptop
and start your laptop.
To decrease the brightness, push down on the sl
Presenting from the Instructor
Finishing Up
Logging on to the Instructor PC
Shutting Down the PCs
1) Turn on the instructor station by pressing
the power button on the front of the
2) When the Welcome to Windows window
appears, simultaneously press the CTRL +
Alt + Del keys.
3) When prompted to login, type your Tufts
Username and Tufts Password (same
credentials you use for Tufts email, Trunk,
network access, etc.).
4) Confirm that Tufts appears in the Log on to
box and click OK.
5) In the box labeled Password, enter the
computer’s name a second time.
6) Click Log in.
1) From the Start menu, choose Shut Down.
2) When the Shutdown window appears, click
the down-arrow and select Shut down.
3) Click OK.
4) When shut down is complete, use the
power button to turn off the PC.
5) Please have your students shut down the
student PCs and check that all computers
were properly shut down.
Turning off your Laptop
1) Power down your laptop.
2) Disconnect the video cable from the laptop.
3) Wind up the video cable and place it near
the switchbox.
4) Unplug the audio cable from the
headphone jack on your laptop.
5) Coil the cable and place it on the floor near
the black wall panel behind the instructor
6) Turn the switch on the switchbox back to
Desktop setting.
Turning off the projector
Hold the On/Off button for 5 seconds and then
 It will take at least 30 seconds for the unit
to power down and another minute to
complete TTS cooling process.
Final Steps
1) Push the Instructor Station back to its
original position against the wall.
2) Turn off lights using the light switches at
the rear the room.
3) Exit the room, closing the door behind you.
4) Re-activate the alarm by entering the 4digit code on the Magnum Alert keypad
(upper keypad) on the wall.
5) Press the On/Off button.
6) The red light labeled Armed will light up,
indicating that you’ve enabled the room’s
Tip: There is no need to roll up the wall
screen. The screen should remain lowered at
all times.
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