Lighting Quick Start Guide

Lighting Quick Start Guide
Let’s create a scene!
To get started, open the Legrand Home Lighting Control app on your mobile device and press the
Tap the “ ” symbol and enter a name for your
Enter the Date the scene will run.
Tap the Add A Scene option to
choose lights. Place checkmarks
next to the lights listed under
Include that should be in the scene.
elect Repeat to identify how many times the
scene repeats. Choose to never have a scene
repeat, repeat the scene once, or set up a
scene to repeat weekly. For this example, let's
create a scene that repeats once.
Pick a Specific Time or Relative
Time to trigger the scene.
Customize your light settings!
• Tap on the name of a light
attached to your scene to
turn the light ON and set the
illumination level.
• Choose a Fade Rate to
determine how quickly the lights
turn ON or OFF to match the
dimming level set in the scene.
atch the left side of your app
screen for the scene to display in
the Upcoming Scenes section as a
two-day reminder!
Tap Repeat to return to the Repeat
screen for confirmation of your date
and time selections.
For technical assistance on your Lighting Control app,
contact On-Q Technical Support between 8 AM and 6:30 PM EST.
Phone: 717-546-5412
Chat: (Click on the
icon to open a dialogue box)
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Legrand Home
Lighting Control
The Main Screen.
The Main Screen.
The Main Screen.
Check out the current ON/OFF status of all
of the lights in your home with just a glance
at your device and make quick edits with
the touch of a finger.
Scenes are automated lighting rules you
create to help keep your house safe and
inviting. Design the perfect scene for your
Customization that goes a step beyond to
help add structure to your automization
Change the name of an existing light
or remove it from your system.
Add lights to your system.
Use the toggle switch to turn an
individual light ON or OFF.
Welcome to the Legrand Home Lighting Control App.
Legrand’s Home Lighting Control app is designed to provide a quick, easy, mobile option for
accessing your Legrand Home Lighting Control system. From your Lighting Control app, you have
the option to turn on or off any or all lights discovered by the system, view recently created or
upcoming scenes, and go to the lights, scenes, or settings pages for customization options.
To help you learn the basics of using your new Lighting Control system, this brochure provides
explanations and screen shots for the icons you will see in the app*. Legrand’s Home Lighting
Control app is available for download onto any of your iOS and Android smartphones and tablets
through the App Store or the Google Play Marketplace.
Let's light it up!
*The screen examples used in this brochure may differ from the screens you see when accessing the Lighting Control
app. Screen displays are dependent on the device used to access the app and the products integrated with your system.
Cycle your lights automatically so it
appears you are home while on vacation
Set a scene to turn ON the hall light right
before you get home at night.
Tap this symbol to create a scene.
Add in-wall scene controllers for
more flexibility in your system.
Check on software updates and app
Control and monitor your system
while away from home by setting up
a Samsung ARTIK
Cloud™ account.
More Options.
More Options.
More Options.
A whole new world of customization options
opens by tapping on one of your existing
lights from the list.
Manage your list of scenes with ease.
Add. Edit. Remove. Control is at the tip of
your finger.
Set things up for your scenes by
automating the automation!
Make edits to the name of your light.
Use the toggle switch to turn the
light ON or OFF.
Tap the bulb icon to turn the light ON
or OFF.
Adjust the dimming level using the slider.
Make a change to your scene by
updating the recurrence, date,
time, or fade rate.
Add more lighting rules so your
system can make your life easier.
Duplicate or delete a scene with a
Location - Use an interactive map,
or your zip code, to help your system
learn the appropriate sunrise and
sunset times for your relative time
Time Zone - Set your time zone so
your scenes trigger on time!
Toggle daylight savings time ON
or OFF to match the time zone
where you live.
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