Dodgeball Tournament
Dodgeball Tournament
Jack Simpson Gym | April 09, 2017
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There is no warm up equipment provided.
Games that start late will finish on time. Halves will be shortened to accommodate the scheduled end
time. There will be no extra time added.
Team rosters are to be submitted and completed online by the team captain (individual who
registered the team) prior to the players meeting. To complete your roster you will need to know
each player and their associated email address.
All players must be added to the roster. Players may be added after at the Events Coordinator’s
All players must complete a waiver before they are allowed to play
If waivers are not signed before league play, those players are taken off of the roster.
All players must be prepared to check in with the volunteers for every game with a piece of photo
The has a Zero-Tolerance policy for fighting and abuse of staff and other participants. This will be
strictly enforced.
For a complete list of policies (based on UCalgary’s Active Living policies), see .
There are 6 players in the court with a minimum of 2 opposite sex on the floor.
The minimum amount of players in order to not default is: 6
Ideal Roster Size
Total # of players
required on the Court
Total # of opposite sex
required on the court
6 on 6
4 players on the team rosters need to be graduate students
Playing Rules:
 Teams must have a minimum of five (5) players on the court within five (5) minutes of the
scheduled start time to avoid a default. Defaults will be recorded as a 5-0 loss.
 Each match will be twenty (20) minutes in length. Referees may adjust the period times in order to
end a game on time. Officials will state “last game” in last five (5) minutes. No new game shall start
during this time.
 Each team is allowed one (60 second) time out per match.
 The purpose of dodgeball is to eliminate the opposing players from the game by hitting them with
the ball (below the shoulders). The team with the last person still in the game wins that game and
receives a point. Teams will continue playing games until the twenty minute match is over. The team
with the most wins at the end of 20 minutes will take the win.
 A game is started by having six (6) balls placed on the centre line. Teams are to be lined up at their
respective back wall. The game is started with “Ready, Set, Dodgeball”. Where players will then race
to the balls placed on the center line.
 Players must then run back and touch the back wall or designated mark points after retrieving a ball
from the centre line.
No diving
A Neutral Zone will be marked by pylons one (1) meter on either side of the center line. Players on
any team may enter the neutral zone and cross the centre line at any time. You may reach over the
neutral line to reach a ball.
Teams will switch sides after each game.
Overtime consists of all players coming back on the floor and is over when the first player is knocked
out. Games will only go into overtime during playoffs.
Headshots: any shot above the shoulders are not allowed. Balls thrown (intentional or accidental)
that strike an opponent in the head (above the shoulders) will not be tolerated. The player throwing
the headshot will have to switch off with a player from his/her team. Referees discretion at all
times. The player hit above the shoulders stays in the game.
If a ball is caught in the air, the thrower is out and the team that caught the ball may bring an
eliminated player back into the game. Deflections do not count.
If a player is struck with a ball anywhere (including loose clothing), the struck player will be called
out. However, if a player is struck but the ball is caught either by the struck player or by a teammate
before it touches the ground, wall, ceiling (etc), the player who threw the ball will be called out.
A deflected ball is considered to be dead. Any player from the non-throwing team that is hit with a
deflected ball is not eliminated. This includes deflections off of the floor, walls and ceiling and off
another player or ball.
A player may block an oncoming ball with another ball. If a thrown ball is deflected upward and is
caught by a teammate, the thrower of the ball will be called out. If a player deflects a ball with
another, but drops their ball in trying to deflect the on-coming ball, the player who dropped their ball
will be called out (even if the deflected ball is eventually caught). If a thrown ball is deflected off their
blocking ball but then it hits the blocker, the player is called out.
If a player is eliminated from the game (hit by a ball, throw is caught) they are to raise their hand to
signal that they are out and leave the playing court. Eliminated players can assist in retrieving balls
that are out of bounds or are to sit on the team bench. Opponents are not to throw at a player with
their hand raised.
Players may have only one ball in possession at a time. Hoarding balls is not allowed.
While in possession of a ball the only options available to a player are to throw the ball, pass it to a
teammate, and use it to block another ball. No dribbling is allowed. Once you have possession of a
ball you have ten (10) seconds to release that ball by throwing it or passing it. If a ball is fumbled or
dropped while in possession then the player is eliminated.
Players may put a ball down to catch another ball. This is not considered hoarding.
If the game comes down to 1 v 1, referee counts two (2) minutes. After two minutes one player from
each team will return to the court, the 1st player out shall be the first player to return after he/she
touches the back wall.
Court Layout
*This rules guideline is based on the UCalgary’s Intramural Sports Rules and Regulations.
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