Instructions: Map Network Drive: Windows XP

Instructions: Map Network Drive: Windows XP
Map Network Drive
Microsoft Windows XP
From Start menu, Click on My Computer.
Click on Tools then click on Map Network Drive.
Select the Drive that you wish to use, such as J: and type your server name (always starts with \\;
i.e. \\\home\john.doe) into the Folder field. Be sure Reconnect at logon is checked so you will
be reconnected to this drive back whenever you restart your computer. Click on Finish.
In the User name field, type GALLAUDET\ then your username. In the Password field, type your password.
The user name and password should be based on your Bison account. Click on OK.
You can access your folders and files by opening My Computer (same as step #1) and selecting the J: drive (or
the drive letter you picked).
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