kaspersky secure mail gateway | virtual appliance

kaspersky secure mail gateway | virtual appliance
Deploy complete mail security as a single virtual package. One web
interface to manage both security and mail systems.
Kaspersky Lab’s Secure Mail Gateway | Virtual Appliance (KSMG) is designed to run
on VMware ESXi hosts. Integrated as a mail gateway or relay, the virtual appliance
provides a complete solution for securing in-and-outbound mail from malware,
spam, phishing and zero-day threats.
A single, easy-to-install image enables the deployment of a full-featured version
of our award-winning solution, providing all the functionality and security of
Kaspersky Security for Linux Mail Server in a virtualized appliance.
Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway comes pre-installed with a server edition of the Linux
operating system, Kaspersky Security for Linux Mail Server and an enterprise-grade
mail transfer agent. Save on operational efforts - there’s no need for a complex
deployment - all you need to do is configure, using our user-friendly web interface
or the command line.
Why use a virtual appliance?
Reduced hardware costs, easier management
and greater fault tolerance are among the many
reasons IT managers deploy virtual appliance
solutions. Pre-installed with everything you need,
KSMG simplifies deployment, reducing the need to
manage compatibility issues, dependencies or other
complex tasks.
KSMG enables administrators to manage every
aspect of their mail security from a single console.
Ease of use means teams with limited Linux skills
and fewer resources can still deploy and utilize a
powerful mail security solution.
Web-based control panel
Kaspersky Lab
Mail Security
Mail Transfer Agent
• Anti-Spam
• Protection from zero-day threats
• Content Filtering
• Antimalware
Key features
• Single web-based interface manages everything — both security and mail systems
• Integration of Kaspersky Security for Linux Mail Server with Mail Transfer Agent allows the virtual appliance
to function as a standalone mail gateway/relay.
asy deployment into existing infrastructure.
• Enforced Anti-Spam updates Service (EASUS) uses
push technology from KSN for real-time updates;
guard against zero-hour spam and spam epidemics.
• Cloud-assisted reputation filtering: quarantine
suspicious mail before checking against updated
information, enabling protection from unknown
spam and false positives.
• Detect and set policies to block unwanted mass mail.
• Scan in-and-outbound SMTP mail traffic for
Malware using the latest version of Kaspersky
Lab’s anti-malware engine. Cloud-assisted realtime updates are delivered via Kaspersky Security
Network (KSN).
• Zero-day exploit and targeted attack prevention
through dedicated advanced protection module.
• Malicious URL filter with real-time updating from
the cloud via KSN — block mails containing links to
malicious sites.
• Cloud-assisted anti-phishing: use KSN to block
mails containing links to phishing web sites.
• Attachment filtering based on file name, type,
message size and individual processing rules.
• Detection, notification and neutralizing/quarantine
of infected, suspicious, password-protected and
unreadable files, including scan errors.
•Global blacklists and whitelists: manage sources
using IPv4, IPv6, wildcards and regular expressions.
• Create personal black/whitelists with usermanaged quarantine/backup.
• Support for message authentication technologies
(SPF/DKIM/DMARC) to protect organizations from
spam and other unwanted messages.
ules-based traffic processing for sender-recipient
upports openLDAP and Microsoft Active
Directory. Communication with LDAP server can
be encrypted using TLS/SSL.
owerful notification, reporting and detailed logs;
customizable reports in PDF format.
• Integration with Kaspersky Security Center for
centralized monitoring.
ole-based access including dedicated Helpdesk.
LS tunneling between organizations for
secure mail transfer. Includes certificates
Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway’ web console
*VBSpam award
Kaspersky Lab’s anti-spam engine regularly undergoes independent VBSpam tests and continues
to show the highest results amongst participants. For many years, it has been awarded elite
VBSpam+ status. For more information visit http://www.virusbtn.com/vbspam/
This solution is available as part of:
• Kaspersky Total Security for Business
• Kaspersky Security for Mail Servers
• Kaspersky Security for xSP
For purchasing please contact your local Kaspersky Lab rep.
KSMG-VA/Version 1.0/Octoder2015/Global
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