Serial Adapter

Serial Adapter
Socket Cordless
Serial Adapter
with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
RS-232 Serial Cable Replacement
Socket's Cordless Serial Adapter with Bluetooth Wireless
Technology eliminates your conventional RS-232
serial cable, providing an easy-to-use, invisible
connection. This tiny adapter allows any device
with a standard 9-pin serial port to communicate
wirelessly. It will communicate with another
Cordless Serial Adapter or any Bluetooth enabled
device such as a laptop computer or PDA. Take
advantage of Personal Area Networking easily and
You don't need to install any drivers on the host device — just plug into the
9-pin serial port on your industrial equipment and wirelessly download the
information you need to any Bluetooth enabled mobile computer (i.e.,
notebook, Pocket PC, Palm or Mac OS device). Reduce costs by decreasing
cycle times for equipment maintenance and servicing through easier access to
serial ports in difficult or dangerous-to-access areas. Do you have cabled
connections you would like to replace with a cordless solution?
Attach a Cordless Serial Adapter on each side and presto —
your bulky cables are gone.
Included in the package is the Socket Cordless Serial
Adapter Configuration Utility, an easy-to-use Windows
application which lets you to reprogram many of the
default settings on your Cordless Serial Adapter. You can
custom configure settings to match your individual needs.
The utility runs under Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000 or XP*. Socket
also includes a 9-pin female/female null modem connector.
You can also reprogram your Cordless Serial Adapter manually through
commands via a terminal device. Socket's Command Set documentation
provides even more extensive options for custom configurations.
The Cordless Serial Adapter communicates over the Bluetooth Serial Port
Profile. The adapter can be powered from the included AC power plug or from
the host device over pin 9 on the Cordless Serial Adapter.
Custom versions of the CSA are available to OEMs. For more information,
please contact Socket’s Embedded Systems Group at:
• Class 2 Bluetooth module
• Bluetooth SIG Certified 1.1
• Default baud rate 19,200 bps —
configurable from 9,600 to 230,000
• Internal antenna
• 9 pin male DB-9 connector, DTE
• Bluetooth status LED gives intant
info on Bluetooth link status
• Standard external US power supply
comes with two European and one
Australian adapter. Alternatively,
power can be supplied over Pin 9 of
the adapter from host unit. Voltage
80 mA at 3 or 5 V
Software Features
• Cordless Serial Adapter
Configuration Utility allows you to
attach the RS-232 Adapter to the
serial port of a notebook or PDA to
configure the following settings:
– Baud rate
– Stop bits
– Data bits
– Parity
– Flow control
– Discoverable on/off
– Connectable on/off
– Enable security mode
• Software runs on Windows 95, 98,
Me, 2000, XP*
• Socket Command Set documentation
allows manual configuration
through a terminal device for
maximum flexibility
Bluetooth Profiles
General Access Profile
Service Discovery Profile
Serial Port Profile
* Windows 95 v4.00.950B; Windows 98SE
Socket Cordless
with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
Antenna: Integrated
Class 2 Bluetooth module
Connector: 9 pin male DB-9, DTE
Software Included:
Cordless Serial Adapter Configuration
Baud Rate:
Default: 19,200 bps
Configurable range:
9,600-230,000 bps
Bluetooth Profiles:
General Access Profile
Service Discovery Profile
Serial Port Profile
Environmental Conditions:
Operating Temp.: -20 to +85° C
Storage Temp.: -40 to +95° C
Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing
Warranty: Three years
Cordless Serial Adapter Configuration
Utility Software Support:
Windows 95 v4.00.950B
Windows 98SE
Windows Me, 2000, XP
Note: The Cordless Serial Adapter was
primarily designed for use with
industrial serial equipment. Because of
power requirements, custom drivers,
and custom serial communication protocols, the Cordless Serial Adapter is
not intended for use with some consumer serial devices, including but not
limited to: 56k modems, cellular phone
data cables, digital camera data
cables, joysticks, keyboards, mice,
Pocket PC cradles, scanners, etc. The
Cordless Serial Adapter was also not
designed to Bluetooth enable your
computer for ActiveSync.
FCC: Part 15, Class B
Industry Canada
C-Tick: s. 182
ETS 300 328, ETS 300 826
Bluetooth 1.1
For Additional Product Information:
Sales Offices:
Corporate Headquarters:
Phone: 510-744-2700
Domestic Toll Free: 800-552-3300
Fax: 510-744-2727
Common Usage Scenarios
Scenario 1: Set up a CSA pair as serial cable replacement.
Scenario 2: Set up the CSA as a passive serial Bluetooth receiver.
Corporate Headquarters:
Socket Communications, Inc.
37400 Central Court, Newark, CA 94560
Phone: 510-744-2700
Fax: 510-744-2727
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