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Predrilled Door Adapter
Installation Instructions
__ (1) Predrilled adapter plate, male.
__ (1) Predrilled adapter plate, female.
Many doors arrive predrilled for easy hardware installation. If
your door has been predrilled, you will require our predrilled
adapter to install your Classic Brass knob or lever hardware.
Note: When a predrilled adapter is used, it will take the place of
the rosette mounting plates or privacy rosette mounting plates.
Install the door unit in the frame and complete all painting
and/or surface finishing prior to installing your hardware.
The predrilled adapter
should be installed before
Figure 1.
the latch mechanism. From
either side of the door,
place the adapter plate with
the female legs within the
2-1/8” hole in the door.
Align this plate with the
legs in a vertical position
and the privacy access
holes on the horizontal, as
shown. (Figure 1)
III. From the other side of the door, slide the male legs of the
second adapter plate into the female legs. (Figure 2)
IV. From the female side, insert the two #8-32 screws and
tighten until the adapter assembly sits in place. Do not
completely tighten the screws at this time. The latch body
must be properly aligned first.
Note: Screw lengths will vary according to the specified
thickness of the door.
You can now proceed to your latch and door hardware
__ (2) #8-32 x 1-1/8” screws
(for 1-3/8” door)
__ (2) #8-32 x 1-3/8” screws
(for 1-3/4” or larger door)
__ (1) Alignment tool.*
__ (1) Steel alignment spindle.
__ (2) Brass alignment nuts.
* One per order - not included in every box.
Figure 2.
Note: In order to assure proper alignment of the latch and the
hardware, it is important that you use the alignment tool with
each installation. Typically, only one alignment tool is shipped
with an order.
V. Once the latch body has been positioned in the door, slide
the steel threaded spindle from the alignment tool assembly
through the latch assembly and center. (Figure 3)
VI. Tighten the two alignment nuts evenly so that both plates
and the latch body are held firmly in place. The latch
mechanism is now properly aligned with the rosette hub
positions. Firmly tighten the two #8-32 screws on the
adapter plate, then remove the alignment nuts and spindle.
You can now finish your hardware installation.
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Figure 3.
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