Your quick guide to solving problems
with WorldPay Zinc
We’ve designed WorldPay Zinc to be as simple to set up and use
as possible. But any technology can throw up the odd problem. If
you’re having technical trouble with any aspect of the service, this
guide should help you find the answer.
There are full details of how to set up your Chip & PIN keypad and the WorldPay
Zinc app in your User Guide. (You can download this from the secure area of Most other questions – about avoiding card fraud, for
example – should be answered in your Merchant Operating Instructions.
If you’ve tried all these and are still not sure about something,
please call our 24/7 Helpdesk on 0330 333 3601*
*Calls from BT landlines are charged at 10p per minute. Calls from mobile phones may
be charged at a higher rate. Calls from other networks may vary.
WorldPayZinc | Troubleshooting
Chip & PIN keypad
Most keypad problems can be resolved by resetting the keypad to its factory settings.
This should sort out problems like:
The keypad won’t turn on
The keypad won’t turn off, or is locked
The keypad isn’t charging
The display screen is blank
The chip card reader or magnetic swipe slot isn’t working
The keypad won’t respond, or specific keys aren’t working
Factory reset
Look at the left-hand side of the
keypad. Next to the power button
you’ll see a small hole, about 1mm
wide. Insert the end of a paper clip,
or another pointed object, into the
You should see this menu:
1. Power up as normal
2. System restore
3. Total factory reset
Press 3 for Total factory reset.
Then press Enter to confirm. Your
keypad will go back to its original
factory settings. This takes about
90 seconds.
Still not working?
If your keypad still won’t work after a factory reset, please call our Helpdesk
on 0330 333 3601* We’ll organise a replacement (subject to our warranty policy).
*Calls from BT landlines are charged at 10p per minute. Calls from mobile phones may
be charged at a higher rate. Calls from other networks may vary.
WorldPayZinc | Troubleshooting
If you’re having trouble pairing your keypad with your mobile device, you can reset the Bluetooth connection.
Follow the instructions below for your device.
Apple Device
Go to Settings and tap Bluetooth. Find the WorldPay Zinc device in the list. Tap the little blue arrow
next to the word Connected. On the next screen, tap Forget this device.
Android Device
Go to the Bluetooth menu. Select and hold the WorldPay Zinc device from the list of paired devices.
Select the Unpair option that appears.
Hold down the Enter key on your Chip & PIN keypad for five seconds to reset the connection.
Once you have reset the Bluetooth connection you will need to
repair your mobile with the keypad by following the instructions listed
in the User Guide. Log on to the secure area of to
download the User Guide for your type of device.
WorldPayZinc | Troubleshooting
Taking payments
All or most transactions are being declined
Check that you have a mobile or wifi signal and internet connection on your mobile device. You can’t use the
service without a data connection.
The keypad can’t read the card
If the card won’t work in the chip reader slot than the keypad will prompt to swipe the card through the
magnetic swipe slot. If the card won’t work in either the chip reader slot or the magnetic swipe slot, you’ll
need to ask the customer for a different form of payment. You can’t enter card details manually.
Common error messages
App asks you to ‘Update Application’
This means you need to download an updated version of the app. Select Update, then restart your keypad
and mobile device if necessary. You won’t be able to use the service until you’ve completed the update.
Keypad display shows an open padlock
Something has triggered the the keypad’s anti-tamper system. This can happen if someone tries to open
the keypad, or if it’s been dropped. Your keypad won’t work any more. Please contact the Helpdesk on
0330 333 3601* for advice, and to request a replacement.
*Calls from BT landlines are charged at 10p per minute. Calls from mobile phones may
be charged at a higher rate. Calls from other networks may vary.
WorldPayZinc | Troubleshooting
Lost keypad charger
If you’ve lost your charger, you’ll need to buy a new one. You can get them at any electronics shop, or online.
Look for a USB charger such as a ‘USB 2.0A to Micro B Data Cable’.
WorldPayZinc | Troubleshooting
WorldPay Zinc is a trade name of WorldPay (UK) Ltd. Registered in England No. 07316500.
Registered Office: 55 Mansell Street, London, E1 8AN. WorldPay (UK) Ltd is authorised by
the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2009
(No 530923) for the provision of payment services.
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