AC Adapter for Drive Enclosures Datasheet

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5V DC 1200mA NA Power Adapter

StarTech ID: NF05D1200P

The NF05D1200P is a 5V DC power adapter with a type F plug for use in North America. If you have a device that requires 5V DC power and does not exceed a current flow of 1200mA (1.2A) this power adapter is your solution. Whether you need an extra power adapter or misplaced one this is the perfect accessory for the IDECASE25U2B InfoSafe 2.5" drive enclosure


> Shipping (Package) Weight 0.18 lb [0.08 kg]

> Connector Type F Plug/Connector

> Current 1.2 Amps (1200mA)

> Polarity Centre Positive

> Voltage 5 volts DC


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