ICT Student User Agreement - Keithcot Farm Primary School

ICT Student User Agreement - Keithcot Farm Primary School
Information and Communications Technologies (ICT’s) are electronic devices and/ or applications which allow
users to record, send, access or receive information in textual, audio, image or video form. To promote the safe
and responsible use of ICT’s, Keithcot Farm Primary School has developed the following guidelines
Acceptable uses
ICT may be used:
1. For educational purposes under teacher
2. To access files, programs, email & Internet
resources under teacher direction.
3. To access the Internet and email for
educational purposes only.
Students must:
1. Use school-provided email accounts when
communicating online.
2. Obey the rules of privacy and copyright, and
keep their passwords and personal files secure.
3. Use available storage space for school-related
purposes only.
Any use of ICT which is inconsistent with this policy
or is used in any other inappropriate manner may
lead to disciplinary action.
Students should:
1. Disclose to their teacher any messages which
they receive which are inappropriate or disturb
2. Notify their teacher if they identify a possible
security problem.
3. Disclose to their teacher any accidental access
to inappropriate material.
4. Notify their teacher if they are offended by
another person’s use of ICTs.
I acknowledge that my child has read and
understands the contents of this policy.
Unacceptable uses
ICT may not be used to:
1. Gain unauthorised access to any computer
system or service. This includes using another
person's account or accessing another person's
files or emails.
2. Make deliberate attempts to destroy data by
hacking, spreading computer viruses or by any
other means.
3. Engage in any illegal act, such as threatening
the personal safety of others.
4. Bully or harass others.
5. Install or use software which is not licensed by
the school.
6. Post information that, if acted upon, could
cause damage to or disrupt the network.
7. Post or respond to chain letters or engage in
8. Re-post a message that was sent to you
privately without the permission of the person
who sent the message.
9. Take part in online chats, discussion groups or
mailing lists without teacher permission.
10. Use the school’s ICTs to purchase, order or sell
any goods.
11. Attempt to access inappropriate material
 is profane or obscene (e.g. pornography);
 advocates illegal acts; and
 advocates violence or discrimination
towards other people.
12. Download extensive files unrelated to school
I acknowledge that I have read, understood and will
abide by the contents of this policy.
Students will be using portable technology at school to support their learning program. Students are able to bring
their own devices to school for this purpose. This preference list provides a guide for parents.
Preference 1 iPad (minimum specification is iPad 2 with wi fi connectivity.)
Preference 2
Preference 3
Other tablet *(with wi fi connectivity and camera.)
Laptop *(with wi fi connectivity and camera)
* Some devices will not connect to the school wi fi. In such cases, the device will not be allowed at school
Phones and IPods are no longer acceptable items for use under this policy
Parents will:
While at school students will:
The school will:
Register their child’s device with the
Will adhere to the school’s code of
Provide a code of conduct and user
school and have signed a code of
conduct and user agreement.
agreement outlining expectations
conduct and user agreement
for parents to sign.
Provide and manage a separate
Download apps at home with parents’ Class teachers provide a list of
iTunes account or Play Store account consent.
recommended Apps.
to download school Apps.
Only use their personal device to
Teachers will ensure that devices are
access appropriate Apps for their
used safely and ensure appropriate
learning and with teacher’s consent.
down time throughout the day.
Ensure the device brought to school
Use their device during class time
Monitor student use and reserve the
only. Devices are not permitted to be
has sufficient memory space
right to take down any offensive
required for learning tasks and are
before school.
fully charged.
Agree that devices are brought to
Respect and take special care for their Not be liable for any damage or theft.
school at parents and students own
device e.g. cover, kept in tray
Remember to build in time for rest
Only use internet, e-mail and school
Have classrooms develop their own
from screen time.
Apps for learning and positive
protocol for use and security.
purposes with teacher’s consent.
Ensure equipment is under
Keep their username and passwords
Provide access to schools wi-fi.
household insurance.
to themselves. Students are
responsible for what is done in their
Only access school guest Wi-Fi while
Have the right to remove a student’s
at school with my teacher’s consent.
device if the student is not adhering
Hand over a device to any staff if
to KFPS BYO Device code of conduct
asked, after using inappropriately.
or user agreement.
Device Registration Information
Make & Model
Parent / Caregiver signature:__________________ ___
Serial No
Student signature:_________________________
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Thank you for your participation!

* Your assessment is very important for improving the work of artificial intelligence, which forms the content of this project

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