bluetooth® audio

bluetooth® audio
Operate basic controls of your audio system using several convenient methods.
Steering Wheel Controls
MODE button:
Change audio source.
VOL ( ) button:
Increase volume.
CH (+) button:
Go to next station
or track.
VOL ( ) button:
Decrease volume.
CH (-) button:
Go to previous station
or track.
Audio System Controls
Select various controls depending on the audio source being played.
Preset buttons:
Select preset stations
or other options.
Skip/Seek buttons:
Change stations,
tracks, etc.
Adjust volume or
turn audio on or off.
Selector knob:
Select audio options.
MENU button:
Display menu items for
certain audio modes.
BACK button:
Go back to the
previous screen.
USB Connection
Connect an iPhone or iPod dock
connector or a USB flash drive to
14 Odyssey TRG_LX_ATG_NEW STYLE 5/1/2013 7:02
port 10
below the system.
Play audio files from your compatible phone through your vehicle’s audio system. Visit to check if this feature is compatible with your phone.
Playing Bluetooth Audio
1. Make sure your phone is on and paired to Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®
and the screen is on and unlocked.
2. Press AUX until Bluetooth Audio appears on the display.
3. From your phone, open the desired audio player or app and begin playing.
Sound is redirected to the audio system. Make sure the volume on your
phone is properly adjusted.
4. Use the steering wheel or audio system controls to change tracks.
• You may need to enable additional settings on your phone for playback.
• The play/pause function and remote audio controls are not supported on
all phones.
14 Odyssey• TRG_LX_ATG_NEW
7:02 AM
Page 11
Operate your phone STYLE
only when
your vehicle
is stopped.
Play audio files from your compatible iPod or USB flash drive through your vehicle’s
16audio system.
Playing Audio Files
1. Connect the iPod dock connector or USB flash drive to the USB port.
2. Press AUX until iPod or USB appears on the display.
3. Use the steering wheel or audio system controls to change tracks.
Note: Connect your device only when your vehicle is stopped.
iPod is a trademark of Apple, Inc. iPod not included.
Searching for Music
Use the selector knob to make and enter selections.
1. Press MENU.
2. Select Music Search.
3. Select a category or folder, and select
the track you want to play.
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