`The world`s finest turntable` advances

`The world`s finest turntable` advances
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January 2016
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‘The world’s finest turntable’ advances:
introducing the Clearaudio Statement v2
“Take the best and make it better,” has always been the driving motto of the Suchy
family, the team behind the Clearaudio brand. But how exactly do you improve on the
‘world’s finest turntable’?
Originally launched in 2006, the Clearaudio Statement was lauded worldwide as a
“masterpiece of engineering” which had truly “advanced the state of the art” . From the
massive 350kg structure and stunning architectural design to its ground-breaking technology which included a trick or two borrowed from the Mars Rover - the Statement indisputably took
turntable construction to a whole new dimension. “Clearaudio’s Statement is, without any
shadow of a doubt, the finest turntable in the world,” said Australian Hi-Fi magazine .
Clearaudio’s goal with the original Statement was to leverage everything their development
team had learnt in 30 years of audio engineering and to bring together new technologies
never before seen in combination, to make a cost-no-object, state-of-the-art masterpiece.
Fast forward a decade and the team remains equally dedicated to breaking the rules and
boundaries of music reproduction: hence the outstanding new Statement ‘v2’, painstakingly
advanced with a raft of striking developments.
The sheer presence and beauty of the Statement’s structural design has always been a major
talking point and the new v2 looks magnificent with its sumptuous piano-black lacquer finish
and matching black turntable platter. Its massive integrated stand, which comprises four
stainless steel legs separated and supported by eight curved supports, is completely damped
against resonance. The supports feature a sandwich construction of aluminium plates filled
with Panzerholz, a high-density bullet-proof manufactured wood renowned for its acoustic
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damping properties.
The top layers of the massive stand now incorporate thousands of tiny metal ball bearings
embedded within the aluminium and Panzerholz sandwich, for incredible levels of resonance
One of the original Statement’s most prized innovations was its magnetic bearing technology,
in which the platter is magnetically suspended so that there is no mechanical connection
between platter and drive motor. So successful was this technology that it has since been
patented and applied to most of Clearaudio’s turntable range. The motor uses a belt to drive
the lower of two sub-platters, which contains a series of very strong magnets. Floating above
it is an upper sub-platter containing an opposing set of magnets. The two sub-platters never
touch and are held at a precise distance by the strong magnetic field. Attached to the upper
sub-platter is a bearing spindle, which is connected to the main platter. In short, the main
platter effectively floats on a cushion of air.
In the Statement v2, the bearing spindle is replaced with an enhanced design manufactured
from Wolfram carbide, to which a nano nitrate coating is applied by laser, providing vastly
superior strength and stability. The spindle’s design now features a two-piece construction in
which the two parts are joined by a special high-technology adhesive, resulting in improved
energy transfer and resonance control.
A key feature of the original Statement was the high-speed microprocessor-controlled motor
used to drive the sub-platter, which drew directly on the technology used to propel the Mars
Rover. The result was an outstanding level of real-time speed control. “When the platter is
spinning, you can apply substantial downforce… with your finger and watch microprocessor
instantly correct the speed” . The v2’s electronic speed control circuitry is completely new. A
brand new circuit board featuring upgraded components gives even more precise speed
control and stability. At the same time, the motor pulley and belt have been redesigned, finetuning them for superior noise reduction.
Going back to the platters, the previously acrylic main platter has been replaced with a POM
version, with its higher density and superior damping properties. The driven lower sub-platter
has a newly-machined outer surface to better mate with the drive belt for even finer
transmission and performance.
Moving down, the main gyroscopic bearing that supports the entire floating structure has
been improved and upgraded for better performance. Those familiar with the original
Statement will recall its innovative self-levelling mechanism. A 95kg damped self-levelling
pendulum hangs from the gyroscopic bearing and comprises a series of stainless steel plates,
eccentrically weighted by drilling out a portion of each plate’s inner periphery. Careful rotation
of the various plates yields a platter that is perfectly level with the earth’s surface (as distinct
from your floor) and with whichever tonearms are being used.
Moving back up-top, while the Statement accommodates up to four tonearms, the arm ‘par
excellence’ is the Statement TT1 tangential tonearm. Designed specifically and exclusively for
the Statement turntable, it too has been upgraded.
The great plus of a tangential tonearm is that it delivers zero lateral tracking error and no
skating force, because the cartridge moves in a way that is perfectly aligned with the record
groove rather than pivoting as conventional arms do. To achieve this, the TT1 is constructed Page | 3
in two main parts. A supporting rail, in the form of a complex glass tube, occupies a fixed
position parallel to the record’s radius. A high-precision carriage holding a straight carbon
fibre tonearm runs along the rail. This construction means that the tonearm only pivots
vertically, not horizontally, and so the cartridge stylus can only move in a straight line
precisely along the record’s radius, following the exact same path as the cutting head when
the record groove was initially made.
In the new TT1 v2, the arm carriage now hangs below the glass rail, rather than above it
(think Skytrains or monorails), which provides greater stability and hence improved
consistency of performance. The carbon fibre arm tube now has improved internal damping
and carries a black anodized aluminium headshell. Ease and precision of VTA adjustment,
already strong features in the original TT1, are now even better: a new reference scale
enables even simpler, more precise and repeatable VTA adjustments.
Finally, to finish up-top, the Statement v2 is crowned with a peerless dual record clamping
system: the stainless steel and Panzerholz Statement Clamp features three-point resonance
absorption technology, while the Outer Limit record clamp holds down the entire outer edge of
the record without touching the grooves, its 1.5 kg weight adding to the flywheel effect and
flattening minor warps leading to a significant sonic improvement.
The initial set-up of the Statement v2 is, of course, reassuringly detailed and complex. No
need to worry, though, since a senior member of the Clearaudio team will travel to wherever
in the world a customer happens to be and perform a full, expert set-up. Happily, subsequent
operation of the Statement is surprisingly simple. And, as you might expect from such a
masterpiece of audio engineering, the sound quality will stop you in your tracks.
Technical specifications
Speed ranges
Drive unit
Speed accuracy (measured)
Power consumption
Total weight
Dimensions (without
Stainless steel, aluminium, acrylic and bullet-proof wood
33⅓, 45 & 78 rpm
Non-contact magnetic drive system
Clearaudio patented magnetic bearing technology
98 mm / 3.86 inch main platter
Less than ± 0.03% variation
Max. consumption: 19 Watt
Consumption in operation: 8 Watt
Off-mode (main switch in '0' position): 0 Watt
Approx. 350 kg
Approx. 27.2 (w) x 22.4 (d) x 52.17 (h) inches
Approx. 690 (w) x 570 (d) x 1325 (h) mm
10 years (provided warranty card completed and returned to
Clearaudio within 2 weeks of purchase)
Pricing and availability
The Clearaudio Statement is available now priced as follows (including VAT):
Statement turntable
Statement TT1 tangential tonearm
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Full set-up by trained Clearaudio personnel is included with the purchase of each Statement.
About Clearaudio
Handcrafted in Erlangen, Germany, Clearaudio products are widely regarded as truly
innovative and standard-setting by audiophiles and top class engineers alike. With a solid
presence in more than 70 countries worldwide, and with a fully comprehensive range of highend turntables, tonearms, phono cartridges, phonostages, amplifiers, accessories and even
audiophile vinyl records, Clearaudio has established itself as a world leader in audio design.
Still very much family-run, the company remains as dedicated to “taking the best and making
it better” as it was when first launched back in 1978.
Reviews of the original Statement quoted:
1. Donald Saltzman. And Now for Something Completely Different: Clearaudio Statement
Turntable and TT1 arm. The Absolute Sound, November 2008.
2. Greg Borrowman. Equipment Review: Clearaudio Statement Turntable. Australian Hi-Fi,
57, April 2008.
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