akasa - thermal solution
Elegant design, digital lifestyle notebook cooler
This stylish notebook cooler is designed to sit on your desk and effectively cool
your notebook PC. The specially designed fans provide cool airflow directed
onto the PC base, this keeps the notebooks internal fan noise to a minimum
and allows for a more peaceful environment. The notebook cooler is
ergonomically formed to ensure comfortable keyboard operation. Akasa
GEMINI is available in Satin Black and Polar White.
Notebook PC’s and MacBooks can get very warm, the GEMINI enhanced airflow
design boosts PC heat dissipation, this can significantly extend PC battery life
and other components. The Akasa GEMINI is powered directly from a USB
port, there is no need to install any software or mess around with power
cables. An Additional USB port is fitted for lo-power devices (mouse, card
reader etc).
Suitable for 15.4” widescreen notebooks or below
Strong, ventilated body adds style to your Notebook or MacBook
Lightweight material for easy portability
Efficiently reduces operating temperature and noise
Two new design 1200 RPM ultra-quiet fans with on/off switch
Ergonomic design provides comfortable keyboard operation
Powered directly from a USB port
Additional USB port enables lo-power device connection (i.e. mouse)
Non slip pads on the bottom ensure stable operation
Outline dimension
Fan dimension
Fan speed
Fan air pressure
Bearing type
Fan life expectancy
Voltage rating
Product code
USB cable
Notebook / MacBook cooler
350 x 305 x 45mm
70 x 70 x 15mm
1200 R.P.M
0.35 mm H2O
Sleeve Bearing
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