Audio Visual controls for Large Format Classrooms

Audio Visual controls for Large Format Classrooms
Audio Visual controls for Large Format Classrooms
The audio visual control panel for all large classrooms can be found on the podium.
On the default page, the AMX touchpad has three different controls:
Volume Controls
Classroom Lighting Controls
Projector Control
Please note that all controls are set to Presenter orientation (i.e. Presenter’s right, Presenter’s left, etc.)
To turn on the projector, simply select the appropriate input on the screen. For example, selecting PC will
automatically output the classroom’s computer to the selected projector.
Lighting Control
Lighting controls are based on the particular zones of the classroom. For convenience, to
turn off all lights in the room, simply click on the All On button. To turn off all lights in the
room click on the All Off button.
Volume Control
Volume control will control the level of audio in the room via the speakers. Use the up and down arrows for adjusting
the audio in the classroom. For changing the microphone levels, click on the up and down arrows and the Mics
volume control will appear. Use the up and down arrows under the Mics heading to adjust the microphone levels. To
mute, simply click on the Mute button between the up and down arrows.
Recording Controls
All of the large classrooms are equipped with video recording capabilities that captures the speaker as well as any
PowerPoint presentations from the dedicated computer. To record the class simply click on the Recording Controls
button found on the default control page.
The touch screen will change to the following window. Simply click on the Record button to record the event. To stop the recording, click on the Stop button to
stop the recording. Once completed, please contact the Information Technology Services department ( to publish the recording.
Windows Shade Controls
Some rooms that have windows also contain window shade controls which also can be controlled from the Audio
Video touchpanel. To control the window shades in the classroom, click on the Window Shade button on the default
control page.
Each shade has two different types of window shades. Blackout will blackout all external light from the windows, while Sheer will allow some light from the
windows. To adjust the blinds, simply click on the up and down arrows under each respective window shade.
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