Get set-up with BorrowBox eAudiobooks on your PC or laptop

Get set-up with BorrowBox eAudiobooks on your PC or laptop
Get set-up with BorrowBox
eAudiobooks on your PC or laptop
Setting yourself up
Step 1: Go to
Open the
BorrowBox Library
Select ‘eReading’ button and then select Shorelink BorrowBox Library.
Step 2: Sign in
Click on the Sign In link on the top right of the page —
Enter your Library Card barcode number and Library PIN/password.
(Record details in a safe place)
Sign in to with your
Library card barcode
number and password
You are now ready to select your eAudiobook
Accessing BorrowBox eAudiobooks
Step 3: Choose a eAudiobook
In Digital Library, to view, click on eAudiobooks menu and choose
from a category to browse eAudiobooks.
Choose your
Step 4: Borrow your eAudiobooks
Once you have found a title, select Borrow or Reserve
Confirm your eAudiobook loan
(or Cancel if you change your mind)
Borrow your
Step 5: Getting your eAudioBooks
You will have 3 options:
• Listen on the PC or laptop while online
• Listen on Smartphones and Tablets while online
(The title will appear automatically in your list of current loans in the
BorrowBox mobile app)
• Transfer to your mobile device to listen while offline
Get your eAudiobook
Step 6: Download your eAudiobook to listen on your
computer or laptop
Tap on
to download the MP3 files in full or choose to download in parts.
Download your
Select the downloaded zip file and it will unzip the files and open up from your
compatible software for MP3 files to start listening.
Step 7: Import your eAudiobook to portable mobile devices
Simply import your eAudiobook downloads to iTunes or Windows Media Player
on your computer or laptop and transfer them to your MP3 player or sync with
your iPod or iPhone.
Managing your Account
Select My Account to edit account details, review loans, reserves and
loan history.
You may borrow, for a period of up to three weeks, four ebooks and four
You can return items earlier or cancel your reservations.
You can have one renewal if there are no reserves on the items.
Import your
eAudiobook to your
portable media device
Review loans,
reserves and more
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