high-precision sound quality for optimal audio performance

high-precision sound quality for optimal audio performance
SANAKO Headset SLH-07 Datasheet
The new professional SANAKO Headset
SLH-07 offers excellent sound quality for optimal
audio performance. It is specially designed to
offer maximum effectiveness in communication.
It has superior sound quality, eliminates exterior
noise and allows students to distinguish audio
differences in articulation, pitch and intonation,
thus enhancing its utility in a number of listeningbased activities such as language practice.
The Best Possible Sound Quality
The high-precision sound quality of this professional grade headset
ensures the best possible audio transmission, and the adjustable
boom allows the microphone to be accurately positioned for
outstanding speech reproduction.
Perfect Comfort
The SANAKO Headset has soft replaceable ear cushions and a
padded and adjustable headband to ensure comfort even during
extended wearing time. The lightweight adjustable headband
promises a perfect fit for everyone.
Durability and Ease of Replacement
Additionally, the durable rugged construction makes this
stereophonic headset reliable in all situations and guarantees a long
lifetime. The removable cable on the SANAKO Headset allows for
easy storage and on-site replacement!
SANAKO Headset for maximum effectiveness in communication
Model: SLH-07
Frequency response: 20 - 20k Hz
Impedance: 100 O
Sensitivity (SP.L/ 1kHz): 105 +/- 3 dB
Rated power: 100 mW
Audio handling: Stereo/Mono
Earpads: Soft, insulating, 45 mm opening
Type: Electret condenser
Directivity: Unidirectional
Frequency response: 40 - 16k Hz
Impedance: 2.2k O
Sensitivity: (1V/Pa - 1kHz): -36 +/-3dB
• Weight: 265 gm without cable
Language Learning Systems
Multimedia Learning Systems
Computer Training
Audio and Video Editing
Intercom / PA
Security Systems
The following SLH-07 headset and cable items
are available for order:
• SLH-07 headset, without cable (product code: 1395025)
• Modular cable, 1,5m, modular plug (product code: 1325030)
• Modular cable, 3m (Master), modular plug (product code:
• PC cable, 1,7m, 2x3,5mm plugs (product code: 1325020)
• PC cable, 3m (Master), 2x3,5mm plugs (product code: 1325050)
• USB cable, 1,7m, USB plug (product code: 1325070)
Applications of the Professional Grade
SANAKO Headset
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