CfP 18.5 LCD ConsoLe
CFP 18.5 LCD Console
Flat Pack Local Rack Access
yy Integrated LCD display,
keyboard, mouse and switch
yy 18.5 inch LED energy-saving
yy Scissors feet ultra-thin
yy The machine adapts the
towline type protective design
and signal cable design to
avoid losses caused by
repeated pumping
yy High quality dedicated slide
yy Overall 1U height, suitable for
standard cabinet installation
yy No need for software
installation, can be operated
directly from the computer
yy Built in 90-264V AC power
supply; optional -48V telecom
stage DC power supply;
provides safety protection at
the telecommunication level
yy Automatic power protection
design. When device is not in
use automatically enters in
protected mode
yy Meets DDC/DDC2/DDC2B
standards complies with VESA
The CFP185KMM is an LCD console tray from Vertiv that
integrates the KVM Switch function of multiple ports in 1U.
With space-saving and cost-efficient features, the
CFP185KMM can manage multiple computers through a
single set of console (LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse).
The CFP185KMM is easy to setup. Simply plug in the cables
in their appropriate ports. No software required as the
CFP185KMM8/16 works on any hardware platform and
across all operating systems.
CFP 18.5 LCD Console
Technical Specifications
Keyboard and Mouse
Built-in power supply module
1366 x 768 ; DDC2B
Display Size
18.5 Inch
LCD adjustment
4 x Button
LCD on / off
1 x Button
100 Key (83 Key keyboard +17 Key Independent digital keyboard)
Mouse button
2 x Button
Support Windows Microsoft system, support MAC system, support
LINUX / UNIX/ Netware system
AC power input
90V ~ 264V AC
DC power input
-36 ~ 72V DC
Working Environment
Physical Features
< 20 W
Recommended working /
Storage temperature
0-50°C / -20-60°C
0-80% RH, No condesation
Metal & Plastic
Net weight
Equipment size
(length x width x height)
594.5mm x 481mm x 42.5mm
Ordering Details
CFP185KMM - 101
CFP185KMM8 -101
CFP185KMM16 - 101
CFP185KMM - 102
CFP185KMM8 - 102
CFP185KMM16 - 102
CFP185KMM - 202
CFP185KMM8 - 202
CFP185KMM16 - 202
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