Equipment Specifications
Model SBC-2000
Family of Weigh Feeder Controllers
Microprocessor Controllers
for Acrison Weigh Feeders
Advanced design technologies for superior
performance, quality and reliability.
Model SBC-2000
Family of Weigh Feeder Controllers
General Description
The SBC-2000 Family of Controllers has been specifically
designed with an emphasis on performance, reliability,
compact size and overall ease-of-use. Offered in three
models to more effectively address the wide range of
user requirements, the SBC-2000 Family of Controllers
marks an evolutionary change for Acrison, encompassing the integration of new technologies, features
and functions, and at lower cost than previous generation Controllers.
The SBC-2000 Family of Controllers includes three
distinct models, with all having identical weigh
feeder control capabilities:
1) Model SBC-2000 CM : For control of a
single Acrison weigh feeder. The Model SBC2000 CM consists of a single circuit board that
can be provided in a panel or plate-mounted
card rack, or loose for user mounting. This
model is designed primarily for applications
that utilize a central computer, PLC or DCS
for monitoring and control, and do not require a local operator interface. (An option
is available for a local or remote keyboard
display unit [KDU], if desired.)
Model SBC-2000 CM
Circuit Board
2) Models SBC-2000 DSP and SBC-2000
DSP/C: For applications that require a local
operator interface, the Model SBC-2000 DSP
integrates a Model SBC-2000 CM Controller
with a monochrome LCD graphics display and
a Lexan membrane keypad. The Model SBC2000 DSP/C Controller includes a metallic
console designed with a TFT color graphics
display and piezo electric keypad.
Model SBC-2000 DSP
Model SBC-2000 DSP/C
3) Model SBC -2000 MFC (Acri-Data ®
System): For applications that utilize Multiple Weigh Feeders, but may not have central
computer control, this model consists of one
or more (20 maximum) SBC-2000 CM or DSP
Controllers plus a 15" (up to 6 Controllers) or
17” (up to 20 Controllers) Color Touchscreen
for total remote monitoring and control of
the feeders.
Model SBC-2000 MFC Screen
All SBC-2000 Controller models include multiple serial
communications ports for customer use, as well as
both a built-in 10Base-T Ethernet port and a Profibus
DP port as standard features.
The Controllers support operation with either AC
variable frequency or SCR/DC motor controllers,
using serial or analog interfaces.
The Model SBC- 2000 Controllers may be optionally
packaged in a variety of ways depending on user
preference. Wall -mounted and free - standing enclosures are available, as are plate - mounted and loose
The VME-style card racks typically provided to hold
SBC-2000 CM Controllers (three sizes are available to
accommodate 2, 7 or 18 Controllers and option modules, respectively) can be supplied with rear flanges
for plate mounting (such as when installed in an optional enclosure), with front flanges for mounting
directly into a user’s panel, or on the front of an enclosure, or as a 19” rack mount. When mounted
using front flanges, an aesthetic bezel is provided.
Basic SBC-2000 Controller Design
The three SBC-2000 Controller models share many design
features and include identical weigh feeder control software because of their identical core components. The
core electronics is the computational heart of all of the
Controllers in the SBC- 2000 Family. It provides nonvolatile program memory and non-volatile set point
storage using state-of-the-art, low power, flash memory
technology, eliminating the need for less reliable battery
backup. In addition, the Controller Program can be quickly
updated using a PC or laptop, if required.
The use of today’s advanced technologies enables the SBC2000 Family of Controllers to utilize a single program that is
configurable to control any Acrison Weigh Feeder Model.
The program also includes, as standard, all serial/network
interface protocols and all languages currently available
from Acrison, thereby providing complete compatibility
between the various functions and options.
In order to reduce wiring requirements between the
feeder and controller, and to provide increased expandability, each SBC- 2000 Controller contains a dedicated
internal network. This network is used for communication between the controller and the applicable scale
and motor controller, and permits expanded analog
and/or digital I/O capability.
SBC-2000 Advantages
Many of the most significant design benefits of the various
Model SBC-2000 Controllers are not visible. Some of the
most noteworthy are:
• Minimized hardware design for both high reliability and
economy of space. One 19” card rack can hold up to 18
feeder controllers (modules).
• Minimal connection points from the Controller to the
feeder. Fewer connectors provide better reliability.
• “Hot Swap” design and front-accessible modules permit
easier maintenance SBC-2000 CM Modules can be replaced
without turning the power off.
• Low power CMOS logic and over-specified power supplies
provide cool running electronics for a longer product life.
• Redundant power supply option available for extra high
• Standard Controller has UL, CSA and IEC (CE) certifications.
• Electrically isolated serial and digital I/O are standard.
Standard Operating Features
SBC- 2000 Controllers offer many functions and features
derived from over three decades of experience with
microprocessor-based weigh feeder controllers. While
all functions are fully described in the Operating and
Instruction Manual, the following abbreviated list
highlights some of them.
• Controllers are totally adjustment-free.
• Continuous or batch mode operation in volumetric or
gravimetric mode.
• Internal, external or communications-based set points.
• Ratio-proportioning and master-slave control capability.
• Auto/manual hopper refill operation (Loss-In-Weight
[LIW] feeders).
• Recipe storage and retrieval (in Controller) augments
host recipe storage.
• “Bumpless transfer” between operating modes.
• Auto-Tuning.
• SPC information ( Mean, CV , CpK, o ).
• Proprietary Acri-Lok® (LIW feeders) and Batch-Lok®
scale disturbance protection.
• Automatic compensation for external factors.
• User programmable alarms can also be “latched”.
• Dual, individually clearable product totalizers.
• Delayed run and delayed stop functions for blending
• Maximum motor speed threshold settings and alarm.
• Selectable auto stop of feeder on hopper (or tank) empty
or refill time-out (LIW feeders).
• Auto pacing during refill (LIW feeders).
• Configure using Web browser.
• Language selection: English, German, French, Spanish.
• Alarm Log (SBC-2000 DSP/C and SBC-2000 MFC only).
• Built-In Infrared Port (SBC-2000 DSP/C only).
• Four user-programmable digital outputs. Typical parameters available for LIW feeders are:
Power On
Dev Alarm*
Scale Alarm*
No Scale
Low Level
No Tach
Refill Pulse
Refill Timer 3
High Level
Alarm2 *2
Vol Mode
Batch Done
Batch Delay
Batch Run'g
Ext Mode
Batch Dev.
No Batch
Power On
Batch Mode
Fast Start
Not Dribble
Acri-Lok, +Dev, - Dev, Overfill, Empty, No Tach, Refill Timer or Overload
Any alarm except Acri-Lok and Overfill
3 Ten second activation
* Multiple parameters
• Four user-programmable digital inputs. Parameters are
feeder model-dependent and can be selected from the
Clear Total
Delayed P. Run
260 Belt Mistracked
Remote Run
Alarm Ack
Start Refill
260 Belt Mistracking
Permissive Run
Jog Feeder
Batch Abort
Int/Ext Grav Change
Grav/Vol Change
Hardware Features
• Four electrically isolated, open-collector, user-programmable digital outputs rated 30 VDC, 125 mA maximum.
Additional hardware available to operate higher power
• Four electrically isolated, user-programmable, dry contact
closure inputs.
• One 10Base -T Ethernet port supporting Ethernet/IP
and Modbus TCP applications protocols. Embedded
RJ45 connector.
• Internal Modbus channel operating at 19,200 baud connects the SBC- 2000 Controller, scale and motor controller,
and serves as the analog and digital I /O expansion
• One Profibus -DP Serial Channel capable of 12 MBaud
operation. Embedded DB9 female connector.
• Two electrically isolated, general purpose, RS-422/ 485,
user-configurable channels, typically for host communications. RS-422 to 4,000 feet. Protocols available for use
on these channels include:
Modbus RTU
Modbus 984
Allen Bradley DH/DHP 1
Modbus Plus1
Modbus RTU/32
Fisher EIC *
Siemens 3964R
TDC-3000 APM/SI *
Fisher IDI
Allen Bradley DeviceNet 1
Wireless 802.11x (Wi-Fi) 1
IrCOMM (Infrared) 1
1 Requires
additional hardware
* Certified protocol
Optional Equipment Features
The following options are available for SBC-2000 Controllers:
• Redundant power supplies: Featuring automatic
switchover in case of failure of the primary power supply.
• RS-232 to RS-422 Converter Module (1 channel).
• Acrison Data Concentrator: Provides improved communications performance and allows data highway multidropping
to 32 controllers.
• Network Gateway: Used with Profibus DP and DeviceNet
networks. Allows communication with up to 32 controllers.
Uses one of the controller’s built-in channels.
• Profinet Gateway: A DIN rail mounted, multi-dropconnected device that provides a Profinet-to-Modbus
protocol conversion for communicating from one Profinet
Master to as many as 20 Acrison Controllers. The gateway
is powered by 24 VDC. Configuration software is provided
to allow customers to create custom configurations.
• NetENI Gateway: Provides protocol conversion between
the Allen Bradley Ethernet protocol and the DF-1 protocol
using either RS-232 or RS-422. Presently, the primary use
of this gateway is for implementation with an Acrison
Data Concentrator.
• Bluetooth Gateway: Allows communication with up to
32 controllers using Bluetooth from a handheld device.
Uses one of the controller’s built-in channels.
• System I/O Module: Provides system level and blender
digital inputs and outputs, plus 1 analog input and 1
analog output for the SBC-2000 MFC Controller, as follows:
1. Remote Run System (starts and stops)
2. System Permissive Run (enables Run)
3. Blender Zero Speed Switch (enables Run)
4. Supervisor Key
1. System General Alarm
2. System Running
3. Blender On
ANALOGS (Total Throughput only):
1. IN: 0-5 VDC
2. OUT: 0-2.5 VDC
Optional Equipment Features (cont'd)
SBC-2000 MFC
• Remote KDU: A graphics KDU (keyboard/display unit)
modified to interface up to 20 SBC-2000 Controllers.
• Acri-Data® Supervisory Software: A Microsoft® Windows™ based program that allows a PC or laptop to
communicate with up to 20 SBC- 2000 Family Controllers.
• Analog Expansion Module: A DIN rail-mounted module
having 4 analog outputs and 2 analog inputs; user programmable. For SBC-2000 Family of Controllers (4-20mA
or 0-10VDC input and output).
• Power: Logic/Isolated: Color Touchscreen +24 VDC @
4.5A (nominal), 12A (peak for 10 mS worst case).
• Temperature: (Color Touchscreen):
15” Color Touchscreen Operating 0° to 50° C (32° to 122° F).
Storage: -20° to 60° C (-4° to 140° F)
17” Color Touchscreen Operating 0° to 45° C (32° to 113° F).
Storage: -20° to 60° C (-4° to 140° F).
• Humidity: For 15” and 17” Color Touchscreen 10- 95%
relative, non condensing.
• Weight (varies by enclosure and configuration):
15” Color Touchscreen Assembly: 5.5 kg (12.13 lbs.)
17” Color Touchscreen Assembly: 8 kg. (17.66 lbs.)
• Dimensions: Overall (varies by enclosure and configuration):
15” Color Touchscreen: 383mm (W) x 307mm (H) x 65mm
(D), 15” (W) x 12” (H) x 2.5 (D).
17” Color Touchscreen: 414mm (W) x 347mm (H) x 93mm
(D), 16.25: (W) x 13.66” (H) x 3.66 (D).
SBC-2000 CM
• Power: Logic +5 VDC @ 260 mA and Isolated +5 VDC @
140 mA.
• Temperature: Operating: -10° to 70° C (14° to 158°F).
Storage: - 20° to 100° C ( - 4° to 212°F).
• Humidity: Maximum 95% relative, non-condensing.
• Weight: Card rack with 6 SBC- 2000 CM Controllers and
2 rack-mounted power supplies is approximately 3.1 Kg.
(7 lbs.). Module: 128 gm. (4.5 oz.).
• Dimensions: Module: 100 x 160mm (3.9” x 6.3”). Front
Plate: 128mm x 20mm (5” x 0.78”).
SBC-2000 DSP
• Power: Logic +5 VDC @ 550 mA and Isolated +5VDC @
100 mA.
• Temperature: Operating: 0° to 50° C (32° to 122°F).
Storage: - 20° to 70° C (- 4° to 158°F).
• Humidity: Maximum 95% relative, non-condensing.
Weight: Controller (Less P.S.): 794 gm. (28 oz.).
• Dimensions: Overall: 221 mm (W) x 169mm (H) x 45mm (D)
8.7”(W) x 6.7”(H) x 1.77” (D).
SBC-2000 DSP/C
• Power: Logic +5 VDC @ 990 mA and Isolated +5VDC @
14 mA.
• Temperature: Operating: 5° to 60° C (41° to 140°F).
• Humidity: Maximum 95% relative, non-condensing.
• Gasketing: NEMA 4X, IP 66. Display: TFT, 320 x 240,
5.7” diagonal.
• Construction: Aluminum 6061 T6.
• Weight: Controller (Less P.S.): 993 gm. (2 lb. 3 oz.).
• Dimensions: Overall: 173 mm (W) x 217mm (H) x 40.6mm
(D) 6.81”(W) x 8.54”(H) x 1.6” (D).
SBC-2000 Controllers are certified to meet the following
standards when supplied in suitable enclosures, with approved Power Supplies:
• US Safety: UL 61010-1
• Canada Safety: EN61010-1 Differences
• European Safety: EN61010 -1
• European EMC Directive ( 89 / 336 / EEC ): EN61326,
EN55011, EN61000-4-2, EN61000-4-3, EN61000-4-4,
EN61000-4-5, EN61000-4-6, EN61000-4 -11, EN61000-3-2,
• Ethernet/IP CONFORMANCE TESTED™ is a certification
mark of ODVA.
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