1. If you are the Tooter, don`t point your nose toward

1. If you are the Tooter, don`t point your nose toward
2. 3. If you are the Tooter, don’t point your nose toward yourself.
Instead, point your nose toward another player
to try to trick people into thinking that you are not the Tooter.
Try to watch people’s faces; it might help you guess who tooted!
The Tooter can continue to make the game base toot by
repeatedly pressing the button on the whoopee cushion controller.
But be careful -- this increases your risk of getting caught!
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Who Tooted instr_V3.indd 1-2
# 70970
# 70970
24/04/15 16:54
• 1 Game Board
• 4 Character Playing Pieces
• 4 Playing Piece Stands
• 4 Noses
• 4 Game Board Stabilizers
• 1 Molded Figurine
• 1 Game Base with 4 Whoopee Cushion Controllers
Object of the Game
Be the first player to reach the finish space.
Players advance by correctly guessing who tooted
and by successfully hiding when they toot.
Set Up
To install batteries, unscrew and open the battery compartment located on the bottom of the game base. Insert 2
AAA alkaline batteries, aligning the + and – symbols with the markings on the plastic. Replace the battery compartment
Attach the game board to the game base by lining up the two small ridges
on the game base with the grooves on the game board (see figure 1).
Make sure all wires are underneath the game board.
Attach the 4 game board stabilizers to the game board (see figure 2)
and push the whoopee cushion controller wires into the grooves on
the game board stabilizers until they are secure (see figure 3).
Sit the game base on a flat surface and attach the molded figurine
by sliding the holes on the figurine onto the pegs on the game base.
Slide the playing pieces into the playing piece stands.
Move the ON/OFF switch to the ON position. The green lights on all four whoopee cushion
controllers should begin to blink. Each player must push the button on their controller to
activate it. When a controller has been activated the light will stop blinking and remain lit. When playing
with three players, only activate three controllers. At least three controllers must be activated to play the game. Who Tooted instr_V3.indd 3-4
Starting the Game
Each player chooses one whoopee cushion controller and the nose and playing piece stand
that match the color of their whoopee cushion controller.
Players place their playing pieces on the “FAART!” space on the game board. Players then
conceal their whoopee cushion controllers so other players are unable to see them (see figure 4).
To begin the game, the youngest player presses the start button on the base unit (see
figure 5). After 5 seconds, one player’s whoopee cushion controller will
randomly light up. That player will be the “Tooter” for this round.
The Tooter secretly presses the button on his/her whoopee
cushion controller without allowing other players to see. This will
cause the game base to make a tooting sound. Once the base
unit has made a tooting sound, all players must guess which player
they think caused the tooting sound.
Players indicate which player they think is the Tooter by placing
their noses on the table and pointing them in the direction of
the player they suspect (see figure 6). The player who made the base unit toot points his/
her nose toward another player as well in an effort to mislead the other players. After all
players have pointed their noses, all players show their whoopee cushion controllers to
reveal who really tooted.
The Tooter moves forward the number of spaces that corresponds to the number of players he/she fooled.
For example, if the Tooter fools two other players, the Tooter moves forward two spaces on the game board.
Each player who correctly guesses who the Tooter is moves forward one space on the game board.
To begin a new round, all players conceal their whoopee cushion controllers again. The youngest player presses the
start button on the game base and another whoopee cushion controller will randomly light up.
Players continue to play in this manner until one player reaches the finish space.
Winning the game
The first player to reach the finish space is the winner.
24/04/15 16:54
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