Dynatel™ 2250 Advanced Cable Locator

Dynatel™ 2250 Advanced Cable Locator
2250 Advanced Cable Locator
tracing over longer distances). The mode is selected depending on
which is most effective under the locating conditions.
The receiver includes four volume settings, including a special
“expander” function that makes peaks and nulls more pronounced.
The expander feature enhances the amplitude difference between
two conductors carrying the same signal, making the unit extremely
accurate, even in congested areas. A headphone jack is also
A simple, easy-to-use system
The Dynatel 2250 Advanced Cable Locator is easy to operate and
requires very little training. Digital liquid crystal display (LCD) readout
and push-button operation make the unit easy to understand, for
more precise locates.
A “memory” feature remembers operator set-up from previous use.
The system consists of two basic components:
• Transmitter with built-in ohmmeter, which also senses and
Pinpoint exact cable path and depth quickly and easily
measures the presence of foreign voltage, and tests the continuity
with this lightweight, easy-to-handle unit
of the circuit.
The 3M™ Dynatel™ 2250 Advanced Cable Locator is a microprocessor-based system that incorporates advanced digital signal
• One-piece hand-held receiver with bar graph that
received signal and proximity to the cable.
processing techniques to quickly and efficiently trace the path of
The 2250 cable locator uses four active trace frequencies — 577 Hz,
underground cables, both copper and fiber optic (with metallic
8 kHz, 33 kHz and 200 kHz — which can be used individually or
trace wire). Lightweight, compact and well-balanced, the locator
simultaneously to compensate for varying field conditions. The
receiver incorporates passive power and auxiliary frequencies that
• Locates cable path
do not require the use of the transmitter.
• Measures cable or sonde depth with the push of a button
Both the receiver and the transmitter feature a self-test routine which
• Measures signal current in the cable
is executed each time the unit is turned on.
• Identifies cable and cable pairs
A power-up battery test indicates battery level.
• Identifies cable pairs through wet sections
Both components are constructed of heavy-duty materials designed
• Locates energized power cable with direct readout of cable depth
to withstand typical field use.
The 2250 cable locator provides accurate cable or sonde depth
measurements, giving a digital readout in inches, feet
Standard Dynatel accessories
and inches, or centimeters (user-selectable).
• 9012 Direct-Connect Transmitter Cable; for direct connection to
Additionally, when used in conjunction with the 3M Dynatel 2205/2206
cable and ground; 5’ (1.5 m) long
EMS Marker Locating Accessory, the locator can:
• 8006 Ground Rod; stainless steel
• Pinpoint the exact location of buried EMS markers
• 40 ft. (12 m) Long Cigarette Lighter Adapter Cable (Option “A”
• Trace a cable path while simultaneously finding buried markers
along the way
Four modes of operation for accurate locates, even in
congested areas
For cable path locating, the Dynatel 2250 receiver uses one of four
user-selected locating modes – dual peak, dual null, differential
or special peak (which increases the sensitivity of the receiver for
Optional Dynatel accessories
• 3019 Dyna-Coupler Kit; consists of 3’’ Dyna-Coupler for use on cables
up to 3» (7.6 cm), Coupler Extension Cable, and Pouch
• 9011 Coupler Extension Cable
• 2200 Series Carrying Bag
• 3005 1’’ Dyna-Coupler; for use on cables up to 1» (2.5 cm) in diameter
• 2205/2206 EMS Marker Locating Accessory
• 1196 6’’ Dyna-Coupler; for use on cables up to 6.9» (17.5 cm) in
• 2892 Small Clip Direct-Connect Transmitter Cable, for direct connection
diameter; with pouch
• 9043 Ground Extension Cable
to cable and ground; 10’ (3m) long
• 3229 Active Duct Probe, 33 kHz
• 9023 Probe Cable
• 3011 Inductive Probe; for pair identification
• Four operator-selectable frequencies
• Optimizes unit performance in varying conditions
• Simultaneous signals
• Enables receiver to verify cable location
• Built-in ohmmeter with voltage sensing/measuring capability
• Displays earth fault resistance; confirms far-end grounds and
• Three signal application methods (direct connect, coupler,
• Flexibility under varying plant conditions
shield continuity
• Auto load matching
• Automatic adjustment of output voltage to maximize signal
• High and normal output level
• High output level for extreme distance locates and other
varying cable conditions
• Displays output signal current in trace mode
• Assists in proper frequency selection and setup
• Audible indication of hazardous voltage in ohms mode
• Warns operator of potentially dangerous situation
• Can connect to energized power cables up to 240 Vac
• Prevents inadvertent damage to unit; operates while attached
• External DC operation (option ‘A’ only)
• 5 watt output capability; saves batteries
to live circuits
• Peak and null modes
• Verify cable location
• Differential mode
• Indicates direction to cable
• Push-button digital depth readout (of cable or sonde) in inches,
• Easy, quick and accurate depth measurements; no conversion
feet and inches, or centimeters
table required for sonde depth measurements
• Measures signal current in cable
• Helps identify target cable regardless of depth
• Visual and audible cable locates
• Ensure accuracy under varying field conditions
• Coupler jack
• Pair/cable identification
• Graphic display
• Operator can distinguish between target cable and other cables
in congested areas
• Expander function
• Improves sensitivity of audible and visual response
• Three passive 50/60 Hz frequency settings
• Optimized for primary, secondary, or rectified power
• 31.5 kHz Auxiliary frequency
• For locating CATV cables1
• 512 Hz, 560 Hz Auxiliary frequencies (some models)
• Detects frequencies from central office installed transmitters
• Compatible with 2205/2206 marker locating accessory
• Allows unit to pinpoint location of buried EMS markers
Physical Specifications:
6.75’’ H x 11.25’’ W x 7.75’’ D (17.2 cm x 28.6 cm x 19.7 cm)
25.5’’ H x 3.75’’ W x 10.75’’ D (64.8 cm x 9.5 cm x 27.3 cm)
5.2 lbs. (2.4 kg)
4.1 lbs. (1.8 kg)
14.3 lbs. (6.5 kg)
Environmental Specifications:
Operating temperature
-4° to 122°F (-20° to 50°C)
Storage temperature
-4° to 158°F (-40° to 70°C)
Note1: American NTSC, television set on
Electrical Specifications:
Trace and modes
Active: 577 Hz, 8 kHz, 33 kHz, 200 kHz
Passive Power: 50/60 Hz, user-selectable: L50/L60-5th harmonic,
H50/H60-9th harmonic, 100/120-rectified power
Auxiliary: ‘T’ model: 31.5 kHz, 512 Hz, 560 Hz
‘P’ model: 31.5 kHz
Range: 0 to 15’ (0 to 4.5 m)
Accuracy: ±10% ± 1 digit for 0 to 60” (0 to 1.5 m)
±15% for 60 to 180” (1.5 to 4.5 m)
Typical battery life
50 hours
Output frequencies
Trace mode
Tone mode
Induction mode
577 Hz, 8 kHz, 33 kHz, 200 kHz
577 Hz and 200 kHz pulsed at 8 Hz
33 kHz, 200 kHz
Output voltage (maximum)
70 Vrms
Output power
Normal setting: Limited to 0.5 W
High setting: Limited to 3 W or 5W with External DC power
(Option ‘A’ only)
Output protection
240 Vrms
Batteries: Six alkaline “C” (LR14) cells; External DC: 9-18 V DC (1A)
(Option ‘A’ only)
Typical battery life
Normal output level: 50 hours
High output level: 10 hours
Ordering information
Cable/Pipe Locator OUS Receiver only, with EMS-ID Features
Cable/Pipe Locator OUS Communications 5 watt with EMS-ID Capabilities
Cable/Pipe Locator OUS Utility 5 watt with EMS-ID Capabilities
Cable/Pipe Locator OUS Receiver only
Cable/Pipe Locator OUS Communications 5 watt
Cable/Pipe Locator OUS Utility 5 watt
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