Teufel announces high end “Reference” speaker cable range

Teufel announces high end “Reference” speaker cable range
Teufel announces high end “Reference” speaker cable range
Experience the pinnacle of pristine sound with Teufel’s Reference line
Berlin, Germany XX December 2009: Teufel, Europe’s leading direct seller of loudspeaker
systems, today announces the launch of its Reference line of speaker cables.
Elegant in every respect, the range is designed to provide audibly-superior sound quality and
breathe new life into your speakers. Teufel’s lengthy experience in creating high-quality
speaker systems enables it to construct a cabling product that reflects its ultra-high
manufacturing standards and technological abilities.
The Reference series uses only the very best materials and delicate processes to achieve a
truly unique product. Teufel uses only the purest copper, processed in a special, lengthy
process. This ensures the minimum of lossy compression, significantly reduced resistance
and a highly dynamic, accurate signal with no hardness or aggression.
Whether you prefer using banana plugs, a tip or a shoe, Teufel’s loudspeaker cable provides
the ideal connection for you. Supplied with three interchangeable adaptors, each made from
non-oxidised 24k gold, you can be sure of uncompromising quality and compatibility.
Cables are shielded and dampened to prevent vibration – of particular benefit when playing
deep bass sounds. Various layers of PE Dielectric and CU braid isolation material, coated in
protective nylon, dampen the magnetic inputs and protect from external interference from
other electric equipment, resulting in exact, dynamic playback.
The line includes:
Reference Loudspeaker Cable – available in 2.5m, 5m and 10m lengths, this high-end cable
features 24k gold connectors and a choice of connection methods.
Reference Stereo RCA Cable – For a perfect analogue connection, these cables are the
ultimate choice. Available in either 1.5m or 3m lengths, these offer stereo RCA connections in
a single, highly shielded cable.
Reference Subwoofer Mono RCA Cable – Subwoofers naturally require a perfect cable
connection from an AV receiver, and you can’t get more perfect than this. Available in 2.5m,
5m and 10m lengths the cable is shielded against any form of low-frequency interference.
Reference digital coaxial cable – An RCA cable designed entirely for digital coaxial use,
with 75 Ohm cable to ensure perfect digital transmission. Available in 3m length.
Reference digital optical cable – A high-quality TOS link cable with robust construction for
clear transmission of digital optical audio signal. Available in 3m length.
Reference Subwoofer Y-Adapter – Many receivers only offer a single subwoofer output,
while some Teufel systems feature two bass units. This splitter ensures a correctly distributed
signal and optimum sound quality.
The Teufel Reference range is available now – prices range from £53 to £358*. For further
information please visit www.teufel.eu/Accessories/reference-cable/
*All prices quoted were correct at the time of press, however please note that they may be some
variance due to the exchange rate of the euro.
-endsAbout Teufel
Teufel is Europe’s leading direct seller of loudspeaker systems. The company was founded in Berlin in 1979 and
quickly became a high-flyer amongst German specialist loudspeaker manufacturers. Over the years, Teufel has
developed and manufactured a large number of high-quality audio products.
In addition to home cinema loudspeakers, Teufel’s portfolio also includes multimedia and PC systems as well as
various products for iPods under the iTeufel name. In 1996, Teufel was the first German company to launch
loudspeakers with a THX licence – an extremely exacting standard for the playback quality of home cinema systems.
Today, Teufel offers the largest range of THX loudspeakers in the world. Teufel products are available exclusively via
direct sales – guaranteeing you high quality at a fair price.
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Tel: 0203 008 5529
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