Accessories for the Audi TT Coupé

Accessories for the Audi TT Coupé
Accessories for the Audi TT Coupé
Genuine Accessories
Audi Genuine Accessories
Audi Genuine Accessories.
As individual as you are.
The Audi TT Coupé is not simply a means of transportation. It is also an expression of your own individual personality.
Unique: A characteristic also made possible through the use of Audi Genuine Accessories. Products designed to enable
you to realise your own idea of an Audi. You benefit from made-to-measure solutions that impress on account of their
design and functionality. After all, creativity during the development phase and high production standards alongside
the high number of testing procedures are all just as important to Audi Genuine Accessories as they are for each and
every Audi vehicle. Discover what tailor-made solutions Audi Genuine Accessories has in store for you.
When it comes to design and
quality, we are reinventing
the wheel. Time and time again.
Where progressive design meets premium quality, it takes more than a good eye. Above all else, the right touch is
required, for the right materials, for the absolute accuracy of fit and for the value of each individual component.
That is why we are constantly improving our production processes, are always on the look-out for the best
materials and regularly question our test criteria. Audi Genuine Accessory wheels are also testament to this
ambition: These products undergo extensive testing to ensure a high level of quality. For example, wheels that
are pre-damaged through simulated stone chips are sprayed with a highly corrosive acetic acid and saline solution
over the course of several days. The wheels must then meet the stringent requirements of subsequent tests.
To ensure this is the case, a complex casting process is used to deliver high component strength. In addition, the
sophisticated multi-layer paint offers further protection against wear and ensures a high-gloss finish. A host
of good reasons to opt for wheels from Audi Genuine Accessories – and show you have the right touch. Find out
more about our current range of wheels from page 10 onwards.
Round off an Audi in true style. With cast
aluminium wheels that are perfected prior
to their production, by designers who give
you their best. Designed and developed
using high-tech tools, each cast aluminium
wheel is a masterpiece.
Make the most of the infotainment and
communication product range for your
Audi TT Coupé.
Audi TT.
More space. More possibilities. Discover the transport
solutions Audi Genuine Accessories has in store for your
Your Audi TT: an icon among sports cars.
Audi TT Coupé.
Dicover what makes it so fascinating.
Sport and design.
Comfort and
Progressive yet timeless – find out everything you need to know
about wheels for your Audi TT.
Always in good hands – these products provide you
with even higher levels of comfort and protection in
your Audi TT Coupé.
Audi TT
A silhouette that stands proud. Unparalleled, for many years past and today.
The new Audi TT Coupé, another milestone in a great success story.
In every aspect of its appearance, like a body defined down to the last detail,
flat wide and long. No contour is superfluous. Precise to the core with a clear
objective: to delight with powerful aesthetics. The new Audi TT – one of the
most progressive sports cars of our time.
Audi Genuine Accessories evolves this vision even further. Whether in stylish
design elements, through intelligent transport solutions or using ideas that
increase your level of comfort and protection. With the Audi TT Coupé, you do
not need to make any compromises – even when it comes to the accessories.
Sport and design
than just style.
An iconic sports car has to be designed from the ground up – starting with the cast aluminium wheels. In order
to meet the exacting quality requirements set by Audi, these wheels must successfully undergo numerous
testing procedures. Exhaustive casting processes are also used to deliver high component strength, while the
sophisticated multi-layer paintwork gives the vehicle its sharp look and provides effective protection against
scratches. Athletic characteristics, through and through – and consummate style.
Sport and design
01 Cast aluminium wheels in
5-arm rima design, Black, matt,
high-gloss turned finish*
Exceptional design that works in harmony with your Audi TT.
In dimensions 9 J x 20. For tyre size 255/30 ZR 20.
* Please observe the information relating to wheel and tyre sizes found on page 27.
Sport and design
03 Audi Genuine tyres (not pictured)
Specifically developed with the leading tyre manufactures for each
corresponding Audi model using the very latest materials. Tested in approx. 50
testing procedures. The standards applied during testing are considerably more
stringent than the statutory regulations. When additionally purchasing summer
tyres or when fitting winter tyres, Audi Genuine tyres are able to ensure the usual
Audi quality.
01 Cast aluminium winter wheel in
5-arm falx design, Brilliant Silver*
Striking winter wheel in dimensions 7 J x 17 for tyre size
225/50 R 17. More winter wheel designs and sizes are
02 Valve caps
The four metal valve caps with embossed Audi logo provide
enhanced protection for the valve against dust, dirt and
moisture. Available for rubber, metal and aluminium valves.
04 Snow chains
For increased hold on snow and ice. Available in a range of sizes. Refer to the
owner's manual for wheel and tyre requirements.
05 Wheel bag
A four-part set with convenient handles for easy and clean transport and storage
of complete wheels. Made from tear-resistant plastic. Wheel bolts can be stored
in the outside pockets.
06 Foot rest and pedal caps in stainless steel
(not pictured)
* Please observe the information relating to wheel and tyre sizes found on page 27.
Dazzling and practical at the same time: The foot rest and pedal caps are made
from brushed stainless steel. The rubber coating on the surfaces ensures
enhanced grip.
Take freedom
with you.
Benefit from the sportiness of the Audi TT Coupé – even after you leave the vehicle. Thanks to transport
solutions from Audi Genuine Accessories. These include the new ski and luggage box featuring the distinctive
Audi design and the high-quality bicycle fork mount. Intuitive handling, versatile capabilities and featuring
a made-to-measure design – as you would expect from Vorsprung durch Technik.
01 Carrier unit – roof racks
Carrier unit for various roof rack modules, such as the bicycle fork mount, kayak
rack or the ski and luggage box. The profile is made from anodised aluminium.
The carrier unit is easy to fit and is lockable. Maximum permissible gross weight
of the carrier unit, roof rack modules and load: 75kg.
02 Ski and luggage boxes*
A new design from Audi featuring improved aerodynamics thanks to a flatter,
sportier visual concept. Platinum Grey roof box with Brilliant Black side blades
and chrome-finished Audi rings for a high-quality, rivet-free look. The boxes
are lockable and can be opened from both sides for comfortable loading and
unloading. Featuring a simple quick-action securing system incl. torque
limitation. Positioned towards the front of the vehicle, providing optimum
access to the luggage compartment. Available in three sizes: 300L (right-hand
image), 360L (page 16) and 405L (page 16). Maximum permissible load: 75kg.
Further important information that will help you to choose the right roof box
can be found on page 27.
* Detailed technical specifications can be found in the table on page 27.
01 Ski and luggage box (360L)*
03 Ski and snowboard rack
For easy transportation of up to six pairs of skis
or four snowboards. Lockable. Can only be used in
conjunction with the carrier unit.
04 Bags for roof boxes
Robust yet flexible. These bags are equipped with
a watertight floor featuring a watertight border
extending 5 cm upwards. Ideal for making full use
of the Audi roof boxes, as it is possible to use the
individual bags in various combinations. Available
in three sizes: S (43L), M (76L) and L (82L).
02 Ski and luggage box (405L)*
* Detailed technical specifications can be found in the table on page 27.
02 Bicycle fork mount
01 Kayak rack
Easy to use and lockable. Suitable for bicycles featuring a quick-release
fastener on the front wheel. Maximum load: 17kg. Can only be used in
conjunction with the carrier unit.
For single kayaks weighing up to 45kg. Can be tilted
for easy loading and unloading. The kayak rack and
elasticated belt can be secured separately. Can only
be used in conjunction with the carrier unit.
03 Front wheel holder
Made from anodised matt aluminium, mounted with anti-theft screws,
completely pre-assembled. Not suitable for bicycles with a half axle.
04 Roof carrier bag
For storage or transport of carrier units and smaller roof rack modules. Made
from durable material, with multiple loops and a side pocket for suitable tools
or small parts. Available in two sizes.
The sound of the Audi TT Coupé enchants. But other sounds can also be played. Audi Genuine Accessories
combines the driving experience with the sound experience via the USB adapter for the Audi music interface. All
at the touch of a button. You can also access your music library, meaning it is not only the driving that provides
outstanding entertainment.
01 USB adapter
Available in a range of versions, the USB adapter enables music and data to be transferred
from various mobile telephones and other media players to the Audi music interface.
The adapter can be operated via the infotainment system. Most devices can be
charged via the USB adapter. The durable spiral cable with folding USB connector
makes the adapter flexible and easy to use and ensures that less space is taken up than
conventional cables. The special design also prevents the adapter from getting easily
caught and provides great freedom of movement. For more detailed information,
speak to your Audi dealer.
02 Audi USB memory key (not pictured)
The exclusive storage device that emulates the look of a genuine Audi vehicle key.
Memory capacity: 8 GB. The special 90° position for laptops makes the device
particularly convenient to use. Suitable for all vehicles equipped with a USB connection
or the Audi music interface. Can also be used as a USB stick outside the vehicle.
Comfort and protection
An Audi TT Coupé cannot be shielded from astonished looks. However, it can be protected against many
signs of wear by using the care products from Audi Genuine Accessories for example. If more storage space
is required, our superbly tailored accessories allow you to retain your flexibility. A sports car can also be
practical. And you will be amazed at just how practical.
and protection
01 Business bag
More space for your business tools. The high-quality business bag
offers you a storage volume of approx. 14L – enough space for
a laptop of up to 15 inches as well as the various other things you
need for the office. Can be securely fastened to the rear seat
bench or the front passenger seat using the three-point seat belt.
It can also be used outside the vehicle as an attractive briefcase.
Ask your Audi dealer for information about other functional interior
Comfort and protection
06 LED gooseneck reading lamp
01 Luggage compartment shell
Made-to-measure luggage compartment protection. Robust
and washable. The all-round edging prevents liquids from
leaking onto the luggage compartment floor.
An extremely bright light wherever you need it, thanks to the flexible
silicone rubber neck. Ultimate stability in all positions. Connection via
the cigarette lighter.
07 Care products
02 Universal luggage compartment
divider (not pictured)
Tailored to the high-quality materials used to construct your Audi.
Suitable for numerous applications, either in the vehicle interior or
for outer care, depending on the product.
Enables the luggage compartment to be used in a flexible
manner. Can be bent into the required shape and secured to
the vehicle floor using the Velcro fastener. Once removed, the
partition system returns to its original shape. Exclusively for
luggage compartment covers made from needle felt.
03 Luggage compartment box
08 Mud flaps (not pictured)
Made from high-quality plastic. Prevent damage to paintwork and
stop dirt building up in the area around the sills and rear apron of the
vehicle. Available as a two-part set for the front and/or rear of the
09 Rubber floor mats
Made from black polyester and offering a storage capacity of
up to 32L. Easily assembled using Velcro tabs, providing a
functional and practical solution. When laid flat, the box also
acts as an additional protective underlay for the luggage
compartment. Washable and easy to clean.
Made-to-measure. Enhanced protection against heavy soiling.
Secured to the vehicle using the fixing points on the floor. Featuring
the TT logo.
04 Child seat underlay (not pictured)
Tailored to the design of the child seats as well as the interior
of the vehicle. Car seats are protected against dirt and
potential imprints made by the child seats. Includes two
practical storage pockets. Fully compatible with most child
seats, even where the ISOFIX base is used.
10 Premium textile floor mats
Made from durable, tightly woven velour. Tailored to the dimensions
of the Audi TT floor. Secured to the vehicle by the special coating on
the underside and the fastening points on the vehicle floor.
Featuring the “TT” logo.
05 Vehicle cover
Ideal fit, in Anthracite, bearing the Audi logo. Made from a
breathable and antistatic material. The piping accentuates
the shape of the vehicle. Excellent protection from dust and
dirt. Only for indoor use.
Technical information
Looking to find out more about the Audi TT Coupé?
With pleasure.
Technical information
Experience the world of the Audi TT Coupé at Enjoy your journey of discovery.
Ski and luggage boxes
External dimensions in mm (L x W x H)
1,902 x 630 x 376
1,756 x 826 x 376
2,050 x 800 x 380
Max. number of skis
Max. number of snowboards
3– 4
Max. length of skis in cm
Wheel / Tyre information
Cast aluminum 5 arm rima design wheels are designed for tyre size: 255/30 ZR20 92Y XL.
Cast aluminum 5 arm falx winter wheels are designed for tyre size: 225/50 R17 94H.
Audi specific tyres are available through your Audi dealer.
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The models, accessories and equipment versions shown in this brochure may be overseas models.
Some of the cars illustrated are equipped with optional equipment for which an extra charge is made. Deviations from the colours, shapes and
materials shown may occur. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that details concerning the delivery specifications, appearance,
dimension and weights of the accessories are correct (as at the time of publication), to the extent permitted by law, Audi Australia accepts no
liability for any reliance placed by any person on the contents of this publication. The right to introduce modifications is reserved.
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