The Best-Sounding FM Processor Gets a Technology Upgrade

The Best-Sounding FM Processor Gets a Technology Upgrade
The Best-Sounding FM Processor
Gets a Technology Upgrade
Ever since its 2010 introduction, Optimod-FM 8600’s MX limiter technology has impressed
with its cleanliness, transient punch, and crisp, open highs. Now, Orban has added hot
new features including a ratings encoder loopthrough that allows you to drive your ratings
encoder with the highest possible audio levels, a 10 MHz pilot sync reference input, and an
AES3-based digital composite output that is fully compatible with the new standard being
rapidly accepted by transmitter manufacturers. We’ve added two extra SCA inputs that can
be mixed into the analog and digital composite outputs. And our stereo encoder can be
operated in an experimental single sideband mode for broadcasters who want to explore
this technology’s potential benefits.
None of this would be important if it weren’t for the sound. This is where the 8600 truly
shines, attracting audiences with a sound that’s big, crisp, punchy, and consistently
musical. In the 8600, great new tech joins the ultimate sound to produce the perfect
processing package.
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5-band and
Create Your Sonic Signature
• Dramatically improved peak limiter technology decreases distortion while increasing transient
punch and high frequency power handling capacity
• Stereo enhancement, equalization, AGC, multiband compression, low-IM peak limiting, stereo
encoding, and composite limiting
• More than 20 great sounding, format specific factory presets get you started
• Presets can be customized with easy one-knob control or with more than 60 advanced controls
• Ethernet connectivity, PC remote control, programmable contact-closure (GPI) control plus ACSII
terminal control via RS232 serial and Ethernet ports
The Orban OPTIMOD-FM 8600FM processor offers versatile
5-band and 2-band processing for analog FM transmission,
letting you create a sonic signature for your station that will
uniquely brand your sound. For more versatility, the 8600HD
offers FM and digital media processing.
8600HD List $13,990.00
8600FM List $10,990.00
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New FM and FM/HD Processors From Orban
The new Orban Optimod-FM 8600S offers Orban’s flagship 8600 MX audio
processing technology in a compact, 1 RU package. Available in two models, the
8600S-FM (processing for analog FM transmitters) and the 8600S-HD (processing for
both analog FM and digital distribution channels), the 8600S uses a 2x40-line LCD
display for basic setup functions and includes PC Remote software and an Ethernet
connection for creating custom presets. Via an optional upgrade kit, an 8600S-FM
can always be upgraded to an 8600S-HD without removing the unit from the rack.
• Built-in stereo encoder
• Superb high frequency energy, impressive transient impact and low distortion
• Cool-running switching power supply saves energy
Analog FM
8600S-HD Analog and HD
List $9,990.00
List $12,990.00
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Feature-Packed FM Audio Processor
Orban’s Optimod-FM 5500 features 5-band and 2-band processing as well as a high
performance stereo generator. Its 19 kHz pilot tone frequency can be locked to GPS
(or another high-accuracy frequency standard) to improve performance of singlefrequency networks in areas where coverage of the transmitters overlaps. And of
course, it gives you that big, punchy Optimod sound at a great price.
• Dual-core DSP chip technology
• Cool running switching power supply
• Analog and AES3 digital I/O
• Extensive remote control provisions
• Ethernet and RS-232 serial connectivity
List $3,990.00
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Smooth FM/HD Processors
The top-of-the-line Orban 8500 FM/HD processor is the ideal choice for FM stations
simultaneously transmitting analog and HD signals.
• Independent processing for analog FM and digital radio
• No need to compromise loudness of your analog channel to broadcast HD
• State-of-the-art FM high-frequency limiting and clipping systems
• Look ahead limiter controls digital radio output
Orban also offers the 8500 in an analog-only version (8500FM).
See the video at
Analog and HD List $9,590.00
8500FM Analog only List $8,590.00
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The Best Processors
High-Quality AM Processor
Orban's all-digital 9300 Optimod-AM audio processor offers the highest possible audio
quality in monophonic AM, shortwave, medium wave and long wave broadcasts.
• Louder, cleaner, brighter, FM-like audio
• 5-band limiter with distortion-canceling clippers
• Multiband limiting and clipping
9300OPTIMOD List $4,950.00
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AM Processor for HD Radio
The Optimod-AM Model 9400 offers both AM analog and HD processors that can
be set up independently (the only common processing elements are the AGC and
stereo enhancement). It offers analog and AES3 audio inputs and includes two sets
of analog stereo outputs and two AES3 digital outputs to accommodate as many
as four transmitters. Outputs can be switched independently to emit the analogchannel signal, the digital-channel signal, or a low-delay monitor signal suitable for
talent headphones.
List $7,990.00 Contact BSW For Lowest Prices
Multipurpose DAB Processor
The Orban Optimod 6300 boasts a 20 kHz audio bandwidth and 48 kHz internal
sample rate along with a stereo enhancer, AGC, 3-band EQ, phase-linear multiband
compressor/limiter with either two or five bands, two independent stereo lookahead peak limiters and versatile signal routing to give you high quality, flexible
performance in a variety of applications.
• Comprehensive peak limiting
• Plug and play processing at low bit rates
• PreCode technology minimizes audible artifacts in low bitrate codecs
• Automatically synchronize presets at the studio and transmitter
• CBS Loudness Controller ensures CALM Act compliance
Stereo Processing PCI and PCIe Sound Cards
PCI card
PCIe card
1101CBXLR XLR breakout cable
List $5,490.00
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The Optimod-PC 1101 is an economical, space-saving alternative to conventional
stand-alone boxes.
• Selectable multi-band compressors and shelving EQ
• Look-ahead limiting technology and dual-band window-gated AGC
• Over 20 adjustable factory presets and unlimited user presets
• Analog balanced stereo input via DB-25 connector or optional breakout cable
• 2 digital inputs (balanced stereo AES/EBU or S/PDIF
• Analog stereo output, 2-channel AES/EBU or S/PDIF digital output
List $1,790.00
List $1,790.00
List $110.00
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Powerful Surround Sound TV Audio Processor
The Orban Optimod 8685 lets you control up to eight channels simultaneously and
features OPTIMOD-quality two-band and five-band audio processing for surround
sound broadcasting and netcasting. It offers surround processing for either 7.1
channels or 5.1 channels plus an independent 2.0 channel processor that can
operate stand-alone with its own CBS Loudness Controller.
• Advanced CBS loudness controllers and precise control of peak levels
• Pre-emphasis limiting for standard pre-emphasis curves of 50 µs and 75 µs
• 3G HD-SDI I/O, 1 video sync reference input, 4 AES-3id inputs and 3 AESid outputs
• 2 processing structures: 5-band for spectral consistency, 2-band for transparency
• 8 programmable, optically isolated GPI ports
List $19,950.00
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Opticodec-PC 1010PE software uses the MPEG-4 AAC/aacPlus codec to produce
streaming audio playable under RealPlayer, WinAmp, and more. It can encode
multiple streams from 8 to 320 kbps. This product is for customers who wish to add
AAC/aacPlus premium encoding technology to their existing Optimod-PC 1100
(required, sold separately). The Opticodec-PC 1020 is an efficient, natural sounding
file encoder that delivers extremely high audio quality. The Opticodec-PC 1211
bundle contains the Opticodec-PC 1010 PE encoding software and an Optimod-PC
1101 PCI card.
Streaming software - multiple streams
Streaming file encoder software
1010PE software and PC1101 card bundled
1010PE software & PC1101 PCIe card
List $2,345.00
List $2,345.00
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We are constantly negotiating with our vendors,
buying in bulk and putting together special
packages to bring you the best price every day.
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Are at BSW
Acclaimed Processor Now in Two Versions
The Omnia.11 on-air audio processor delivers pure, clear sound at
competitive volume levels with no distortion or artifacts. Available in
FM/HD and FM-only versions.
No distortion!
No artifacts!
• Newly developed intelligent wideband AGC
• Dual-topology multiband AGC/Compressor/Limiters
• Density Detector for properly handled hypercompressed content
• Ultra- LoIMD multiband limiter system with smart gain-reduction
• Bass-Management system for enormous punch with no nasty
side effects
• Ultra LoIMD distortion controlled clipper system
• Integrated laboratory-grade stereo generator with dual composite
MPX outputs
• Analog, AES/EBU digital (with external sync input) and Livewire I/O
• Full remote control with built-in webpage interface via Ethernet port
or on-board Wi-FI
FM/HD processor
OMNIA11-NONHD FM-only processor
List $14,995.00​
List $11,995.00​ Contact BSW For Lowest Prices
See the video at
"Very Powerful Processor"
Great Price, Great Performance
If you’re looking for the best sound for your AM signal, or HD multicast
The OMNIA ONE FM audio processor offers powerful hardware, firmware and
broadcast, check out the OMNIA ONE AM for amazing AM sound or the
processing algorithms to handle the demands of both traditional and digital
broadcasting, giving you clear, crisp, strong, distortion-free sound in a compact unit. OMNIA ONE MULTI for multicasting, specializing in getting the most
out of low bit-rates.
• Integrated digital stereo generator
• Advanced peak control, wideband gain rider, 4-band AGC and 4-band limiter
On-air FM processor
List $3,495.00
• Fully distortion-controlled final limiter/clipper
On-air AM processor
List $3,495.00
On-air multicast processor List $3,495.00
• Two composite MPX outputs, SCA input, 19 kHz output
Digital studio processor List $3,495.00 Contact BSW
• Ethernet, RS-232 Modem and GPIO remote control ports
Stereo generator
List $3,495.00 For Lowest Prices
Powerful FM Processing
with HD and RDS Options
Besides superb
processing, you get
RDS and streaming
encoding options!
The Omnia.9 FM on-air processor delivers
superb audio punch, power and clarity in a
3-RU rack unit! The 3HD version processes
and encodes FM, HD-1, HD-2 and HD-3,
all independently controlled. HD and RDS
options are available
• Simultaneous separate processing cores for FM and
(Optional) HD1, HD2 and HD3
• Psychoacoustic Composite Embedder allows up to
140% audio peaks in stereo at 100% total modulation
• 3-stage wideband AGC with adjustable sidechain EQ
See the video at
• Multiband look-ahead limiting
• Fully automatic program-dependent declipper and
multiband expander for damaged content
• Supports encoding to MP3 (Mpeg-1 Layer 3), MP2
(Mpeg-1 Layer 2), AAC, HE-AAC (including RTSP/3G for
mobile phones), Ogg Vorbis, WMA and WMA Pro
FM processor
List $9,995.00
OMNIA9FM-HD-HD2-HD3 FM/HD processor List $14,945.00 Contact BSW For Lowest Prices
• 7-inch front panel touch screen
• Full remote control
• RDS and HD options available (call/email BSW or check
out BSW website for details)
• Dual independent power supplies
Need to see more? See our full line
Comprehensive Audio Processing Software
Omnia A/XE is PC-based software that can process audio for a variety of applications. It runs silently as a background service,
can be fully-managed and configured remotely with a web browser, and can even process and encode multiple streams in
various formats simultaneously. It features adjustable wideband AGC with a three-band compressor/limiter, IIF EQ and lowpass filter, and a precision look-ahead final limiter to prevent clipping.
• Encode directly to MP3 or AAC
• Feed a Shoutcast-style or Windows Media Server in the MP3 format, or feed Adobe Media server an AAC stream
• Pairs with your existing Windows Media, Real, mpgPRO or MP3 streaming encoder
• Virtual Patch Cable to receive, process, and send audio to other software on the PC
• Tag the stream with "now-playing" information received from automation systems or another application
• Built-in scheduler allows streams to be started and stopped at specific times, and processing presets changed
List $395.00
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• •
Audio Processing with Punch From
Inovonics and BSW
Great Sounding FM or HD Audio Processing
The Inovonics 719 DAVID-IV offers comprehensive audio processing, including
gain-riding AGC, 5 bands of dynamics compression and equalization, stereo
enhancement and sub-bass augmentation, and Inovonics' patented PIPP limiter.
Processing is integrated with a high-performance stereocoder (Stereo-Gen) that
includes active and metered RDS combining. The DAVID-IV can accept analog
and AES-digital inputs, and has two separate composite/MPX outputs in addition
to both analog and AES-digital line outputs. The line outputs can be configured
for either FM or digital-radio transmission characteristics.
The DAVID-IV may be set up and controlled using the intuitive front-panel
graphic display and jog wheel, or connected directly to a network for full TCP/IP
control over all parameters with a PC and supplied software.
Factory presets for processing popular radio formats are included, and user
presets are easily downloaded and saved as small files. These may then be
uploaded to other DAVID-IV processors in a group-ownership situation.
List $2,950.00
Contact BSW For Lowest Prices
• AES3 digital input and outputs (XLR), accepting sampling
rates of 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz, 192kHz
• Left/Right analog inputs and outputs (XLR)
• Adjustable gain-riding AGC with intelligent gating
• 5 bands of adjustable dynamic range compression
• 5 bands of graphic-EQ adjustment
• Low-bass enhancements with independent Rumble and Punch adjustments
• Stereo enhancement processing to adjust the listening sound stage
• Adaptive pre-emphasis high frequency limiting for FM
• Remote access and control conforms to TCIP/IP protocols
• Built in Stereocoder with internal RDS Combining
• Programmable high-pass function eliminates modulation-robbing infrasonic energy
• Factory presets for processing popular radio formats included and user presets are
easily downloaded and saved as small files
See the video at
FM Processor/Stereo Generator
The Inovonics DAVID-III (#71800) combines
multiband audio processing with a digitalsynthesis stereo generator. Pulse-widthmodulation (PWM) techniques ensure rock-stable operation and a competitive sound. Density and equalization
adjustments allow the broadcaster to tailor the ‘signature’ of the on-air sound. AGC, multiband compression/limiting,
proprietary final limiting and an adjustable composite clipper deliver outstanding performance for any program material.
71800 List $2,300.00 Contact BSW For Lowest Prices
See the video at
Stereo AGC Compressor/FM Processor
Normalize and control audio levels in your all-digital or mixedsignal plant with the Inovonics 261 compact utility processor.
Combining the three audio processing functions of gated,
gain-riding AGC, program dynamic range compression and final
peak control, it can configured to provide a single basic function
independently or to use all processing options for comprehensive
program audio control. 48-bit internal processing ensures
excellent clarity and response. Featuring 16/24-bit I/O., it accepts
analog and digital program inputs.
• All-digital design using DSP technology
• Provides analog and digital outputs simultaneously
• Menu-driven setup utilizes an easyto-read LCD display
• Rear-panel tallies enable remote alarm indication
261-00 List $1,500.00 Contact BSW For Lowest Prices
Powerful AM Processors
The Inovonics 235 tri-band AM broadcast audio processor is fully NRSC-compliant
and AMAX-certified, and features slow gain-riding gated AGC that erases long-term input level variations and a 3-band compressor/EQ.
The peak controller has adjustable clipping depth to maximize carrier modulation. An RS-232 interface allows remote control. Specify
bandwidth. The 222 AM processor with NRSC can also interface with existing units to provide an NRSC-compliant signal.
235-00 List$2,200.00
22200 List$850.00 Contact BSW For Lowest Prices
"The 222 is a great box."
HD/FM Audio Processor with RDS Encoder
Audemat’s Digiplexer Audio Processor uses the latest multi-band DSP technology to provide
up to 2.8 gigaflops of processing power for FM and HD. Featuring the HQSound® algorithm, the
Digiplexer offers the ability to easily create an amazing signature sound that competes with the
best processors on the market. Digiplexer models feature two or four bands of audio processing, a
stereo encoder, full RDS encoder, advanced audio back-up and ScriptEasy remote control software.
DIGIPLEXER214-2B 2-band List $3,990.00
DIGIPLEXER214-4B 4-band List $6,990.00
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• •
voices come in a variety of textures.
only Wheatstone makes them all
sound like this...
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Advanced Audio Processing from Wheatstone and BSW​
Powerful Audio Processing
with 31-Band Limiter
The AirAuraX3 spectral audio processor for FM is
equipped with processing technologies that simply
didn’t exist until now, starting with a new final
clipper that creates extremely competitive loudness
while also minimizing listener fatigue. Another new
technology unique to the third-generation AirAura
helps extend perceived stereo coverage, and yet
another technology helps hide the annoying coding
artifacts that might be present in a station’s stereo
source material.
AirAuraX3’s incredible dial presence, its three
selectable stereo multiplex modulation methods, its
ability to help mask coding artifacts, its mitigation
of many stereo multipath annoyances as well as its
exclusive clipper technology, make it THE processor
for on-air FM.
AIRAURA-X3 List $13,995.00
Contact BSW For Lowest Prices
See the video at
• New improved final clipping technology – even cleaner
and even louder – simultaneously
• New improved five-band AGC with Sweet Spot
Technology tuning capabilities
• New codec artifact reduction algorithm helps tame
coded stereo source material
• New 31-band limiter algorithms
New left/right analog output routing for FM and HD
• New equalizer offers both parametric and Baxandallstyle shelving EQ
• New bass management system with enhanced tuning
• New high performance stereo generator with SSB/DSB
encoding methods
• New post-processed loudness analysis conforms to BS1770-S standards
• New preset storage for up to 160 processing presets
• Exclusive stereo multipath controller technology for
enhanced stereo coverage
• Complete WheatNet-IP compatibility
• Wheatstone baseband192 built in for digital link to
Wheatstone FM-531HD is
a Miniature AirAura (with a
miniature price)
The new FM-531HD is a 1RU on-air processor for
FM/HD use. Compact, yet loaded with essential features, it brings the multiband precision of the flagship AirAura
processor to a budget-friendly price point. Its Vorsis Ultra High Resolution processing technology delivers superb
on-air sound that’s loud, yet detailed.
Features include a distortion-managed final clipper for squeaky-clean audio, smart stereo enhancement, Vorsis
Bass Tools 2.0 bass management for deep, yet clean bass, and Sweet Spot Technology for consistent sound
regardless of density variations in the source material. You also get Full Detail processing which gives you a 31band limiter. If you're an audio pro or recording engineer, you know the value of that technology. Smart Stereo
Enhancement and the Vorsis Multipath Limiter, which greatly improves or eliminates multipath problems. The
FM-531HD is fully compatible with the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network and has the Wheatstone baseband192
direct-to-transmitter digital link built in.
Contact BSW For Lowest Prices
FM-531HD List $7,995.00
• Comprehensive out-of-the-box presets,
conveniently accessible from the front panel
• Customize presets with included GUI Lite
• Analog and digital I/O, analog MPX output, AES
digital output and SCA input
• Four limiter bands
• 4-band full parametric equalizer
• Variable high pass filter and voice phase rotator
• Wheatstone baseband192 built in for digital link
to transmitter
Powerful, Economical Digital FM Audio Processor
Wheatstone AM-10HD Digital Audio Processor
The AM-10 HD offers a five-band AGC
followed by a specialized ten-band limiter
and high performance asymmetrical
modulation peak controller algorithm
that has been specially designed for
the requirements of competitive AM
broadcasting. This peak controller maximizes
AM coverage by providing the highest
possible average modulation accompanied
by consistent positive peak capability of up
to 200%. The HD signal path includes its own
specialized multiband peak controller.
AM-10HD List $5,000.00
Contact BSW For Lowest Prices
• Selectable all-pass filter for making
voice energy more symmetrical
• 4-band parametric EQ may be
placed before/after multiband
• 5-band linear phase crossover with
adjustable crossover points
• Precision 10-band multiband
• 4.5kHz, 5kHz, 6kHz CCIR and
10kHz NRSC low pass filters
• Separate HD signal chain
processing, final limiter, and digital
Wheatstone's FM-4 is a powerful,
• Comprehensive out-of-the-box presets,
feature-rich audio processor
conveniently accessible from the front panel
boasting cutting-edge Vorsis
• Customize presets with included GUI Lite
technology that will give your
station its signature sound while
• Analog and digital I/O, analog MPX output, AES
offering a streamlined user
digital output and SCA input
interface in a budget-friendly
• Four limiter bands
• 4-band full parametric equalizer
It comes ready to roll with 25
• Variable high pass filter and voice phase rotator
specially tuned factory presets
(and you can easily customize
them with included software). It can handle any input source, and its analog and
digital outputs allow it to quickly interface with a wide range of FM exciters.
The FM-4 is one of the best processor bargains in the business. Check it out and
hear why it's showing up in more and more stations around the globe.
List $2,975.00 Contact BSW For Lowest Prices
• •
Your Station Sounds Its Best with Wheatstone and BSW​
State-Of-The-Art Variable Mode Digital Audio Processor
The Wheatstone VP-8 IP builds on the success of the acclaimed VP-8 and VP-8+ by
adding many new features for even higher performance, including advanced audio
processing functions for greater audio consistency, clarity, overall loudness and
lower distortion. New for the VP-8IP is native WheatNet-IP compatibility and new
presets. Has the Wheatstone® baseband192 direct-to-transmitter digital link built in.
List $3,488.00
Contact BSW For Lowest Prices
Aura8-IP - Eight Stereo Channels of Vorsis
Processing for Less Than $500 per Channel
The Aura8-IP has eight fully independent Vorsis multi-band stereo audio processors.
Each chain consists of a 4-band parametric equalizer followed by a crossover and three
bands of compression. The compressors each feed their own limiters, whose outputs
are then fed to a broadband lookahead limiter for tight peak control. The Aura8-IP can
function as a standalone processing engine, but because it’s also a BLADE, it can also
instantly configure itself as part of a new or existing WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network,
making its processing power available throughout that network.
• 8 complete Vorsis multiband processors, each with 4-band parametric EQ, 3-way
crossover, 3 compressors, 3 limiters and final lookahead limiter
• Two 8-channel utility mixers
• 4 AES digital inputs and outputs
• 4 stereo analog inputs and outputs
• Socketed output chips
• Rugged power supply
• Front panel metering
• Can be used standalone or as part of a WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network
List $3,995.00
Contact BSW For Lowest Prices
• 6 built-in processing modes: FM, AM, FM-HD, AM-HD, AAC < 48kHz, AAC > 48 kHz
• Codec preconditioning tailored for each of the MP3, AAC and AAC+ modes
• Selectable all-pass filter for making voice energy more symmetrical
• Included GUI-LITE software allows staff of any skill level to adjust and operate
• Separate audio input gains for analog and digital
• WheatNet-IP Compatibility
• 4 AGCs and 8 Peak Limiters
• Wheatstone® baseband192 built in for digital link to transmitter
M4-IP - Four-Channel Mic Processor
The M4-IP Microphone Processor BLADE combines four high-quality microphone
preamps, four channels of Vorsis microphone processing, and a WheatNet-IP BLADE
interface, allowing you to place four microphone inputs anywhere in your WheatNet-IP
Intelligent Network (although it also works just fine as a standalone processor). The
preamps and processors are accessed and controlled from any point on the network
via its GUI. The M4-IP is a GREAT way to maximize your investment in on-air talent by
combining four mic processors into a single rack space, accessible from anywhere.
• Intuitive PC graphical user interface (GUI)
• High quality, low noise microphone preamps with phantom power
• Metering: In/Out, gain reduction
• 44.1 or 48 kHz AES3 output sample rates, 24-bit A/D, D/A converters
• Variable frequency de-esser
• Voice phase scrambler
• Adjustable compression, downward expansion, output limiter
• EQ: two-band parametric plus variable high and low shelving
• Tunable high and low pass filters
M4-IP List $3,695.00 Contact BSW For Lowest Prices
See the video at
M-1: Signature Sound with the Press of a Button
M2: Comprehensive Voice Sculpting
The Wheatstone M1 digital mic processor offers presets, security, networkability
and easy-to-setup parameters. Either from the front panel, or from the PC graphic
interface, you can control all individual parameters to give each voice talent his or her
own sound with just a simple press of a button. Features include an extremely low
noise microphone preamp with phantom power, 44.1, 48 or 96 kHz output sample
rates, 4 bands of parametric EQ, high and low pass filters, and a fully adjustable
compressor, de-esser, and expander. The M1 also offers real-time TCP/IP remote
control. Boasting a 24-bit AD/DA converter, AES3 digital and analog outputs, it comes
loaded with factory designed presets and makes it easy to design your own.
More than just a two-channel version of Wheatstone's proven M-1, the Wheatstone
M-2, a dual-channel voice processor best suited for on-air talent processing, offers
a cache of features to make on-air life not only easier, but better-sounding. Set
once and forget or create individualized talent settings using custom presets –
all recallable via software or automation control. The M2 includes an enhanced
compressor section capable of operating in up to three bands as well as four
bands of EQ. Producing a more consistent sound with fewer artifacts than a
wideband compressor, it provides the benefits of dynamic spectral enhancement,
maintaining bass and brightness balance over changing input levels and talent
voice characteristics.
VORSIS-M1 List $949.00
Contact BSW For Lowest Prices
See the video at M-1
VORSIS-M2 List $1,699.00
Contact BSW For Lowest Prices
Wheatstone Audio Processors featuring Vorsis Ultra High Resolution Processing
Wheatstone's Vorsis processing line is the first range of air-chain processors designed for today’s 21st century radio listener. It’s a complete ground-up rethinking of the
existing approach air-chain processors have been employing for years. Many of these advances are shared among the entire range of Wheatstone solutions.
Please call your BSW pro for more info on the Wheatstone Processing line.
Depend on BSW for the Best Selection and Lowest Prices
WheatNet-IP: The Intelligent Network...
Building The Audio Ecosystem
How WheatNet-IP fits together in your facility. Simply and efficiently.
Control Surface(s)
Automation, Etc
IP Meters
Vorsis Processing
Wheatstone TS-4
Mic Controller
Wheatstone AirAura X3
Wheatstone TS-22
Talent Station
Wheatstone E-6/E-4
Wheatstone FM-531HD
Audioarts IP-12/16
Wheatstone VP-8 IP
Wheatstone LX_24
Specialty BLADES
Managed Gigabit
Ethernet Switch
Microphone I/O BLADES
Aura8-IP 8-Channel Processing BLADES
Vorsis Ultra High Resolution Processing
anywhere in your network from one rack space!
Low Latency
Talent Headphone
CD/DVD/MP3 Players
Control Room
Studio Monitors
1. Field-proven to be the most
reliable, most advanced and
fastest system available.
2. Hundreds of high-profile
installations in the USA and
around the world.
3. Made in the USA. Parts, service,
updates and people are
immediately available.
4. Self configuring - plug and play.
5. Self healing. Every BLADE has
the DNA of the entire system.
No reconfiguring!
6. The best value. Exceptionally
Why BSW for
Mix Engine BLADE(s) or
Console Audio BLADE(s)
Analog or Analog/Digital I/O BLADES
Why WheatNet-IP?
Remote Feed
IFB Conditioning
Mic Processing
Digital I/O BLADES
Codec Pre Processing
HD Feeds
Satellite Uplink Peak
and Spectral Control
STL Pre-Processing and
1. All of BSW’s Pros are factorytrained by Wheatstone to be
completely capable of helping
you select exactly what you
need. They’ll never try to
oversell you.
2. BSW’s pricing – there’s none
3. BSW commits to stocking levels
with Wheatstone. What you
need is usually available for
immediate shipment.
4. BSW can bundle Wheatstone
gear with other equipment you
need to get you even better
Web Streams
Network Feeds
Call-In Phone
Program Feeds
Sweetening Incoming
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M4-IP 4-Channel Mic Processing BLADES
Audio to/from Bridge-TDM Systems or
any MADI equipped device
To/From Other Studios
48 channels of logic control for whatever you need, wherever it is.
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Keep Profanity Off the Air
"My first choice."
Smooth Audio Time Manager
The 25-Seven ATM Audio Time Manager's proprietary algorithms are designed
for today's radio needs. Depending on program material, you will be able to add
several minutes an hour with complete intelligibility. The ATM's simple three-button
interface lets you automatically create local inserts anywhere in the hour, and still join
the network perfectly.
• Time/Rate Management Calculator adjusts to what you want to do
• Proprietary algorithms intelligently process speech: pauses stay in
proportion; pacing and inflection are maintained
See the video at
• At 10% faster-an additional 6 minutes per
most listeners won't even be aware ATM is in use
List $7,450.00
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Up to 40 Seconds of Delay!
The AirTools 6100 is a 24-bit digital delay unit for live broadcast that prevents
unwanted profanity or comments from reaching the airwaves.
• Up to 40 seconds of user definable delay at a full 20 kHz range of stereo bandwidth
• Digitally stretches broadcast audio for no gaps or pitch shifting after dumping unwanted content
• Automation Control Interface for triggering automation changes or controlling a
router with delayed contact closures
List $3,609.00
RC6000 Remote control
Contact BSW For Lowest Prices
List $539.00
Powerful, Comprehensive Delay
Extensive Delay Protection
The 25-Seven Precision Delay (PD) offers sample-accurate delay times adjustable
from a fraction of a second to five hours, seamless PPM-protecting builds and exits,
synchronized data streams, network accessible control, and more.
The Eventide BD600 profanity delay offers extensive delay protection, superb
fidelity, and expansive remote options while maintaining the user interface and
yellow DUMP button familiar to all radio engineers.
• Keeps HD Radio in sync with analog
• Keeps your watermarking data intact during delay builds and exits
• Lets you adjust delays by increments as small as a single sample
• 80 seconds of delay
• 24-bit digital and analog I/O
• For stations with HD, MicroPrecision Delay mode allows up to 10 seconds of delay
adjustment in real time in 100 nanosecond increments
• 16 bipolar opto-isolated inputs may be configured to drive BD600E functions and
general-purpose delay inputs
List $3,890.00
Contact BSW For Lowest Prices
See the video at
Standard broadcast delay
List $3,495.00
Delay with extended remote I/Os List $3,795.00
Contact BSW For Lowest Prices
Powerful, Compact Profanity Delay
The 25-Seven Systems Program Delay Manager (PDM)gives you up to 90 seconds of
delay to keep unwanted speech off your airwaves. Ease of use, transparent audio quality
and Program Director friendly features take delay to a whole new level.
See the video at
• 99 seconds of stereo audio delay
• Flawless expansion/compression
• Smooth, crisp, stutter-free audio, even on stereo music
• Faster builds and rebuilds at rates that can be adjusted in real time
List $2,890.00
Contact BSW For Lowest Prices
8-Second Delay
The Eventide BD960 features an 8-second stereo broadcast delay that will replace
profanities with your station’s own zapper.
• 8 Second, Fully Adjustable Delay
• Nonvolatile memory stores up to eight seconds of recorded filler of your choice
• Also offers 24-bit/48 kHz sampling, and remote control capabilities
• One Button Delete
• Autofill Built-In Filler Playback
Seamless Program Length Manager
The 25-Seven Program Length Manager (PLM) to shrink or stretch your programs
and program segments by 5% (three minutes per hour) or even
10%-without pitch change, artifacts or glitches. Time-manipulated
audio is clean enough to use on stereo music programs and live events.
List $1,995.00
Contact BSW For Lowest Prices
BSW recommended
the perfect mic
to give my bark
more bite!
• Requires little training whether controlled from the front-panel or via web
• 84 dB S/N with 10 dB headroom, 20 Hz-20 kHz frequency response, 0.01% THD+N
• Flexible remote control options
See the video at
• Operator friendly
List $3,950.00
Contact BSW For Lowest Prices
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