Active Optical Cable Accessories

Active Optical Cable Accessories
Active Optical Cable Accessories
Compatible Accessories for the Active Optical HDMI & DVI Cables
HDMI Detachable Connectors
DVI Detachable Connectors
Covid Part Numbers
Covid Part Numbers
Tx Connector- DC-HD-TX
Rx Connector- DC-HD-RX
Tx Connector- DC-DVI-TX
Rx Connector- DC-DVI-RX
Connectors are interchangeable. Use HDMI or DVI connectors with the same cable.
Pulling Capsule
Power Injector
Use the Pulling Capsule to easily
guide cable through conduit or tight
spaces. Quickly snaps onto cable
Covid Part Number: DC-PC
Covid Part Number: HD-PI
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The HDMI to USB Power Injector offers stabilization of the hot pin. It can
be used on either the HDMI or DVI
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