Hades III USB V3 Reader

Hades III USB V3 Reader
Hades III® USB V3
90meter’s most compact, cost effective, high
performance PC/SC USB smart card reader
for CAC/ PIV and High Assurance smartcards.
Hades III is certified by both USB Implementers Forum
and Microsoft WHQL. Hades III is low in cost but provides
the quality and functionality that professionals require.
This makes Hades III ideal for consumer use and large
scale corporate and government smart card applications
Hades III USB V3 supports multiple smart card protocols
under the PC/SC API, utilizing the USB 2.0 Full speed
connection to increase reliability, communication speed
and ease of operation. Hades III USB V3 offers the
absolute best price to performance ratio in the market.
Optimized for Smart card applications where high
speed is essential such as Smart Card Logon, VPN
and PKI operations.
Hades III USB V3 supports a wide range of protocols:
TAA Compliant - PC/SC • WHQL • EMV • CAC • FLASH
Upgradeable • USB • Windows • Linux • Mac OS X
The Hades III V3 travel lite family
of smart card readers/writers offer
the best cost and performance
available today while assuring
the highest level of compatibility.
• ISO7816
• T=0; T=1
• I2C/Extended I2C Memory
• 2/3 -Bus Protected Memory Cards
Hades III USB V3 also offers a special EEPROM
area for writing unique information for each reader
or batch of readers.
Hades III® USB V3
Smart Card Support
• Low Cost
ISO 7816 T=0, T=1,EMV, CAC, 2/3 BUS I2C/Extended I2C memory cards.
• Lite weight and compact
Host Interface
• On-board flash provides
seamless firmware upgrades
in the field
USB 2.0 Full Speed 12Mbit/s
• EMV Level 1 certified
Card-Reader Communication
Up to 323 Kbps at 4 MHz.
Smart Card Acceptor
• PC/SC certification
ISO 8 contacts. Landing type, friction 100,000 cycles.
• High performance durability
with 100,000 card cycles
Card Operating Voltage
• Compliant with all CAC/ PIV/
High Assurance Smart Cards
Power Source
• Supports 5volt, 3volt and 1.8
volt Smart Cards
Safety & Environmental Standard
5V (ISO7816 Class A), 3V (ISO7816 Class B), 1.8V (ISO7816 Class C)
USB port
• Tested with all major Smart
Cards in the market
• Full speed USB (12 Mbps)
4 MHz
• Bus powered device
Operating System Support
• CCID compliant
Win 7, Vista, XP, 2000 , Server 2008R2/2008/2003, Linux, Mac OS X
(built in driver)
• WHQL: Windows 7, Vista, XP,
2000, Windows Server 2008R2/
2008 / 2003
Card Operating Frequency
Smart Card Reader Approvals
Microsoft WHQL, PC/SC Compliant, USB Logo, EMV Level 1
• Linux and Mac OS X support
Note: Supporting CAC/PIV cards requires that the 90meter
Smart Card Manager client software is installed on the workstation.
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