Standard Network Service List
There are several standard network servers in iUSBport CAMERA,
such as FTP, DLNA,WebDAV and Samba servers. iUSBport
CAMERA can be accessed by standard FTP, DLNA, WebDAV or
Samba client software. FTP, WebDAV and Samba servers support
read and write operation if the storage device is 'FAT32' or 'NTFS'
FTP Settings
FTP server IP address: (Access Point mode)
(In infrastructure mode, use IP address that is shown on iUSBport LCD)
FTP server TCP/IP port number:21
FTP server user name:
FTP server password:
WebDAV Settings
WebDAV server IP address:
(Access Point mode)
(In infrastructure mode, use IP address that is shown on iUSBport LCD)
WebDAV server user name:
WebDAV server password:
Samba Settings
Samba server IP address: (Access Point mode)
(In infrastructure mode, use IP address that is shown on iUSBport LCD)
Samba server TCP/IP port number:
Samba server user name:
Samba server password:
Connecting iUSBport to an existing WiFi network
If you want your mobile device (e.g. iPad, iPhone, smartphone,
tablet, computer etc.) to access iUSBport CAMERA and the Internet
at the same time, you will need to connect iUSBport CAMERA to an
existing WiFi network. This mode is called "Infrastructure Mode". In
this mode, you can access iUSBport CAMERA with your mobile
device and remain connected to the Internet at the same time.
Wireless Router
The default network mode of iUSBport CAMERA is 'Access
Point' mode. In order to switch to 'Infrastructure' mode, first
turn on your wireless router. When the wireless router is
working properly, turn on iUSBport CAMERA. If iUSBport
CAMERA is powered on before the wireless router is turned on,
iUSBport CAMERA will not be able to find the wireless router.
Connect iUSBport to an existing WiFi network
Click "Setting"
Turn on 'Join known networks'.
Select the existing wireless network you want to join.
Enter the network password, then click 'Done' to save the
password. There will be no indication if the network password is
correct or not until iUSBport restarts. If the network password is
correct, iUSBport LCD screen will display the wireless router
SSID and IP address that is assigned by the wireless router to
SSID of Wireless Router
IP address of iUSBport
Accessing iUSBport in Mac OS
In the Finder Window, select 'Connect to Server' from the 'Go'
Enter the IP address of iUSBport (in the format smb://<IP
address>) in the 'Server Address' text box.
Select 'Guest' and 'Connect' .
Accessing iUSBport in Windows
Open 'My Computer' ;
My Computer
Enter the IP address of iUSBport in the address bar;
NOTE! Add two backslash before the IP address!
Click 'Go' or press Enter on the keyboard, and the iUSBport
drive will show on the window.
Click 'iUSBport' to access the contents of iUSBport.
Upgrading the Firmware
The firmware of iUSBport CAMERA can be upgraded to add new
features and to address any software bugs.
Download firmware which should be named IUSBPCAM.SEF
Copy IUSBPCAM.SEF to the root folder of USB storage device.
Insert this USB storage device into iUSBport and it will display
the following update message:
V?? -> V31 ?
Press power button once to start updating.
Erasing 19%
Erasing flash memory
Writing 77%
Writing flash memory
Verifying 25%
Update OK
Verifying firmware
Update successful
System will power off
USB Port:
USB2.0 High Speed 480MBps
WiFi 802.11b/g/n
Mono STN 132*32
Charging Rate:
DC 5V 1A
3300mAh Li-Poly
Internal Flash:
Standard Accessories : USB Charging Cable x 1
USB Cable x 1
Getting Started Guide x 1
Wireless Mode:
Access Point Mode
Infrastructure Mode
Camera Control:
Canon/Nikon PTP Protocol
Network Service:
Web Server with extension
FTP Server/Samba Server/DLNA Server
WebDAV Server
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