Ergonomic Tips for Laptop Users
Ergonomic Tips for Laptop Users
Poor Laptop Setup
Ideal Laptop Setup
One of the main reasons laptop computer users have to work in an
awkward posture is that the keyboard and monitor are part of the laptop.
This results in either the monitor being too low or the keyboard being
too high. Using an external keyboard to plug into the laptop is probably
the easiest solution to this problem. The laptop can then be placed on a
riser so the top of the screen is at eye level. If the user wears bifocal or
progressive lenses and uses the bottom portion of the lenses, the monitor
should be lowered 1 to 2 inches below eye level.
Frequent laptop computer users should use a docking station. Key
components of this setup include:
• Docking station — A standard keyboard, mouse, and monitor can be
plugged into this device. When the laptop is docked, the user can use the
standard components instead of the ones that are part of the laptop.
• Detachable keyboard and mouse — A standard, full-sized keyboard that
can be easily adjusted to the proper height, distance, and angle, along with
a stand alone mouse or trackball.
• S tandalone monitor or laptop stand — A standard, full-sized monitor
that can be adjusted to the proper height, distance, and angle or a laptop
stand as shown above.
External Input Device
Monitor Location
To avoid using an awkward laptop touch pad or mini-trackball, plug an
external mouse or other input device into the laptop. Most laptop touch
pads or trackballs are not meant to be used for long periods of time. If using
a laptop on a regular basis for more than a few hours per shift, an external
mouse or other input device should be considered to avoid awkward wrist
and hand positions.
If you’re on the road and do not have access to a docking station, try using
a desk and an adjustable-height chair that allow your elbows to be at the
same height as the keyboard. If a desk is not available and you have to place
the computer on your lap as shown above, use a couple of books or pillows
to raise the laptop’s height. Since working on a laptop can often cause you
to be in an awkward position, it’s even more important to alternate your
position frequently and stretch.
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