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Installing the iPad into the case
1) Remove foam packing and discard. Be sure to save the cable!
2) On the right inside of the case, there is a tab. Pull the tab out and insert the ¡Pad into
the slot.
3) Slip the tab behind the iPad. This will secure the iPad in the case. Note that all the holes
and slot of the iPad and the case should be lined up.
If you prefer, you can remove the plastic protective film on the top and bottom of
the keyboard.
Turning the keyboard on or off
Turn the keyboard on or off by using the on/off switch located on the top of the keyboard.
The keyboard is charged if the blue light flashes when you turn it on. Make certain you turn
off the keyboard when not in use to save battery life.
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Charging the keyboard
Before you can use the keyboard for the first time, you must charge it. A Bl a
Attach the USB end of the cable provided with the case to your computer (or an A/C
power adaptor) at its USB port. Attach the micro USB connection into the keyboard. The
connection is located on the right side of the keyboard. The keyboard should not be
turned on during charging. Let the keyboard sit on the charger for at least 6 hours for its
first charge. The keyboard is charged if the battery light flashes blue when you turn the
keyboard on.
Pairing the keyboard
The keyboard must be paired with your iPad in order for them to recognize each other. Go
to the “Settings” application on the iPad and choose “General”, then turn on “Bluetooth”.
Turn on the keyboard with the on/off switch. Press the middle top button on the keyboard
(about 5-10 seconds) until you get a list of Bluetooth devices available. Choose “Bluetooth
keyboard” from the list of devices that display. You will get a message giving you a PIN
code to input. Type in that PIN code, hit “enter” or “return” and wait for your device to pair
to the keyboard. When this happens, you can begin typing!
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Folding the case so the iPad can stand up
There is a Velcro strip holding the iPad smooth with the case. You can pull the iPad away
from the case (unfastening the Velcro as you go). This will allow the case to bend and
allow the iPad to stand up facing the keyboard.
Using other devices with your keyboard
You can use this keyboard with any device that recognizes Bluetooth. The keyboard is
detachable from the case, allowing you to use it freely if preferred.
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