SD %= pH

SD %= pH
SD 50
1. Power ON/OFF
Press briefly
Press and hold (3 sec.) to start
4.Preparation of buffer solution
7.Delete Stored Data
Recall Data (see 6.)
Press and hold (3 sec.)
CAL 1 will flash
1. Fill a clean beaker with 20 ml distilled water.
If ! is displayed,
press to deactivate
Wait until
2. Add one buffer tablet of the required value
and shake or crush with a clean stirring rod
until the tablet dissolves.
Automatically turns off after
8 minutes of inactivity
Press 1 sec.
Calibration will take place
3. Allow to stand for about two minutes to
ensure that the buffer is completely dissolved
and to allow any insoluble particles to settle.
Confirm deletion of stored data
This erases all stored data
CAL 2 will flash
4. Immerse the electrode into the buffer solution and carry out calibration
(see 3. Calibration)
Automatic return to normal display
Press and hold (3 sec.) to turn the
instrument off
Press to activate / de-activate
2.Taking a reading
Remove protective cap and immerse
the instrument into the sample to be
measured so that the instrument is
submersed to the sealing ring level.
Exit for 1 point calibration or go to
2nd point calibration
Rinse electrode with distilled
water and immerse into pH 4
L buffer solution.
CAL 2 will flash
Wait until
Reading is displayed
Press and hold (1 sec.)
Press briefly ! to freeze / unfreeze
Calibration will take place
CAL 3 will flash
Press and hold (3 sec.) to store data
While pressing button, memory
listing (e.g. 01) appears
3. Calibration
Exit for 2 point calibration or go to
3rd point calibration
Rinse electrode with distilled
water and immerse into pH 10
H buffer solution
5. Remove the electrode and rinse it thoroughly
6. Use the buffer solution only once
The maximum tolerance of fresh buffer solutions is ±0.05 pH.
5. Selection of pH and mV
Toggle to select mode
8. Select Buffer System
Power ON
Press and hold (3 sec.)
Press 1 x
Current pH system will flash
Press to confirm
Toggle to change / select (7.00
or 6.86)
Save and exit
Note: mode mV does NOT show
ORP on the display, only millivolt.
6.Recall Data
9.Set Date/Time display type
Power ON
Power ON
CAL 3 will flash
Press and hold (3 sec.)
Rinse electrode thoroughly with
distilled water before using in each
buffer solution.
Wait until
Re-calibrate according to individual
Press and hold (1 sec.)
Most recent memory setting will
Press to recall
Use Lovibond® Standard Solutions or
pH buffer tablets in accordance with
the kit manual (see 4.)
Calibration will take place
Remove protective cap from the
probe. Turn ON, rinse electrode
with distilled water and immerse
the probe into pH 7 M solution.
CLEAR will flash
Press and hold (3 sec.)
Press 4 x
3 point calibration is finished
L M H will appear on screen and
show type of calibration (1 point to
3 point calibration)
Most recent memory setting is
Date is displayed
Toggle to other stored values
Toggle to 12 hour clock (am/pm) or
24 hour clock
Press to exit
Save and exit
10. Set Date and Time
Power ON
Error Code and Actions
11. Set Temperature System
Power ON
Press and hold (3 sec.)
Select Temperature style (°F/°C)
Press and hold (3 sec.)
Press 3 x
Save and exit
Press 2 x
Temperature system will flash
Select Date/Time type first (see 9.)
Time will flash
Select minutes
Replacement of electrode
To increase
To decrease
Save and change to hours
To increase
To decrease
new electrode
Save and change to Year
To increase
To increase
pH out of range
0~14 pH
Electrode is not touching the sample solution
Temperature out of 0~60 °C
Offset out of range -60~60 mV
Slope out of range
85%~115%, 50~68 (mV/pH)
mV out of range -1800~1800 mV
Article No.
72 12 50pH buffer-set, each 90 ml (25°C)
72 12 52 pH buffer 4.00 (25°C) 1 litre
72 12 54 pH buffer 7.00 (25°C) 1 litre
72 12 56 pH buffer 10.00 (25°C) 1 litre
51 56 00 buffer tablets pH 10 100 pc.
51 56 01 buffer tablets pH 10 250 pc.
51 56 10 buffer tablets pH 7 100 pc.
51 56 11 buffer tablets pH 7 250 pc.
51 56 20 buffer tablets pH 4 100 pc.
51 56 21 buffer tablets pH 4 250 pc.
19 50 017 Battery CR 2032 (2 Batteries required)
19 48 20 pH replacement electrode
38 48 01 Beaker, 100 ml
The waterproof SD 50 is warranted to be free
from manufacturing defects for 2 years and
electrode (probe) module for 6 months.
+ +
- + +
Storage of electrode
The sponge in the protective cap should be
moistened with tap water.
To decrease
Store electrodes dry when instrument is not
being used for longer periods.
Save and exit
Moisten electrode in tap water for some hours
before initial use and after dormant periods.
Instruction manuals available in further languages, visit • Printed in Germany 11/13
Use new solution
or replace electrode
Immerse electrode
into solution
Bring solution to the
temperature within range
Use new buffer or replace electrode
Use new buffer or replace electrode
Use new solution pH Buffer
Replacement of batteries
To decrease
Save and change to Day/Month
Electrode not installed Thermistor: Install or replace
or faulty0.5~100 kΩelectrode
SD 50 pH Specifications/
1 Operating range: 0-60 °C, 0-14 pH, -1800 mV to +1800 mV
2 pH resolution 0.01 pH. accuracy
± 0,05 pH
3 Selectable buffer system (pH 7.00 or
pH 6.86): 1-, 2- or 3-point-calibration with auto-recognition
4 Automatic Temperature compensation
5 mV resolution 0.1 mV within
±1000 mV and 1 mV over
±1000 mV, accuracy ±20 mV
6 Temperature resolution and accuracy
0.1 °C, selectable °C or °F
7 Time and date display with 25 sets of data storage (non-volatile)
8 22x22 mm LCD display, with backlight
9 2 x CR 2032 batteries
10Battery life > 25 hr (continuous use, backlight OFF), low battery indicator on LCD display
11 Auto-power off to save battery-life
(8 minutes non-use)
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