Nrecording Premium Feature-rich cloud call recording delivers

Nrecording Premium Feature-rich cloud call recording delivers
Nrecording Premium
Feature-rich cloud call recording delivers
supervisors and agents the tools they need,
whenever they need them.
Cloud call recording delivers playback, call evaluation and quality monitoring
with flexible storage options. Monitor staff performance and comply with company
or industry guidelines.
Monitor call quality and staff performance to improve
company standards and customer care
Resolve “who said what” disputes
Protect staff from abuse
Train staff on call handling techniques and customer
interactions to improve performance
Rescue defecting customers
Reveal customer service workflow issues
Regulatory compliance (for FCA regulation)
Feature-rich solution
Call recording storage (up to 10
Dashboard with customisable
Call evaluation and quality
Fully integrates with iCS call
Access wherever you are on any
The next-generation telephone system.
3 Levels of access
Basic: For playback and storage
Enhanced: For supervisor playback based on
permissions, storage, call evaluation, tagging and
PCI compliance.
My Console: For agents who need access to their
own call recordings.
Call recording and quality monitoring
Store, find, playback, archive and email call recordings.
Call recording encryption for PCI compliance.
Powerful filters to easily locate calls and share
recordings via email.
Monitor who played back which calls and when,
using the audit trail.
Easy to use and fully scalable
Record calls at an unlimited number of sites.
In-built archiving functionality.
Export recordings as .wav files.
A call is recorded from the time it arrives at the system,
including when the caller is put on hold, transferred
or in a queue, to provide a complete record of verbal
transactions and the whole callers’ experience.
Monitor and evaluate calls using your own
call compliance questions
Evaluate call recordings on call handling, call close and
technical knowledge. See which evaluation questions
have been answered, the total score and average score
given by agents.
View agents’ average scores when call recordings have
been evaluated.
Obtain a breakdown of audited calls.
Report on performance and tag calls for further review
or for use in training.
Evaluate calls and view the total calls that have been
given the same feedback rating.
Store call recordings from 1 month to 10 years.
Add call results such as complaint, non-sales calls and
sales calls. Report on the total calls that have been
given the same call result.
Powered by:
Analyse the total calls evaluated to see all the
questions that were answered as well as total and
average scores of evaluation questions.
Display call results on a wallboard live tile.
Accessible via web browser across mobile device
Encrypted call recordings
Call recording playback; search, play, download, email
12 month call recording storage included (extendable up to 10 years)
Call evaluation to set call outcomes, call tagging
Audit trail
Set playback permissions
Call recording PCI compliance - pause & resume recording
Access to CRM (CRM integration required)
As of July 2015, errors and omission excepted.
Agent Console
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