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Dictating - Southern Health
Digital Dictation
Quick Reference Guide
Dictating using a Speechmike
Please note: There may be further guidance on the use of this functionality in the Standard Operating
Procedures and/or Service Specific Guide for your service
Starting Digital Dictation System
 Double click on the
icon, this will
log you in (using Single Sign On – SSO), you
will be connected automatically but if you
are prompted for a login/password then
enter your normal network login
credentials and click
Creating a Dictation from a Clinic List
 Click on the Patients link.
 Select the Calendar link which will change
to a tab.
 You will need to search for your clinic by
typing in your surname and selecting All
Clinics when list appears.
 Select the appropriate day/date and
session to bring up client’s booked in for
that day.
Green light indicates insert mode and Red light
indicates Overwrite mode
Version: 3.1
April 2017
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Digital Dictation using a Speechmike
 Click on the
link to the right of the required patient. The dictation window will
now be displayed and you can start recording (see the Recording Dictation section further
Create a Dictation using the PowerSearch
 Search for the patient using the NHS number or typing p surname
 Goto Menu, select Dictate, Select type of letter you want to dictate
 Winscribe Author will automatically load
Version: 3.1
April 2017
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Digital Dictation using a Speechmike
Recording Dictation
 The dictation window will be displayed with patient demographics. The Winscribe dictation
window opens with the default to an area where it will be transcribed
 Jobtype, can be altered by clicking on the jobtype button and selecting the appropriate job
 If the dictation is a high priority then change the priority from normal to high by clicking on
 Record dictation by either clicking the red record button on the handset or clicking red
record button on the toolbar
 Click Send
or push the EOL button on the handset
 If you are prompted to confirm job complete, click YES
NB: The “Save” button should not be used as it will save the work as “Incomplete”. Instead
dictate and click “Send”. To go back to the dictation, click on dictate beside the patient’s
name and you can continue dictating
Overwriting or Inserting Dictation
 From the Winscribe dictation window, listen to the dictation to find the place where you
want to Overwrite, click the Overwrite button which is set as default
 To add to the dictation click on the Overwrite to change to Insert
Version: 3.1
April 2017
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