Bluetooth Compatibility
Why users cannot pair their cellular
Bluetooth units to HX-760,VX-8,FTM-10 etc..
If your radio will not pair with your non-Yaesu headset or
cellular unit it is most probably due to the profile of the
Bluetooth unit you are trying to pair to being incompatible
with the Yaesu Radio.
There are lots of different Bluetooth profiles used for
different functions, but the ones we use are Headset Profile
HSP for voice communications and PTT and Advanced Audio
Distribution Profile (A2DP) for HiFi Stereo Broadcasting
The Bluetooth unit in the Yaesu radio is looking for a Headset
Profile (HSP) whilst many cellular devices use the Hands Free
Profile (HFP).
The A2DP profile allows the FM broadcasting to be heard in
Stereo with Hi-Fi quality.
Both the VX-8 and FTM-10 series support both A2DP and
HSP profile mode for Stereo FM broadcast (A2DP) and voice
communications (HSP).
The HX760 series supports HSP profile but does not support
A2DP mode.
Yaesu BH-1 Bluetooth supports both HSP and A2DP. BH-2
only supports the HSP profile.
For more information on Bluetooth please see the following
BluetoothProfiles.doc V1.0
Paul Bigwood Oct 2010
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