SignalTEK NT - New Network
More than a qualifier
SignalTEK NT
Copper and Fibre Network Transmission Tester
Proof of Performance
SignalTEK NT
Transmission Tester
More than a qualifier
If you install, maintain or troubleshoot data cabling and Ethernet networks,
SignalTEK NT allows you to prove the performance up to Gigabit Ethernet
transmission rates.
By simulating actual network traffic users are able to test and document
network and data cable performance to Gigabit Ethernet standards.
Where system warranties are not required the SignalTEK NT is a cost
effective way of proving your copper and fibre networks provide error-free performance.
Transmission testing proves real performance
There is no industry standard defining the testing requirements of cable qualifiers,
consequently passing a qualification test does not prove that the installed
structured cabling will provide flawless data transmission.
Uniquely, SignalTEK NT utilises a test method known in wide area networks as
transmission testing to prove the performance of a network by sending real
Ethernet data frames through the cabling and/or network devices to compare the
error rate against the IEEE802.3ab Gigabit Ethernet standard. This provides a clear
No calibration required plus
replaceable RJ45 contacts
standards based Pass/Fail of the link being tested.
SignalTEK NT requires no configuration from the user as the two handsets
automatically pair ready for testing; just select a usage scenario to simulate the
appropriate service, from VoIP to CCTV, Video, and web traffic.
Installation testing
• Network traffic performance test on copper and fibre to IEEE802.3ab standard
• Wiremap test for open, shorts, miswires and split pairs to TIA-568 standard
• Gigabit link verification for copper and fibre cabling
Active network:
• Network load testing through switches simulating CCTV/IPTV/VoIP/Web traffic
• PoE/PoE+ verification that displays available voltage at device location
• Check Ethernet connectivity at device location to 10/100/1000 Mb/s
• Verify network configuration (device IP/gateway address/subnet mask)
VoIP fail - 21% packet loss
• Switch port identification via LLDP/CDP protocols
• Distance to fault using TDR technology (copper only)
• Ability to identify and trace cables with a compatible amplifier probe (62-164)
• Optical power indication (with compatible SFP modules)
Active network:
• Network load testing through switches simulating CCTV/IPTV/VoIP/Web traffic
• Stress test network before installing bandwidth hungry devices
• Port blink to visually trace cable from work area outlet to network switch
• Displays port ID of LLDP/CDP enabled switches to eliminate manual cable tracing
• Identify network connection problems as hardware, network or configuration faults
• Ping local network devices and Internet URL’s
Wiremap test displaying
open and short
• Count number of hops between network points with traceroute tests
• PoE load testing to confirm available power meets PoE device requirements
Send test reports from anywhere using the free app
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
•Create job folder
•Enter job site information
•Perform autotest on copper/fibre
cabling and copper/fibre networks
•Activate SignalTEK NT wireless hotspot
•Connect your mobile phone or tablet
with the IDEAL AnyWARE App
•Transfer test reports to your
mobile device
•View test reports
•Select reports (PDF or CSV) to send
•Select preferred transfer method –
email, ftp, cloud storage etc.
•Send file
•Alternatively save test reports to USB key
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Network Performance Test
• Port speed 10/100/1000
• PoE/PoE+ detection
• Web data performance
PoE/PoE+ Switch
• IP video performance
• IP CCTV performance
• VoIP performance
Patch Panel
Active LAN Links
Inactive Data Cable
IP Phone
Cable Performance Test
• TDR wiremap
• IEEE 802.3ab Gigabit data
Network diagnostics
& troubleshooting
• Network speed 10/100/1000
• Network IP/DHCP configuration
Wireless AP
• CDP/LLDP port identification
• PoE/PoE+ detection/load test
• Ping/trace route
• Blink switch link LED
IP Camera
SignalTEK NT
Network Transmission Tester
More than a qualifier
Test Reporting
SignalTEK NT automatically generates test reports in PDF or CSV format.
The summary page of each report can be customised to include logo,
company and operator details. Choose between 3 different reports that can
show either passed, failed or all test reports in each report:
• Summary
• Brief
• Full (see example on the right side)
Ordering Information
Part No.
Kit Contents
SignalTEK NT – Network Transmission Tester.
Includes 1 x display, 1 x remote, 2 x NiMH batteries, 2 x patch cables 30cm, Cat 5e STP, 2 x power supply with EU/UK/US adaptors, 1 x USB
Wi-Fi adapter, 1 x user manual, 1 x carry case
For the copper only version without network troubleshooting, please check out our SignalTEK CT
Optional Accessories
Part No.
1 x 1000BASE-SX Fibre kit. Includes 850nm SFP (Small Form factor
Pluggable) SX transceiver, LC/LC and LC/SC duplex multimode cables
and SC/SC duplex adaptor
1 x 1000BASE-LX Fibre kit. Includes 1310nm SFP (Small Form
factor Pluggable) LX transceiver, LC/LC and LC/SC duplex
singlemode cables and SC/SC duplex adaptor
1x 1000BASE-ZX Fibre kit. Includes 1550nm SFP (Small Form
factor Pluggable) ZX transceiver, LC/LC and LC/SC duplex
singlemode cables and SC/SC duplex adaptor
1 x IDEAL amplifier probe
1 x RJ45 insert extraction tool, 10 x lifejack RJ45 inserts
For replacement accessories, please visit our website.
Basic Specifications
Max. No.
of Jobs
Max. No. of
Stored Test
Dimensions per
handset in mm
Weight per
181 m/593 ft.
5 hours
175 x 80 x 40
0.4 kg
For detailed specifications, please visit our website.
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