hard of hearing devices

hard of hearing devices
There are a range of products available for the hard of hearing to help improve your quality of life
and reduce the impact of noise nuisance for your neighbours.
TV listners:
ATV listeners help people who are hard of hearing to hear the television or stereo clearly without
changing the volume for other people in the room and removes the need for increasing the volume
where it will disturb others who are nearby.
There is a neck-loop option if the person wears a hearing aid and a stethoset version
if they do not. TV listeners are cordless so that the user can walk around their home.
Conversation aids:
If you have moderate hearing loss, a conversation aid can help, particularly if you do not wear
hearing aids.
Conversation aids have a microphone to pick up speech and earphones or
headphones to hear the amplified sound. Some can be used with a neckloop or ear
They are small, easy to use and ideal when talking to another person in a quiet
Neckloops and ear hooks:
These are portable products worn around the neck or over the ears next to hearing aids, which help
you to hear more clearly. They make sound louder and transfer it directly to hearing
aids when switched to the loop setting.
You can also plug into the headphone socket on a TV, mobile phone, stereo and
listening equipment.
There are also Bluetooth neck loops and ear hooks that work with mobile phones.
Headphones may be useful if you have mild to moderate hearing loss. Most TVs, stereos and radios
have a headphone socket which can be used when listening or watching alone and listen at a louder
volume without disturbing others.
Cordless headphones:
There are two types of cordless headphone: infrared and radio. Both types receive signals from a
transmitter connected to a source of sound such as a TV or music system.
Infrared signals are blocked by walls so infrared headphones can only receive signals in
the same room as the transmitter.
Radio signals are not blocked by walls, so radio cordless headphones can receive the
signal anywhere in the home.
Loop systems:
A loop system can help you to hear more clearly if you use a hearing aid with an activated loop
setting or have a loop listener. Loop systems usually consist of an amplifier and a
wire cable that goes around the edge of the room and plugs back into the amplifier.
The amplifier then plugs into a sound source such as a TV. The electric current in
the loop produces a magnetic field that sends sound directly to the hearing aids.
Amplified telephones:
Amplified telephones help people who are hard of hearing and have a tendency to
shout when on the phone to be alerted when they are speaking too loudly.
Textphones are useful if you have severe or profound hearing loss. They have a small
display screen and a keyboard. You can type what you want to say and read what is
being typed from another textphone in reply.
Alarm clocks and wrist watches
Extra loud alarm clocks could disturb neighbours, particularly, if you go on holiday and forget to
unset the alarm. Alarms are available with vibrating pads which lay under your pillow or mattress
or you can get a vibrating wrist watch. Both of these tools have proven more
effective in waking people up when they have moderate, severe or profound
hearing loss.
Other help
If you suspect that you have an undiagnosed hearing issue, you should speak to your GP who refer
you to a hearing specialist.
Social Services can also help to pay for or provide equipment. They offer assessments to people
living with loss of hearing and can provide access to support groups.
Further contacts
RBKC Social Services
T: 020 7361 3013 E: socialservices@rbkc.gov.uk
Westminster Social Services
T: 020 7641 1175 E: adultsocialcare@westminster.gov.uk
W: www.westminster.gov.uk/services/healthandsocialcare/adultservices/sensoryneeds/support
Camden Adult Services
T: 020 7974 4000 (option 1) E: adultsocialcare@camden.gov.uk
W: www.camden.gov.uk/sensoryneeds
Hammersmith and Fulham Adult Social Care Services
T: 0845 313 3935 E: sensory.impairment@lbhf.gov.uk
Southwark Adult Services
T: 020 7525 3324 E: ops@southwark.gov.uk W: www.southwark.gov.uk
Brent Adult Services
T: 020 8937 1200 E: customer.services@brent.gov.uk W: www.brent.gov.uk
Other useful agencies
Action on Hearing Loss
Action on Hearing Loss(formerly RNID) provide an equipment catalogue or you can visit their
website as they have a wide range of hearing equipment.
T: 0808 808 0123 Textphone: 0808 808 9000 SMS: 0780 000 0360
E: information@hearingloss.org.uk W: www.actiononhearingloss.org.uk
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