EXTRALINK OLT EPON 4GE LITE 1 028,26 EUR Bruttopreis 835,98

EXTRALINK OLT EPON 4GE LITE 1 028,26 EUR Bruttopreis 835,98
937,26 EUR
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Produzent: EXTRALINK
Perfectly Designed for FTTx Applications:
Extralink OLT E04-2 is a GEPON OLT (Optical Line Terminal) designed especially for Point to
Multipoint (PtMP) FTTx applications。The FHL104C is equipped with GEPON ports and Gigabit
SFP uplink Interfaces and one management port in the 1U height case. Simple management, it is
easy for installation and maintenance of GEPON deployment. When functioning with GEPON ONT(
Optical Network terminal ), the Extralink OLT E04-2 provides highly effective GEPON solutions for
Broadband network.
Cost-effective, Long-distance and High-bandwidth Triple Play Applications:
Extralink OLT E04-2 delivers high-speed voice, data and video services to residential and business
subscribers. Through the PON technology, the Extralink OLT E04-2 offers competitive advantages
including a long-term life expectancy of the fiber infrastructure, lower operating costs from the
reduction of “active” components, support of up to 20km distance between equipment nodes, easy
Installation and maintenance, and most importantly, offer of much greater bandwidth. The Extralink
OLT E04-2 is the perfect solution for applications by offering benefits of cost-effectiveness,
scalability and flexibility to network deployment.
High Split Ratio / Cost-effective Network Connection Solution:
With high split ratio at 1:64 and two PON ports equipped, the Extralink OLT E04-2 supports the
deployment of up to 64*4 ONT ,which can minimize the investment cost for carriers. GEPON is a
point to multipoint communications protocol based on Gigabit Ethernet. It allows a Gigabit Ethernet
communications fiber to be shared by multiple end users using a passive optical splitter.. Therefore,
the Extralink OLT E04-2 offers the network users the benefits of great capacity, excellent secrecy,
web-grouping flexibility and saving the line resources as well as the quantity of end equipment.
Excellent Traffic Control:
By integrating the advanced technology in the telecommunication industry, the Extralink OLT E04-2
provides strong functionalities for Ethernet features such as VLAN, Multicast, DBA (Dynamic
Bandwidth Allocation), and Access Control List. The Extralink OLT E04-2 is an ideal solution for
FTTx applications.
Robust ONUs Management:
The Extralink OLT E04-2 supports many operating and monitoring functions for efficient ONUs
management, such as ONU auto-detection, auto-registration, testing link connection, binding MAC
address and filtration, QoS, bandwidth control, flow control, and multicast stream control.
Flexible and Extendable Solution:
The Gigabit SFP uplink Interfaces of the Extralink OLT E04-2 are compatible with 1000Base-SX/LX
and WDM SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable) fiber-optic modules. The distance can be extended
from 550 meters (Multi-Mode fiber cable) up to 10/30/50/70/120 kilometers (Single-Mode fiber or
WDM fiber cable). They are well suited for FTTx applications to distribution data link.
Product features
4 PON port access
4 Combo Gigabit uplink services
maximum support 256 ONT (1:64 splitter)
supports L2 exchange, L3 basic routing function, 200G switching broadband
provide configuration for RS232 serial port (RJ45) and management for external
network port
support CLI command line
32W typical power consumption
Data service function
Support dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA)
Support ONT MAC automatic binding and filtering.
Support Offline service configuration and service automatic deployment.
Support PON port isolation, support AEC encryption.
Support 4094 VLANs adding, transparent transmission and conversion, support VLAN
stacking (QinQ).
Wire-speed support 16K MAC address learning and aging.
Support IGMP v1 / v2 Snooping and Proxy.
Support priority queue scheduling, support SP, WRR and SP + WRR algorithm.
Support port rate limiting, packet filtering support.
Support logs, alarms and performance statistics.
Support SNMP v1 / v2c network management.
Support OLT configuration save and restore
Support OLT online upgrade
Support ONT MAC automatic binding and filtering,
Support Offline service configuration and service automatic deployment
Support ONU remote upgrade and bulk upgrade
Porty Gigabit
Porty Fast Ethernet
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