ODDS (Olympus Dictation Delivery Service) – Setup

ODDS (Olympus Dictation Delivery Service) – Setup
ODDS (Olympus Dictation Delivery Service) – Setup
This quick and easy How-To Guide will help you set up your new ODDS account and enable
you to start using the Olympus Dictation App on your Smartphone.
1. You will receive an email from the Olympus Dictation Delivery Service:
2. Click on the link and the following page will open in your browser:
3. Please fill in all the required fields and activate your account at the bottom of the page.
Once you have completed that process you will be automatically transferred to this page:
4. At this point please minimize your browser and open your emails as another email would
have just arrived from the Olympus Dictation Delivery System. You will see the Temporally
Password (highlighted below by the RED arrow), please copy that password and return to
the browser (Slide shown above):
5. Please copy that Temporary Password into the “Current Password” location (as shown
below) and then create a new Smartphone Password below that (it would be wise to use the
same password you had used in step 2 to set up the original account, it’s just easier to
remember that way around). Please click OK to confirm the changed Password:
6. You will then be diverted to the screen you see below. This is your activated account from
where you will manage the individual ODDS licenses you purchase:
1. The next process is “ordering” the amount of licenses you require. Please click on the ORDER
button (highlighted by the RED arrow below):
2. You will then be able to order the correct amount of individual licenses you would require by
entering the info into the box as shown below:
3. Once you have clicked OK the order will be sent through to Maynards to be fulfilled. We will
then supply you with the correct amount of licenses. You will receive an email notification
informing you that the license has been issued. You may then log back into your Olympus
Dictation Portal Account and you should see this:
4. The license issued shows up as can be seen above. In order to customize it to your specific
needs you need to “tick” the box (highlighted by the RED arrow above). You then need to
click the EDIT button on the top toolbar (highlighted by the GREEN arrow). The following Edit
Smartphone menu will open up:
5. Start off by adding the email address of the smartphone user (Red Arrow), then click on
“Email Settings” (Green Arrow), this will open up the menu where you need to input the
email address of the recipient of the voice file (your secretary / assistant for instance). The
Encryption option (Blue Arrow) should be set to NO unless you would like your files
encrypted with a password. If that is the case you would need to input a suitable password
below. Author ID and Worktype options can also be added in for extra customization of the
particular voice file. Once you have completed the options please click OK and you will
return to this screen:
6. You have now completed the setup of your ODDS license and are ready to connect to the
server from your smartphone. If you have not already done so, please go and download the
Olympus Dictation App from your respective App Store on your Smartphone (Google Play on
Android and App Store on iOS), simple type Olympus Dictation App into the search bar and it
will pull up the App that you can download.
7. Once you have downloaded the App please open it and navigate to the screen seen above.
Click on the settings tab (highlighted by the Red arrow above):
8. Click on the SEND tab (Red Arrow) and change the setting from “to email” to “to server”.
Click on SERVER Options (Blue Arrow) and the following screen will open:
9. Under “Server URL” please type in: https://www.dictation-portal.com . The “User” and
“Password” should replicate what you set up earlier (the password is the Smartphone
Password as setup in step No. 5 of the ODDS setup instructions). The “Email” is the email
address of the user of the smartphone, the same address as you inputted earlier in Step No.
5 (Red Arrow). Once you have inputted the correct info please Click the “Check Server
Connection”. The system will then confirm your connection to the server. You can then exit
the settings tab and begin using your new Olympus Dictation App.
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