Key Advantages with Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology

Key Advantages with Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology
Key Advantages with
Xerox ConnectKey Technology
When it comes to document solutions,
Xerox outperforms its competition. Our
competitors offer similar products, but
often fall short when it comes to key
measures such as usability, accessibility
and security.
The other companies offer document
solutions that are difficult to set up,
require a lot of expertise to master and
have insufficient security.
Xerox® products have distinct advantages
that set us apart from the competition:
Remote Control Panel
This is a free and intuitive tool that comes standard on our devices.
• An administrator has full access to anything on the machine. When
a change is made at the printer, it shows up immediately on the
remote control panel.
• User training can be done remotely, and service professionals can
log in and perform diagnostics through the remote control panel,
maximizing uptime.
• The remote control panel interface provides real-time information
that helps administrators and users effectively monitor the product.
This supports more uptime, assists in training and provides more
robust functionality for no additional cost.
• On competitor’s devices, the remote interface screen is static. From
the Web, the administrator cannot make any changes to the user
interface at the machine.
• Significant training is also needed to become familiar with the
• Competitors charge a significant fee to add similar capabilities like
our remote control panel.
Key Advantages with
Xerox ConnectKey Technology
Continuous Bi-Directional Print Driver
The printer and print driver are in constant communication.
• This allows for real-time printer status from a single, familiar
interface, which reduces the need to offer training when new
devices are launched.
• The user can easily check the status of an active print job, monitor
the toner levels and much more.
• This feature is unique and standard in Xerox® print drivers.
• Simplifies driver deployment, management and maintenance.
• Results in productivity gains for both users and IT administrators.
• Reduces end-user training and support costs.
Setting Defaults within the Print Driver
for Applications
The Global Print Driver® is the only print driver that saves default
print settings by application, such as Adobe® and Microsoft® Office
• Setting application defaults is a distinct advantage of the Xerox®
print driver.
• It offers customers more productivity, convenience and cost
savings over competitors.
• Other competitive manufacturers require more steps to set up saved
print settings.
• With other devices, the user has extra steps to go through each
time they print, but with Xerox, it is seamless and automatic.
User Permissions
App Studio—An Industry Innovation Award
Winner by BLI
Streamline how work gets done.
• Customized/personalized app creation based on customer
requirements for scanning, printing and information sharing
at the MFP.
• Web-based, app creation tool is simple to use, requires
no additional IT resources, no training is required and no
investment for the partner.
• Easy integration to increase the functionality and value of
MFP technology.
• Possible new revenue stream or new business for the partner.
Award-Winning Mobile Print
Rules-based printing by application is a unique feature that is
accessible through the device’s internal Web page.
Convenient mobile printing from most mobile devices to
almost any networked print device.
• Restricting printing after a certain time is another feature that is
exclusive to Xerox.
• Flexible print workflows—Xerox® Mobile Print Solution
enables you to easily print from your smartphone or tablet,
as well as laptops and desktops.
• Restrictions can be set up for certain users so there is no access to printing.
• These are all cost cutting measures that will save a tremendous
amount of money for the customer.
McAfee® Protection Powered by Intel Security
On-Board the MFP
Designed in collaboration with Powered by Intel Security, we are the
only brand in the industry delivering next generation security.
• This program protects Xerox® printers and MFPs from malware attacks.
• We offer the first networked MFP to use a filtering method that allows only approved programs to get through to printers and MFPs.
Customizable Apps Through the Xerox®
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ConnectKey® are trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the United States and/or
other countries. BR19552 GPPCC-02UA
• Connect to your office applications—such as Microsoft®
Word, Excel®, PowerPoint® and PDFs—and print.
• No client software or print driver download is required
to print.
• Secure Xerox® Mobile Print provides robust protection at
every level and gives you the security and control you need.
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