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1. Safety information
2. Getting to know your Cassette Player/Recorder
3. Using your Cassette Player/Recorder
4. Other Information
Instruction manual
Safety information
Important - Please read these instructions fully before installing or operating
Your unit should be treated with care. The information below has been provided
in the interest of safety and will help you to enjoy this product and the benefits it
brings for many years
• Keep the product and all its parts out of the reach of young children
• Avoid exposure to rain and other liquids which could affect the products circuitry
• Do not leave it in high or low temperatures
• Avoid covering any openings on the product as these provide ventilation to ensure
safe operation.
• Do not attempt to open the product. This product does not contain any user serviceable
parts, and will void your warranty
• If the unit is not in use for a long period of time, ensure that the batteries are removed
• DO NOT use harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents or detergents to clean the product.
Wipe with damp (not wet) soft cloth to clean.
Do not listen to this unit at high volume levels for long periods of time.
Getting Started
Please read these instructions carefully. They contain important information which
will help you get the best from your product and to ensure safe and correct operation
1. Power AC Inlet
3. 3.5mm Headphone Jack
5. 3.5mm Microphone Jack
7. Cassette Door
9. Play
11. Fast Forward
13. Pause
15. Battery compartment
2. Speaker
4. 2.5mm Remote Microphone Jack
6. Volume
8. Record
10. Rewind
12. Stop/Eject
14. Built-in Microphone
16. Handle
1. Power Cord
2. Instruction manual
02 Get to know you Cassette Player/Recorder
03 Get to know you Cassette Player/Recorder
AC Mains Connection
The device is designed for power supply AC 240V
Plug your Headphones into the headphone socket (3) for private listening
Connect the smaller plug to the AC inlet at the left side of the device
Make sure that the plug is completely inserted
The recorder also has a headphone monitor function allowing you to listen via your
headphones to what is being recorded from another other sound source e.g. Radio etc.
Insert the Power Plug to a wall outlet (240V).
Disconnect the power supply from the Cassette Player/Recorder when in not use.
To insert or remove a cassette
1.Press STOP/EJECT to open the cassette door.
2.Insert a cassette tape with a full reel to the left and open edge facing you and close
Battery installation
1. Remove the battery compartment door located on the base of the unit and
the cassette door. Remove a cassette tape by following step 1
and press the snap tab and lift the door.
2 .Insert 4 x(C CELL)- size batteries(not included) into the battery compartment.
Be sure the (+) or cap end of each battery is installed as shown on the battery
NOTE: Some tapes (chromium dioxide and metal particle tapes) cannot be properly
3. Replace the battery door.
recorded too on this product. These tapes can however be used for playback
NOTE: If the unit begins to sound distorted or the reels turn slowly or not at all please
replace with a new set of batteries or try another cassette tape before seeking advice.
IMPORTANT: Remove the batteries from the unit if not is use for long periods
and ensure the STOP button has been pressed.
04 Get to know you Cassette Player/Recorder
Cassette Playback
To listen to your recorded tape cassette:
Insert cassette Tape
Rewind tape to the starting point if necessary.
Press PLAY.
Adjust VOLUME control
05 Using your Cassette Player/Recorder
Recording using the Built-in Microphone
1. With a blank cassette inserted Press the RECORD button
To run the tape back to the beginning of your recording
Press REWIND. Then press STOP after you have rewound to the desired
(the PLAY button will depress with it).You are now recording.
If the RECORD button does not depress see “PREVENT ACCIDENTAL ERASURE”
2. Talk normally into the BUILT-IN CONDENSER MICROPHONE. To obtain optimum
recording quality, place the recorder with the microphone close tothe sound source.
3. NOTE: The automatic level control (ALC) will set the recording level for optimum
point on the tape.
Fast Forward (FF)
Press FF to skip over portions of the tape quickly. Press STOP when you have reached
the desired point on the tape.
recordings, regardless of volume setting.
Automatic stop
Your recorder is equipped with a PAUSE control.
When your recorder is operating in PLAY or RECORD mode and the end of the tape
Press PAUSE to stop the PLAY or RECORD functions.
is reached your unit will automatically stop and return the buttons to the OFF position.
Press PAUSE again for continued operation.
Prevent Accidental Erasure
Microphone recording
To record using a microphone, plug the microphone into the 3.5mm microphone jack
and follow the built-in microphone recording instructions. When the microphone is used
the built-in microphone is automatically disconnected.
Whenever you make a recording, any previous recording on the tape
is automatically erased. When you have a recording you want to keep,
snap out the rear left tab of the side you want to save as shown in the illustration below.
Remote Microphone Recording
The Remote Microphone Jack is a special 2.5mm jack socket for those microphones
that have inline control functionality, allowing pause/play etc to be controlled from the
Mic as opposed to the buttons on the recorder
06 Using your Cassette Player/Recorder
07 Using your Cassette Player/Recorder
When a cassette with the tab snapped out is inserted into the tape unit accidental
Other Information
erasure is prevented by a lever in the mechanism that keeps the RECORD button
from depressing .Tape can be placed over where the tab has been removed on the
Power Cord: AC 240V 50Hz
cassette, allowing you to record.
Power Consumption: 5W
PLEASE NOTE: Your unit is equipped with a cassette sensing mechanism preventing
the RECORD button from being depressed when a cassette is not inserted into the unit.
Batteries: 4 x 1.5V C size (UM-2)/R14
Tape erase
To erase a tape, simply record over the unwanted recording.
Tape care
Don’t expose tapes to sunlight or store in hot places.
Keep tapes away from magnets
Slack in your tapes can cause scratches on the tape, so use a pencil to tighten
it up before you insert it.
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Using your Cassette Player/Recorder
09 Other Information
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