SPOT Insight Brochure
Camera Models:
Insight Color: Color Camera
Insight B/W: Monochrome Camera
CCD Information:
Insight Color: Kodak KAI-2000
Color Mosaic
Insight B/W: Kodak KAI-2000
Imaging Area: 11.8mm x 8.9mm
Active Pixels: 1600 x 1200 (1.92 million)
Pixel Size: 7.4 µm square pixels
Full Well Charge Capacity:
Insight Color Image Resolution:
Live Mode: 800 x 600
Captured Image: 1600 x 1200
Insight B/W Image Resolution:
Live Mode: 1600 x 1200
Captured Image: 1600 x 1200
Bit Depth of Insight Color:
Sampled at: 30 bit RGB
Saved file formats: 24 bit RGB,
36 bit RGB or 48 bit RGB
Bit Depth of Insight B/W:
Sampled at: 10 bit Monochrome
Saved file formats: 8 bit mono,
12 bit mono or 16 bit mono
Pixel Readout Rate:
Live mode: 36 MHz
(2 channels x 18 Mhz)
Captured Images: 18 MHz
(1 channel x 18 Mhz)
Power Requirements:
100–240 VAC, 47–63 Hz
Power Supply: 0.5 lbs.
Certifications: CE, FCC Class A
Computer Requirements:
PC: Pentium 166 or greater
Windows 95/98/00/NT
Video Card: Support of 24 bit RGB at
desired resolution
• Color Live Image Window
• Image Capture Window
• Predefined Image Types
• Auto Exposure
• Auto White Balance
• Flatfield Correction
• Zoom & Pan Window
• Image Enhancement Tools
• Annotation
• Calibration Mark
• Measure: Length,
Perimeter Area, Angle
• Print Layout Dialog
• On line Help Menu
• Imaging Archiving Database
• Report Generator
• Sequential Imaging
Drivers Included:
Twain for Windows 95/98/00/NT
AppleEvent for Mac OS
Flange to Rear Lens Clearance:
0.46” (11.7 mm) maximum
Computer Interface Card Supplied:
PCI Bus Card
External Shutter Control:
BNC, TTL Level Output
Power Supply Dimensions
Image File Formats:
A/D Converter Full Scale Set to:
31,500 e (for Gain=1)
Lens Mount: “C”-mount
Software Features:
Insight B/W:
8 Bit / 1.83 MB
12 bit / 2.75 MB
16 bit / 3.66 MB
Range: 1 ms- 536 seconds
(1 Saturated Hot Pixel @ 5 sec. typ.)
RAM: 64 MB or greater
Acquisition Time to Monitor
(processor dependent):
Insight Color: < 6 seconds
Insight B/W: < 1 second
Exposure: Auto and User Defined
Mac: Power PC w/ PCI Bus, Mac OS 8.6
or greater
Live Image Frame Rate
(733 PIII w/810e Graphics):
Insight Color: 15 frames/s
Insight B/W: 15 frames/s
Anti-blooming Factor:
300x(nominal), 100x (minimum)
Don’t Let Video Technology
Limit Your Resolution ...
Weight: Camera: 1.5 lbs.
File Size:
Insight Color:
24 bit / 5.49 MB
36 bit / 8.24 MB
48 bit / 10.99MB
Signal to Noise Ratio: 58 dB
Camera Dimensions
Digital Cameras
provide real-time
viewing and
high resolution
digital images in an
Native Drivers for 3rd Party Software:
Call or visit our website
Items Included:
Camera, PCI Plug-In Board, Power
Supply, Power Cord,Power Supply Cable,
Data Cable, Software Install CD
(includes Windows Twain Driver
and Mac AppleEvent), User Guide,
1 Year Limited Warranty
Suggested Couplers:
D10XXC: 1x C-Mount Coupler or
HRU060-CMT: 0.6x Ultra-Wide Field of
View (25 FN) Plan Apochromat C-Mount
Suggested Lens:
“C”- Mount Lens for 1” Format CCD
easy to use
6540 Burroughs St.
Sterling Heights, MI 48314-2133 USA
Ph: 810-731-6000
Fx: 810-731-6469
Designed from the ground up for microscope use,
INSIGHT makes taking pictures easy.
Allows you to take the next step in...
See what you’ve been missing.
What’s the difference between Video
and Digital? The video format limits
camera resolution to 768 X 493 (0.38
mega pixels) while
digital cameras have
no such restrictions.
768 X 493
Insight’s 1600 x 1200
(1.92 mega pixel)
image sensor easily
outperforms video.
The difference in resolution can
be seen in the following images.
(Photos are unretouched and
fields of view have been matched
for comparison)
Stop fragmenting your work
environment. View and capture your
images right on the computer screen.
Don’t use separate video monitors or
small LCD screens to view your
images, followed by cumbersome
transfer of image data via memory
cards to your computer.
Stop wasting time and money with
film cameras. Can you imagine not
having to take multiple pictures to get
one good shot? Can you imagine not
having to wait for film processing to
see your results? With Insight what
you see is what you get, and you get
it right away!
Clean signals make a difference.
Where is the cleanest signal? Right at
the CCD sensor. That’s where Insight
768 columns/493 Rows
Pick Your technique
View In Real Time
Tweak The Live Image
Capture What You See
Write On The Image
Add a Calibration Mark
Measure Objects
Arrange Images For Printing
1600 X 1200
1600 columns/1200 Rows
digitizes its signal, not after conversion
to the video format and a long trip
down a frame grabber cable.
Direct mapping of square pixels.
Do you need an undistorted picture?
Insight’s square CCD pixels map
directly to square image pixels. The
perfect geometry of the CCD sensor is
preserved in the final image. Video
cameras are subject to distortion
introduced by rectangular CCD pixels
and conversion to the video format.
With the Insight camera,
the accuracy of your
measurement is never
in question.
Why pay the same price for
a lower resolution video
system? Insight provides over 5
times more pixels than video
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