mr-d01 extension io unit installation guide

mr-d01 extension io unit installation guide
(2) For Declaration of Conformity (DoC)
Hereby, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC EUROPE B.V., declares that the servo amplifiers are in compliance with the
necessary requirements and standards (2004/108/EC and 2006/95/EC). For the copy of Declaration of Conformity,
contact your local sales office.
2.2.3 USA/Canada compliance
The servo amplifiers on which MR-D01 is mounted are designed in compliance with UL 508C and CSA C22.2 No.14.
(1) Installation
The minimum cabinet size is 150% of each MR-J4 servo amplifier's volume including MR-D01. Also, design the
cabinet so that the ambient temperature in the cabinet is 55 ˚C or less. MR-D01 and servo amplifier must be
installed in a metal cabinet. Additionally, mount the servo amplifier on a cabinet that the protective earth based on
the standard of IEC/EN 60204-1 is correctly connected. For environment, the units should be used in open type
(UL 50) and overvoltage category III or lower. MR-D01 and servo amplifier needs to be installed at or below of
pollution degree 2. For connection, use only copper wires.
(2) Short-circuit current rating (SCCR)
Each servo amplifier on which MR-D01 is mounted has checked with a short-circuit test.
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(3) Overload protection characteristics
The servo amplifier on which MR-D01 is mounted has servo motor overload protective function. (It is set on the
basis (full load current) of 120% rated current of the servo amplifier.)
(4) Over-temperature protection for motor
Motor Over temperature sensing is not provided by the drive. Integral thermal protection(s) is necessary for motor
and refer to chapter 4 for the proper connection.
(5) Capacitor discharge
It takes 15 minutes for capacitor discharging of the servo amplifier on which MR-D01 is mounted. Do not touch the
unit and terminals immediately after power off.
(6) Branch circuit protection
For installation in United States, branch circuit protection must be provided, in accordance with the National
Electrical Code and any applicable local codes.
For installation in Canada, branch circuit protection must be provided, in accordance with the Canada Electrical
Code and any applicable provincial codes.
2.2.4 South Korea compliance
This product complies with the Radio Wave Law (KC mark). Please note the following to use the product.
이 기기는 업무용 (A급) 전자파적합기기로서 판 매자 또는 사용자는 이 점을 주의하시기 바라며,가정외의 지역에서
사용하는 것을 목적으 로 합니다.
(The product is for business use (Class A) and meets the electromagnetic compatibility requirements. The seller and the
user must note the above point, and use the product in a place except for home.)
In addition, use a ferrite core and line noise filter for inputs and outputs.
2.3 General cautions for safety protection and protective measures
Observe the following items to ensure proper use of the servo amplifiers on which MR-D01 is mounted.
5.1 Inspection items
It is recommended that the following points periodically be checked.
(2) Check servo motor bearings, brake section, etc. for unusual noise.
(4) Check that the connectors are securely connected to the servo motor.
(5) Check that the wires are not coming out from the connector.
(8) Check the servo motor shaft and coupling for connection.
5.2 Parts having service lives
MR-D01 has no parts for replacement.
6. Transportation and storage
(3) They fulfill the requirements to conducted emissions at the main connections in the frequency range from 150 kHz
to 30 MHz. (Bases for the evaluation: Product standard IEC/EN 61800, adjustable speed electrical power drive
systems, Part 3: EMC)
2.4 Disposal
Disposal of unusable or irreparable devices should always occur in accordance with the applicable country-specific
waste disposal regulations. (Example: European Waste 16 02 14)
Printed in Japan
This guide uses recycled paper.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
The devices must be installed in the specified direction. Not doing so may cause a
Mount the servo amplifier on a cabinet which meets IP54 in the correct vertical direction to
maintain pollution degree 2.
The following shows an example of mounting procedures of a 200 V class 100 W servo amplifier. For details of other
servo amplifiers, refer to each instruction manual or specification of the servo amplifiers on which MR-D01 is mounted.
1) Remove the cap of CN7 connector of the servo amplifier, and
push the four corners of the side of MR-D01 simultaneously to
the servo amplifier until the four knobs click so that CN7 is
connected straight.
Copyright © 2014 Mitsubishi Electric Corporation All Right Reserved.
Rating plate
The following shows an example of rating plate for explanation of each item.
IP20 MAN.: IB(NA)0300260
TOKYO 100-8310, JAPAN
2) Tighten the metal part FG with the enclosed installing screw (M4
× 6).
1.2 Purpose of this guide
This installation guide explains for engineers of machinery manufacturers and machine operators. For details of servo
amplifiers on which MR-D01 is mounted, refer to each instruction manual or specification of the servo amplifiers.
2.1 Professional engineer
Only professional engineers should mount MR-D01.
Here, professional engineers are persons who have taken proper engineering training.
Check if applicable technical training is available at your local Mitsubishi Electric office. Contact your local sales office
for schedules and locations.
2.2 Correct use
Always use MR-D01 within specifications (voltage, temperature, etc. Refer to chapter 7 of this installation guide for
Mitsubishi Electric Co. accepts no claims for liability if the equipment is used in any other way or if modifications are
made to the device, even in the context of mounting and installation.
2.2.1 Selection of peripheral equipment and wire
For details of MCCB, fuses, and wire selections of servo amplifiers on which MR-D01 is mounted, refer to each
instruction manual or specification of the servo amplifiers.
MR-D01 has a part for grounding on the frame (FG). Fix the metal part FG of MR-D01 with a screw to ground.
2.2.2 EU compliance
The servo amplifiers on which MR-D01 is mounted are designed to comply with the following directions to meet
requirements for mounting, using, and periodic technical inspections: EMC directive (2004/108/EC) and Low-voltage
directive (2006/95/EC).
(1) EMC requirement
The servo amplifiers on which MR-D01 is mounted comply with category C3 in accordance with IEC/EN 61800-3.
As for I/O wires (max. length 10 m) and encoder cables (max. length 50 m), use shielded wires and ground the
shields. Use an EMC filter and surge protector on the primary side. The following shows recommended products.
EMC filter: Soshin Electric HF3000A-UN series (200 V class)/TF3000C-TX series (400 V class)
Surge protector: Okaya Electric Industries RSPD-250-U4 series
MELSERVO Series are not intended to be used on a low-voltage public network which supplies domestic
premises; radio frequency interference is expected if used on such a network.
The installer shall provide a guide for Installation and use, including recommended mitigation devices.
Wiring allowance
80 mm or more
Digital input
Digital output
Analog input
Analog output
+15 V output for analog input signal
Additional digital input/output, additional analog input/output, external digital
display connection
Photocoupler insulator 24 V DC (external supply)
Sink/source compatible, internal limit resistor: 5.6 kΩ
16 points, photocoupler insulator, open collector 24 V DC (external supply)
Sink/source compatible, permissible current: 40 mA or less, inrush current: 100
mA or less
2 channel input voltage: -10 V to +10 V DC, internal resistor: 12 kΩ, resolution:
12 bits
2 channel input voltage: -12 V to +12 V DC, maximum output current: 1 mA,
resolution: 12 bits
Available as analog input signal power supply
Output voltage: +15 V, permissible current: 30 mA
Fixing screw (M4) × 1
7.2 Dimensions
Approx. 80
10 mm
or more
Servo amplifier
40 mm
or more
2. About safety
Indicates that incorrect handling may cause hazardous conditions, resulting in medium or slight injury
to personnel or may cause physical damage.
7.1 MR-D01
10 mm
or more
1.1 Manual
This installation guide explains how to mount MR-D01.
If you have any questions about the operation of the equipment described in this guide, contact your local sales office.
In addition, when you mount a protective device, specific technical skills which are not detailed in the guide will be
Servo amplifier
40 mm
or more
1. About this installation guide
Indicates that incorrect handling may cause hazardous conditions, resulting in death or severe injury.
7. Technical data
Country of origin
Note. In regular transport packaging
The year and month of manufacture
This chapter explains safety of users and machine operators. Please read the chapter carefully before mounting the
equipment. In this installation guide, the specific warnings and cautions levels are classified as follows.
Operation, storage
KC certification number
IP rating
[Unit: mm]
Pollution degree
Serial number
: 24VDC 0.8A
Max. Surrounding Air Temp. 55°C
5 %RH to 90 %RH
10 Hz to 57 Hz with amplitude of 0.075 mm
57 Hz to 150 Hz with constant acceleration of 9.8 m/s2 to IEC/EN 61800-5-1 (Test Fc of IEC
5.9 m/s2
Class 2M3 (IEC/EN 60721-3-2)
Class 1M2 (IEC/EN 60721-3-2)
Mounted on a servo amplifier: IP20 (IEC/EN 60529)
MR-D01 (single): IP00 (IEC/EN 60529)
Open type (UL 50)
1000 m or less above sea level
10000 m or less above sea level
Transportation (Note)
4. Electrical Installation and configuration diagram
Turn off the molded-case circuit breaker (MCCB) to avoid electrical shocks or damages to
the product before starting the installation or wiring.
The following shows a representative configuration example. The control circuit connectors described by rectangles are
safely separated from the main circuits described by circles.
For 3-phase 230 V AC input
230 V AC)
Servo amplifier
or fuse
400 V AC)
(star connection)
Protective equipment
(Note) (thermal signal)
L1 L2 L3
or fuse
External I/O signal
Servo motor
Encoder cable
Cabinet side
Machine side
Note. Please use a thermal sensor, etc. for thermal protection of the servo motor.
(1) We may accept the repair at charge for another seven (7) years after the production of the product is discontinued. The
announcement of the stop of production for each model can be seen in our Sales and Service, etc.
(2) Please note that the Product (including its spare parts) cannot be ordered after its stop of production.
3. Service in overseas countries
Our regional FA Center in overseas countries will accept the repair work of the Product. However, the terms and conditions of
the repair work may differ depending on each FA Center. Please ask your local FA center for details.
4. Exclusion of responsibility for compensation against loss of opportunity, secondary loss, etc.
0 to 55 Class 3K3 (IEC/EN 60721-3-3)
-20 to 65 Class 2K4 (IEC/EN 60721-3-2)
-20 to 65 Class 1K4 (IEC/EN 60721-3-1)
3. Mounting/dismounting
Transportation (Note)
Storage (Note)
Operation, transportation,
Test condition
(1) Only qualified personnel and professional engineers should perform system installation.
(2) When mounting, installing, and using them, always observe standards and directives applicable in the country.
2. Term of warranty after the stop of production
Transport the products correctly according to their mass.
Stacking in excess of the limited number of product packages is not allowed.
Install the equipment in a load-bearing place in accordance with each instruction manual or
specification of the servo amplifiers on which MR-D01 is mounted.
Do not get on or put heavy load on the equipment.
When you keep or use it, please fulfill the following environment.
(1) You are requested to conduct an initial failure diagnosis by yourself, as a general rule. It can also be carried out by us or our
service company upon your request and the actual cost will be charged. However, it will not be charged if we are responsible
for the cause of the failure.
(2) This limited warranty applies only when the condition, method, environment, etc. of use are in compliance with the terms and
conditions and instructions that are set forth in the instruction manual and user manual for the Product and the caution label
affixed to the Product.
(3) Even during the term of warranty, the repair cost will be charged on you in the following cases.
a failure caused by your improper storing or handling, carelessness or negligence, etc., and a failure caused by your hardware or software
(ii) a failure caused by any alteration, etc. to the Product made on your side without our approval
(iii) a failure which may be regarded as avoidable, if your equipment in which the Product is incorporated is equipped with a safety device
required by applicable laws and has any function or structure considered to be indispensable according to a common sense in the industry
(iv) a failure which may be regarded as avoidable if consumable parts designated in the instruction manual, etc. are duly maintained and
(v) any replacement of consumable parts (battery, fan, smoothing capacitor, etc.)
(vi) a failure caused by external factors such as inevitable accidents, including without limitation fire and abnormal fluctuation of voltage, and
acts of God, including without limitation earthquake, lightning and natural disasters
(vii) a failure generated by an unforeseeable cause with a scientific technology that was not available at the time of the shipment of the Product
from our company
(viii) any other failures which we are not responsible for or which you acknowledge we are not responsible for
(7) Check for unusual noise generated from the servo amplifier.
The term of warranty for Product is twelve (12) months after your purchase or delivery of the Product to a place designated by
you or eighteen (18) months from the date of manufacture whichever comes first ("Warranty Period"). Warranty period for
repaired Product cannot exceed beyond the original warranty period before any repair work.
(6) Check for dust accumulation on the servo amplifier.
We will repair any failure or defect hereinafter referred to as "failure" in our FA equipment hereinafter referred to as the
"Product" arisen during warranty period at no charge due to causes for which we are responsible through the distributor from
which you purchased the Product or our service provider. However, we will charge the actual cost of dispatching our engineer
for an on-site repair work on request by customer in Japan or overseas countries. We are not responsible for any on-site
readjustment and/or trial run that may be required after a defective unit are repaired or replaced.
(3) Check the cables and the like for scratches or cracks. Perform periodic inspection according to operating
1. Warranty period and coverage
(1) Check for loose terminal screws of the servo amplifier. Retighten any loose screws.
To avoid an electric shock, only qualified personnel should attempt inspections. For repair
and parts replacement, contact your local sales office.
This chapter explains servo amplifiers on which MR-D01 is mounted.
General-Purpose AC Servo
5. Maintenance and service
Whether under or after the term of warranty, we assume no responsibility for any damages arisen from causes for which we are
not responsible, any losses of opportunity and/or profit incurred by you due to a failure of the Product, any damages, secondary
damages or compensation for accidents arisen under a specific circumstance that are foreseen or unforeseen by our company,
any damages to products other than the Product, and also compensation for any replacement work, readjustment, start-up test
run of local machines and the Product and any other operations conducted by you.
5. Change of Product specifications
Specifications listed in our catalogs, manuals or technical documents may be changed without notice.
6. Application and use of the Product
(1) For the use of our General-Purpose AC Servo, its applications should be those that may not result in a serious damage even if
any failure or malfunction occurs in General-Purpose AC Servo, and a backup or fail-safe function should operate on an
external system to General-Purpose AC Servo when any failure or malfunction occurs.
(2) Our General-Purpose AC Servo is designed and manufactured as a general purpose product for use at general industries.
Therefore, applications substantially influential on the public interest for such as atomic power plants and other
power plants of electric power companies, and also which require a special quality assurance system, including
applications for railway companies and government or public offices are not recommended, and we assume no
responsibility for any failure caused by these applications when used.
In addition, applications which may be substantially influential to human lives or properties for such as airlines,
medical treatments, railway service, incineration and fuel systems, man-operated material handling equipment,
entertainment machines, safety machines, etc. are not recommended, and we assume no responsibility for any
failure caused by these applications when used.
We will review the acceptability of the abovementioned applications, if you agree not to require a specific quality
for a specific application. Please contact us for consultation.
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